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Russian mini tractors for household

In farms and private yards, mini-tractors began to appear more and more often. The demand for such equipment is explained by economical fuel consumption, small dimensions and versatility, which is achieved through the use of various attachments. At first, imported models were on sale. Their disadvantage was the high price, as well as poor adaptation to the harsh climatic conditions of the northern regions. The problem was solved when Russian-made mini-tractors appeared, which were not inferior in assembly quality to imported counterparts.

Scope of domestic mini-tractors

Domestic technology is now popular not only in Russia, but also in other countries. The main task of the mini-tractor is the mechanization of manual labor. Of course, for a household with ten acres of a vegetable garden, it is easier to buy a walk-behind tractor. But if you have more than 1 hectare of land, plus there are cattle, then it is difficult to do without a mini-tractor. Using various attachments, the technique will help to cultivate the land, harvest crops, mow grass, carry out cargo transportation, etc.

Important! Thanks to the choice of various attachments, Russian mini-tractors perform the same functions as their large counterparts. They are inferior only in performance due to the lower engine power.

Russian mini-tractors are in great demand at livestock farms. The maneuverable and compact technology helps to distribute feed to the animals inside the farm and remove manure. Small dimensions allow the tractor to be used even inside large greenhouses. For public utilities, such a mini-technique, in general, is a godsend. A small tractor is used for cleaning sidewalks, removing snow, caring for the lawn, as well as other work that will be difficult for large equipment to cope with.

Now you can often see a working Russian mini-tractor on the construction of one-story buildings. Using various attachments, the technique helps to dig a pit, make holes for pillars with a drill, and prepare a solution in a concrete mixer. That is, one mini-tractor can handle all construction work.

According to the specifics of the design, Russian mini-tractors are:

  • wheeled and tracked;
  • with gasoline and diesel engines;
  • with an open top and a cabin;
  • AWD and non-AWD models.

For all models of Russian mini-tractors, about 50 types of various attachments are produced.

Review of popular Russian mini tractors

From the very beginning to the present, Japanese and European manufacturers of mini-tractors have been leading the agricultural machinery market. The Korean brand "Kioti" is one step below. Chinese manufacturers have occupied a large market niche, since the price of their equipment is much lower. Domestic production of mini-tractors is just beginning to develop. This is due to the fact that earlier in our country there were collective farms, and all equipment was produced for this direction. The lightest domestic tractor was considered the T-25. Its mass reached 2 tons.

With the advent of small farmers, mini-tractors are in demand. That is why the domestic manufacturer recently began to reorganize in this direction.

KMZ - 012

The mini-tractor is produced by the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant. The maneuverable model was originally developed for work in greenhouses, as well as outdoors in places with limited space. The tractor is equipped with hydraulics, front and rear suspension. Constant improvement of the model is aimed at its functionality. Active attachments can now be used at the front.

The Russian manufacturer began to pay attention to the design of equipment. This is how the mini-tractor acquired a modern, attractive look. He is comfortable, maneuverable, and, most importantly, hardy.

The price of the tractor is on par with its Chinese counterparts, and the quality is the best. That is why consumers began to pay more attention to the KMZ - 012 model. Plus, the cost of attachments is acceptable for an ordinary user. Take a rotor braid, for example. Its price is about 41 thousand rubles. In terms of quality, the braid is not inferior to the imported analog, so you should not overpay for the imported brand.


The mini-tractor of the Chelyabinsk plant is in wide demand among utilities, as well as construction organizations. All this is due to the fact that the equipment can move on wheels and caterpillar tracks. The conversion is fast. It is enough just to lock the front wheels.

The manufacturer paid great attention to the design of the tractor and the arrangement of comfort. To a greater extent, this applies to the design of the cabin. She became spacious. A comfortable heated chair is installed inside. It will be convenient to work on such a technique even in severe frosts.

Important! The mini-tractor model is produced with three different engines. They can be gasoline and diesel.

Xingtai HT-120

This mini-tractor is often attributed to Chinese manufacturers. The name of the brand played a role here, as well as the design of the equipment itself. In fact, this model is produced by the Russian manufacturer Interagro LLC. The plant is located in the city of Chekhovo. The XT-120 model is equipped with one of three types of engines, differing in power: 12, 14 and 16 hp. from. Motors run on diesel fuel and are characterized by economy.

The owner of a mini-tractor does not have to worry about expensive maintenance and repairs. Spare parts can be found at any specialty store. The manufacturer guarantees a long service life if the equipment is not overloaded. The tractor weighs about 1.5 tons, while it is distinguished by its maneuverability, small dimensions and ease of control.

The price of a mini-tractor in different retail outlets can vary greatly, but it starts from 110 thousand rubles. The model can be purchased in any region of Russia. It will be cheaper for the buyer to take the tractor directly from the factory. However, it is necessary to take into account the distance of its transportation. After all, the cost of transportation to another city, taking into account the cost of equipment, will exceed the price of the tractor that dealers offer on the spot.


While reviewing Russian manufacturers of mini-tractors, one should not lose sight of the brainchild of the Chelyabinsk plant - the Uralets 160, 180 and 220. The equipment is equipped with an economical and reliable diesel engine. There are improved models that are characterized by increased engine efficiency and 30% lower fuel consumption.

Important! Service centers for the repair and maintenance of mini-tractors are available in 180 cities.

In addition to diesel engines, Uralets is also produced with gasoline engines. The buyer is given the opportunity to choose a model with an open and closed cockpit. For cold regions, the second option is more in demand. The closed cabin allows the use of equipment in all weather conditions.

If you make a choice between diesel and gasoline models, then the service life of the former reaches 600 thousand km. This indicator more persuades the consumer to buy a mini-tractor with a diesel engine.

The video shows the mini-tractor at work:


Mini-tractors of the Ussuriysk plant have not yet gained great popularity among consumers. However, the rating does not lag behind their predecessors. The manufacturer produces a range of mini-tractors with a capacity of 25 liters. to large analogs with a capacity of 90 liters. Equipped with a diesel engine.

Mini tractors are distinguished by modern design, comfortable cab and high-quality assembly. Separately, various attachments are offered, which significantly expands the functionality of the equipment.

The price of a mini-tractor "Ussuriets" starts from 250 thousand. However, it is not possible to buy it in every city. The domestic consumer is wary of everything new and does not want to take risks. Although, the owners of this technique speak well of it. Diesel starts even in cold weather -40aboutC. Temperature changes do not affect engine performance in any way.

Prices for mini-tractors of Russian manufacturers

The formation of the price of a Russian-made mini-tractor depends on many factors. For different regions, the same model can be sold with a large difference in cost. When buying a mini-tractor, you need to be guided by the fact that such equipment is not taken for one day. It is not worth saving here, but it is also stupid to overpay for the brand.

Each person has his own opinion on what criteria to choose a technique. It is only important to consider that any mini-tractor requires maintenance and will break down over time. It is necessary to choose equipment of a certain brand, taking into account the availability of spare parts for it in retail outlets, as well as their availability at a price.

Advice! It is better to give preference to the brand whose service center is near your place of residence.

Naturally, a Japanese mini tractor will last longer. But not all models can be found in spare parts. In addition, a fake of Chinese production often comes across. And the cost of such spare parts will cost the tractor owner a lot. Here it is better to give preference to a Russian manufacturer.

Price formation is also influenced by the year of model release. For example, the discontinued tractors KMZ-012 or T-0.2.03 can be bought cheap. Over time, they will still need repairs, and there will simply be no spare parts or they will have to be bought on the market at a high price.

Depending on the region, the same model of a domestic mini-tractor can be sold with a price difference of up to 30 thousand.Let's consider the approximate cost of equipment from Russian manufacturers:

  • KMZ-012 - will cost the owner in the range of 80-250 thousand. The large run-up in cost is due to the year of manufacture, as well as the presence of attachments.
  • The price for the T-0.2.03 model is formed in a similar way. It varies in the range of 100-250 thousand rubles.
  • For "Ussuriets" will have to pay about 250 thousand. Here the pricing policy depends on the region. The further from the manufacturer's plant, the higher the cost.
  • The cost of "Uraltsa" with a 16 hp engine starts from 220 thousand. Model with a capacity of 22 liters. will cost at least 360 thousand rubles.
  • "Xingtai 120" can be bought from 110 thousand rubles.

In general, the price of new domestic mini-tractors is about the same as that of imported counterparts. The final choice is always up to the buyer.

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