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DIY Christmas toys (crafts) from light bulbs for the New Year

The New Year is already on the doorstep and it is time to prepare the house for its arrival, and for this you can make New Year's toys from light bulbs. Decorating your living room and bedrooms with flashing and glowing toys is easy. The scenery will look magical, and guests will definitely appreciate the unusual crafts.

How to make a Christmas toy from a light bulb

To create a Christmas toy with your own hands, you need a light bulb. It can be of different sizes, shapes, made of any material. But it is better to use cheap glass ones - they weigh little, and when decorating, you can use their transparency. It is convenient to work with plastic or energy-saving ones, but on a Christmas tree they will look bulky and bend the branches.

For crafts you need a light bulb, glue, glitter and fabric.

On the Internet, there are many options for how to decorate and decorate: just choose a photo of a New Year's toy from a light bulb and create it yourself.

For this you will need:

  • light bulbs (round, elongated, cone-shaped, "cones");
  • glue and glue gun;
  • sparkles (several jars with different colors);
  • acrylic paints;
  • scissors;
  • ribbons, bows, plastic eyes, sequins, beads (everything that can be found at home or in a craft store);
  • brushes (thin and wide);
  • threads.

The set for work can be supplemented with tools, depending on the design idea of ​​the future Christmas tree toy from a light bulb.

How to make a Christmas tree toy "Snowman" from a light bulb

The snowman is a regular on New Year's holidays and holidays. And since you can't bring a snow friend home, then it's time to create small copies.

To create a snowman you will need:

  • a piece of fabric (for a hat);
  • white paint (acrylic);
  • plasticine (red or orange);
  • marker.

It is better to use large energy saving lamps for table decoration.

You can make a completely snowman, but it will consist of one ball, and you can only make a head.


  1. Paint the light bulb with white paint and let dry.
  2. Roll up and glue the fabric with a cone around the base.
  3. Draw the face of the snowman or all the components of the body. Select a place for the carrots with a cross.
  4. Blind the nose from plasticine and glue it to the indicated place.
  5. Tie the threads to the cap and form a loop.

If desired, add threads of yarn, bows, makeup (if it was planned to make a girl). Snowman - DIY Christmas decoration from light bulbs is ready.

Painted toys from light bulbs for the New Year

If there is an artist or children in the family, then the fun in making crafts from light bulbs is guaranteed for the new year. In this case, everything is simple: you need to take a ball of the required shape and determine which animal will turn out from it. Then it's up to paints and brushes, as well as talent.

You can glue a scarf to a snowman

Attention! If children take part in creating a New Year's decoration, you need to make the process as safe as possible, as you can cut yourself on the glass.


To make a penguin-shaped Christmas toy, you need to choose an elongated light bulb. Further actions:

  1. Paint in the main color (white).
  2. Outline the drawing with a thin brush (you can practice on paper).
  3. Fill in the show jumping of the head and back with black paint. Draw the wings, legs, eyes and beak.

You can use not acrylic paints, but nail polish

Some bottles have a thin brush, they are usually used in nail art.


Servants of great evil are even easier to do - these "guys" come in different shapes (round, elongated, flattened).


  1. Paint the glass bright yellow.
  2. While it dries, cut out a jumpsuit, shoes, and gloves from the blue fabric. Glue everything to the light bulb.
  3. Draw glasses, eyes and mouth.
  4. Glue a cap, a homemade wig to the base.
  5. Fasten a thread on it and make a loop.

The finished minion can be hung on the tree

It will be a very bright and eye-catching decoration. And if you decorate the Christmas tree with only minions, then the thematic style will be maintained. The kids will love it.


New Year promises to come into the house disguised as a white mouse. Therefore, at least one toy in the form of an attribute of the coming year must be made.

DIY workshop on making a Christmas tree toy from a light bulb:

  1. Select the main color of the mouse.
  2. Draw the outline, face and legs.
  3. Glue a thick thread (tail).
  4. Decorate the base, wrap with a cloth and make a loop.

There is another version of a New Year's toy that you can make with your own hands. But the process is very painstaking.

You will need:

  • dense yarn;
  • glue in a tube;
  • plastic eyes and nose;
  • plasticine;
  • multicolored satin ribbons.

You can sew simple covers in the form of mice and put them on incandescent lamps

It takes a lot of time and patience to make a soft mouse.


  1. Starting from the base, wrap and at the same time glue a dense thread around the bulb.
  2. A thin thread must be placed under a thick layer to make a loop later.
  3. Blind your nose, wrap it with thread. Stick in place.
  4. Decorate the face: eyes, nose, ears (glue).
  5. Wrap the wide part of the bulb with ribbons and make clothes (dress or vest).
  6. Twist the threads and form four legs and a tail. Stick in place.

The New Year's toy in the form of a mouse is ready.

Christmas decorations from light bulbs using decoupage

The Christmas tree decoration is called "decoupage", the bulbs in this technique will turn out to be very beautiful and bright. First of all, you need to decide on the ornament and color scheme. Then you need to wipe the light bulb with acetone using a cotton pad.

Further actions:

  1. Cut white napkins into small squares of two centimeters.
  2. Glue the pieces with PVA glue to strengthen the structure.
  3. Each new square should be overlapped so that there are no gaps.
  4. When the light bulb is pasted over in several layers, you need to wait until the glue dries.
  5. Apply paint.
  6. Take the prepared drawing (cut from a napkin), stick it on.
  7. A thread with a loop is glued to the base.
  8. Paint the base with paint, immediately sprinkle with sparkles, sequins or beads.

Acrylic varnish will help to complete the craft.

Such handmade Christmas toys can be presented as a gift.

Attention! When using varnish, you need to place the product in a ventilated room so as not to get intoxicated.

Christmas decoration "Bulbs in the snow"

For this craft, you need small elongated light bulbs, a lot of white sparkles or finely grated foam.


  1. Paint the light bulb white or pale blue, let dry.
  2. Apply PVA glue to the surface of the light bulb.
  3. Roll in glitter or foam.

Dry glitter will make your tree decorations sparkle and shine

Next, the structure is strung on a thread, the base is decorated and placed on spruce branches.

Christmas tree decoration made of bulbs and sequins

Making a craft can be simple and fast. Ideal when there are not enough toys to decorate the Christmas tree.


  1. Paint the glass product to your taste.
  2. Wait until dry.
  3. Apply PVA glue with a brush.
  4. Sprinkle sequins or glue one at a time on the bulb and base.
  5. Decorate the plinth with ribbons and tie a loop for the branch.

It is better to choose sequins and decorative stones in the same color scheme.

DIY toys from light bulbs, fabric and ribbons on the Christmas tree

Christmas toys made of light bulbs can be decorated with satin ribbons and handmade fabric covers. Pieces of fabric of different colors are required for decoration. From them you need to sew caps, covers, scarves, mittens and other attributes of winter clothes, and dress up the future toy in them. You can sew a cover in the form of a mouse, a snowman, a squirrel or a hare, as well as make a Baba Yaga or Santa Claus.

This method of making toys is suitable for those who love hard work.

Other Christmas Light Bulb Crafts

From an unremarkable glass ball, you can create "Crystals in openwork". To do this, you need knitted elastic threads and a hook or knitting needles. But if there is no talent for knitting, then it is enough to weave simple knots, bows and weaves with your hands. It will look elegant and easy.

For such a craft, you will need a light bulb, a ball of thread, a hook or knitting needles.

From thick yarn, you can weave a Christmas tree with your own hands and put it on a light bulb. Due to its rounded shape, it will not look very much like a real Christmas tree, but such a decoration can be placed on a fireplace or a festive table.


From an old light bulb, you can get a romantic Christmas decoration - a balloon.

For this you need:

  • transparent incandescent lamp;
  • henna, acrylic or oil paint;
  • thin brushes;
  • glue;
  • loop thread.

At the bottom of the ball, you can make a basket and put toy passengers there

Making a craft out of light bulbs for the New Year is simple: you need to carefully apply a drawing. Glue a loop of thread to the upper glass part. The base can be decorated with a pattern, ribbons and rhinestones - this will be a basket of "balloon".

"New Year in a Light Bulb"

To create a "holiday" in a small light bulb, you have to work hard, as removing the core in the base is not easy.


  1. Remove the base / plinth core.
  2. Divide a piece of Styrofoam into small balls (this will be snow).
  3. Send snow into the light bulb through the hole in the base.
  4. If desired, place inside a Christmas tree or miniature gift boxes, sequins, bows, etc.

You can use fine foam as snow

You need to prepare the stand in advance. This can be a stack or other container in which the plinth can be placed. The "New Year's ball" must be fixed in a vessel and decorated with tinsel, sparkles, and put on a fabric cover.

What else can be done from bulbs for the New Year

In addition to New Year's decoration, you can use the rest of the year. For example, put sand, stones, flowers, dried leaves and herbs inside the light bulb. Also, as a filler, you can take colored decorative sand, orange and lemon zest, add cinnamon.

The more varied the toys, the more fun the tree will look.

Fans can make Christmas toys out of light bulbs with their own hands: superhero emblems or their mini-versions, characters from cartoons, video games and books.

You can bring mystical elements to the holiday and draw magical runes, Scandinavian ornaments or Egyptian hieroglyphs on the bulbs.

History buffs can depict historical figures on lightbulb crafts and create their own collection. Religious families will be happy to place images and images of saints on homemade decorations, hang them on a New Year's or Christmas tree.

Plinth design rules

Usually, the base is hidden under improvised elements of clothing, decorated with sequins, coarse threads, or sprinkled with sparkles. It depends on how the base / plinth will be used: as a stand or as a hinge attachment. It would be better to hide this part, if you do not intend to have a casual or ethnic style when creating a Christmas toy.

Attention! When pulling out the plinth core, be careful not to injure your fingers. It is better to do this with scissors.


Christmas toys made from light bulbs are a great replacement for purchased decorations. Everyone can create a unique collection of holiday crafts that can be used as a New Year's gift.

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