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Alirin B: instructions for use, composition, reviews

Alirin B is a fungicide for combating fungal diseases of plants. In addition, the drug helps to restore beneficial bacteria in the soil. The product is not harmful to people and bees, therefore it is widely used for preventive purposes. It is recommended to use for the treatment of any crops: flowers, berries, vegetables and indoor plants.

What is the drug Alirin B for?

Fungicide "Alirin B" can be applied directly to the soil, sprayed on the leaves and used as a pre-planting agent. The protective properties apply to almost all crops that grow in the garden and at home:

  • cucumbers;
  • potatoes;
  • tomatoes;
  • greens;
  • grapes;
  • gooseberry;
  • currant;
  • strawberries;
  • houseplants.

The tool is effective in the fight against root, gray rot and prevents tracheomycotic wilting, prevents the spread of downy mildew, rust, powdery mildew, scab, late blight and other diseases. It is widely used after the stress of pesticide use when the soil is severely depleted.

"Alirin B" enhances, and even accelerates, the action of a number of biological products ("Glyokladina", "Gamair") and allows:

  • increase the amount of ascorbic acid and proteins in the soil;
  • helps to reduce nitrates in finished products by 30-40%;
  • improves the quality of the soil after the introduction of fertilizers and pesticides.

The product has a low hazard class - 4. Acts instantly, both on the treated plant and on seeds and soil. However, the period of action of the drug is short, from 7 to 20 days. Ideally, it is necessary to process "Alirin B" every 7 days, 2-3 times in a row.

Attention! Can be used for root treatment, planting material and spraying.

"Alirin-B" - an effective biological remedy for powdery mildew

The main active ingredient of the drug is the soil bacterium Bacillus subtilis VIZR-10 strain B-10. It is she who suppresses the growth of pathogenic fungi, reduces their number.

"Alirin B" is available in the form of tablets, powder and liquid form, which is used on an industrial scale, since it has a limited shelf life.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the fungicide "Alirin B" is that it does not accumulate in fruits and plants. Other positive aspects include:

  1. Growth stimulation.
  2. Increased productivity.
  3. It is allowed to use during fruiting and flowering.
  4. The opportunity to get environmentally friendly agricultural products.
  5. Easy to use, no special skills required to use.
  6. Reduces soil toxicity and improves soil microflora.
  7. Vegetables and fruits after using the drug are juicier and more aromatic.
  8. Complete safety for humans and plants, fruits, animals, and even bees.
  9. It is not forbidden to use it together with other drugs, including growth stimulants, insecticides and chemical fertilizers.
  10. Almost 100% suppression of the growth of fungal pathogens.
  11. The ability to apply the drug directly into the hole, seedlings, seeds and process the plant itself.

The main disadvantage of the drug is that it cannot be used together with bactericides and "Fitolavin", their use is possible only alternately, with interruptions of at least 1 week. The second disadvantage is the need for regular use, every 7-10 days 3 times in a row. The third disadvantage is that it cannot be used near water bodies, it is toxic to fish.

When to treat with Alirin

The product can be used at any stage of growth, even for the treatment of green crops and seeds. Alirin B acts instantly.

Attention! To obtain the maximum effect, the product is recommended to be used in combination with Gamair or Glyocladin. Together they protect the seed from being sown.

Plants are treated with "Alirin B" by irrigating the leaves

Instructions for the use of Alirin

Standard dilution method: 2-10 tablets per 10 liters of water or the same amount of powder. The diluted product should be used throughout the day. First, it is necessary to dilute the powder or tablets in a small amount of water, then bring to the required volume.

For treatment against root and root rot of tomatoes and cucumbers for 10 liters, 1-2 tablets of "Alirina B" are required. The soil is watered 2 days before sowing the seeds, directly during planting and after 7-10 days. That is, it is necessary to carry out 3 treatments.

For spraying tomatoes from late blight and from powdery mildew of cucumbers, 10-20 tablets are diluted in 15 liters of water. Spraying is carried out at the beginning of flowering, then at the time of fruit formation.

To protect potatoes from late blight and rhizoctonia, the tubers are processed before planting. Diluted in 300 ml of 4-6 tablets. In the budding phase and after flowering, the bushes are sprayed with a composition in a ratio of 5-10 tablets per 10 liters. The interval between treatments is 10-15 days. In this ratio, a solution of "Alirin B" is used to protect strawberries from gray rot, they are sprayed at the stage of bud formation, after the end of flowering and at the moment when the berries begin to appear.

Fungicide does not pose a danger to humans and the environment

To save black currants from American powdery mildew, during the growing season, the bushes are sprayed with "Alirin B", diluting 10 tablets in 10 liters of water.

The drug is used to prevent the appearance of tracheomycotic wilting and root rot on flowers in the open field. To do this, water the soil with "Alirin B" during the growing season, introducing the composition directly under the root 3 times, with an interval of 15 days. Dilute 1 tablet in a proportion of 5 liters. To protect flowers from powdery mildew, 2 tablets are diluted in 1 liter and sprayed during the growing season, every 2 weeks.

Suitable for lawn grasses, preventing stem and root rot. Before planting, the soil is treated (1 tablet per 1 liter of water), digged 15-20 cm inside. You can process seeds with the same composition. During the growing season, spraying 2-3 times is permissible, with an interval of 5-7 days.

"Alirin B" is prohibited to use in the water protection zone

The product is recommended for the treatment of flower seedlings from root rot, black leg and wilting. To do this, before diving seedlings and sowing seeds, the soil is watered - 2 times in 15-20 days. Diluted at the rate of 1 tablet per 5 liters.

"Alirin B" is used to eliminate scab and moniliosis in trees: pear, apple, peach, plum. For spraying on 1 liter of water, take 1 tablet, the processing procedure is carried out at the end of the flowering period and after 15 days.

"Alirin" is suitable for orchids and other indoor plants. It is used to combat root rot, powdery mildew and tracheomycotic wilting. To do this, water the soil, diluting 1 tablet of the drug in 1 liter, with an interval of 7-14 days. Powdery mildew is treated every 2 weeks.

Important! An adhesive must be added to the spray solution (1 ml per 1 l of water). In this capacity, liquid soap can act.

Precautions when working with the biological product Alirin

During treatment with "Alirin B", you must not smoke and eat, as well as drink. All work must be carried out with gloves. For breeding, in no case should you take containers that are intended for food. It is unacceptable to use baking soda when mixing with water.

In the garden, after treatment with the agent, you can start manual work in 1 day.

If it so happened that the fungicide got into the respiratory system, then you should immediately go outside and get some fresh air. If ingested, then you must drink at least 2 glasses of water, preferably with diluted activated carbon. In the event that the agent gets on the mucous membranes, they should be thoroughly rinsed with cold water, the skin is lathered and washed off.

Terms and conditions of storage Alirin

The drug should be stored in a place where there is no access to children and animals. Alirin B should not be placed near food or drinks in an open form.

In the packed state, the drug is not picky about storage conditions and nothing will happen to it at a temperature of -30 aboutFrom to + 30 aboutC, but the room must be dry. Shelf life is 3 years. After dilution, the fungicide should be used immediately, the next day it is no longer suitable for treating plants.

Liquid "Alirin B" has a very short shelf life, which is only 4 months, subject to the temperature regime from 0 aboutFrom to +8 aboutFROM.


Alirin B is a broad-spectrum biofungicide. It contains natural microorganisms that suppress the vital activity of harmful bacteria and fungi. The drug is absolutely harmless to humans, animals, and even bees. Passed state registration, the tablet form has a long shelf life. To use the drug, no special knowledge is required, it is easily divorced. And from the means of protection, only gloves are required, but you cannot eat and drink during processing.

"Alirin B" is combined with other fungicides and enhances their action

Reviews about Alirin B

Nikolay Alekseev, 44 years old, Irkutsk

This is not the first time I have used Alirin B. For spraying, be sure to add liquid soap. In case of severe infection, you have to additionally use other means, but with regular use of "Alirin", the effect is good.

Anna Martsinovskaya, 38 years old, Azov

For a long time I could not grow daffodils on my site. A friend advised "Alirin B". In the fall, they processed the beds, then in the spring, before planting. For the first time in 5 years, daffodils bloomed, no powdery mildew and rot. I am happy, this year I will try on potatoes and tomatoes.

Alisa Zaitseva, 27 years old, Astrakhan

I love house plants, especially violets. I even sell young sprouts. The last 5 months have been tortured by powdery mildew. Alirin B helped. I watered my violets with it, and a month later the situation began to improve. I am satisfied with the effectiveness of the product, especially for such a ridiculous price.

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