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Green chrysanthemums: description and varieties

Unusual garden flowers, green chrysanthemums, are rarely found in city flower beds and in suburban homestead plots. This culture is known only to true connoisseurs of flora. The varieties of this unusual plant are relatively new, bred after 2000. Garden green beauty looks bright and fresh in flower beds and flower arrangements.

Features of green chrysanthemums

Unusual color of flowers can vary from light green to light emerald. Some varieties change the color of the inflorescences depending on the lighting: in partial shade they are green, and in bright sunlight they are yellow.

The main advantage of a blooming culture is its resistance to low temperatures. Shrub green chrysanthemum blooms for a long time and abundantly. Cut flowers retain their decorative qualities for a long time, they look fresh.

Varieties of green chrysanthemums and their description

Currently, up to a hundred varieties of green chrysanthemums have been bred. Each of them has a unique shape of a bud, petal or flower. They are bush or single-headed.

Bellun variety

This is a single-headed chrysanthemum, the English-language name of the variety is Balloon. The diameter of the flower does not exceed 5 cm, the buds have no aroma, the color is pale green, along the edge of the inflorescence is almost white. The leaves are oblong, carved, their edges are rounded, the color is rich, dark green.

Balloon in translation means a balloon, the flowers of this green chrysanthemum are airy, fully justify their name

Green Lizard

Green Lizard buds can grow up to 6 cm and look like chamomile inflorescences. The petals are short, rounded, their color is light lime.

The leaves of the variety are dark green, small, oblong and oval, with pronounced veins. The edges of the leaf plate are embossed.

The Green Lizard variety is classified as a bush or branch species.

The height of the shrub can reach 130 cm. After cutting, the bouquet of green chrysanthemums Green Lizard retains its freshness and decorative qualities for a long time.


The flowers of the Froggy variety do not exceed 3 cm in diameter. The buds are lush, asteraceae, their color is rich light green. Flowering starts in early October.

The height of the bush does not even reach a meter. The leaves are small, dark green, with a characteristic relief.

Froggy's petals fit snugly in buds, making them look like pompoms

Shoots are dense, strong, densely leafy. The variety is suitable for growing in flower beds and for cutting.

Dodge variety

Dodge Green Chrysanthemums are pom-shaped, globular flowers. The height of the bush does not exceed 0.5 m. The flowers are small (their diameter ranges from 3.5 to 4 cm), roundish, light green in color. Small leaves on the shoots are practically absent.

The Dodge variety is used to create lush, unusual bouquets.

The main purpose of the green Dodge chrysanthemum with buds in the form of balls is landscaping of autumn flower beds.

Galiaro green

Galiaro Green was developed in India. The flower is distinguished by an unusual, needle-like petal shape. Their color ranges from pale green to yellow. The buds are quite large, their diameter reaches 9 cm.

Most of all, this variety is suitable for creating lush bouquets.

The height of the shrub does not exceed 1 m. The flowering of the Galiaro Green variety is long-lasting - from late August to early December.

Yoko Ono

The green chrysanthemum Yoko Ono is distinguished by an abundance of small, green, pompous buds. Their diameter does not exceed 3 cm, the color is pale green, in bright light it acquires a yellow tint.

The leaf plate is large, carved, of a rich emerald color. Late variety, flowering begins in early November.

Lush yellow-green Yoko Ono pom-poms fit well with any floral arrangement

Anastasia Green

The Anastasia Green variety is distinguished by the bizarre shape of the petals: they are long, thin, their ends are bent upwards. The buds grown in partial shade acquire a pale green color. If the budding process took place in direct sunlight, the flowers turn slightly yellow.

The bush grows up to 70 cm. The stems of the plant are strong and durable, dark green in color, large, oblong leaves have a similar color.

An unusual plant of the Anastasia Green variety is classified as a single-headed variety.

Feeling Green

Feeling green is famous for its round, lush buds that resemble pompoms. Their diameter does not exceed 4 cm. The color is light green, but quite bright. The petals are closely adjacent to each other, located in several rows. This gives the inflorescence a neat, beautiful spherical shape.

Flower stems are long enough (up to 70 cm), thick, strong. The leaves are wide, clawed, dark green in color.

The culture is suitable for growing in a home flower bed, no special conditions are needed for this. Florists recommend planting a flower under the crown of a tree, in partial shade.

Feeling green chrysanthemum flower bouquets are especially lush and bright

Green chrysanthemums in landscape design

The main advantage of chrysanthemums is their late flowering. In autumn, when the flower beds look dull, these bright flowers come to the rescue. Any variety of light green color is suitable for planting. The culture is unpretentious, tolerates frost well, but can suffer from a sharp drop in temperature.

It is important to choose varietal flowering shrubs that are best purchased from the nursery. Such plants are less sick, they are distinguished by well-pronounced varietal characteristics.

For home planting, preference should be given to the most unpretentious varieties suitable for the climatic and weather conditions of the area.

Green chrysanthemums look good surrounded by colorful varieties. To make the planting look organic, tall species are planted separately from low-growing varieties.

The flowerbed looks neat and well-groomed if all varieties of bush crops are combined in shape and height

When planted alone, surrounded by flowers with small buds, the green chrysanthemum looks like the queen of the garden.

Even a simple landscape design of a personal plot looks exquisite if a green beauty is organically inscribed in it

In the photo you can see that all varieties of green chrysanthemum, surrounded by bright flowers and undersized globular shrubs, can be planted along the paths.

At the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn, such flower beds look especially magnificent and rich.

Spot lighting will create a fabulous look, evening walks will be unforgettable.

Simply planting green chrysanthemums mixed with hot yellow flowers is a good design move. This solution must be adopted if you want to make a dull autumn garden bright.

It will not take much effort to create such a flower bed, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Also, green chrysanthemums can be used to decorate artificial reservoirs, stone structures and alpine slides. It is not necessary to add conifers and other evergreens to such compositions, the described garden beauty will simply be lost against their background.

A whole field of green chrysanthemums looks beautiful on the porch or under the windows of a private house.

Fresh, vibrant greenery will brighten the garden at a time when the leaves on the trees turn purple and the shrubs turn yellow

Decorative balls made of chrysanthemums of all colors will decorate park areas, city lawns, places of recreation and entertainment, exhibitions.

Flowers grow in large ball-shaped containers, easy to dismantle in winter

Green chrysanthemums in bouquets

Green flowers are not very popular for creating gift bouquets. Recently, florists do not pay attention to this stereotype, they create beautiful, original bouquets from buds of an unusual color.

All varieties of green chrysanthemums are often used to create unusual, delicate or colorful bouquets. These flowers work well with pale, pastel-colored buds of different colors.

The composition palette should include no more than 3 colors

The combination of white, pink, pale yellow buds and green chrysanthemums is increasingly seen in wedding bouquets. They do not look ordinary, they are suitable for a modern, confident bride.

Large white roses, chrysanthemums of the same color and small pink tulips organically complement the light green pom-shaped buds of rare shades.

Wedding bouquets with white roses are a classic. You can dilute the tenderness of these flowers with green chrysanthemums.

Soft pink accents will give the composition a tone of solemnity and innocence at the same time.

For a bouquet, it is better to choose varieties with lush, juicy pale green buds. Against their background, roses will look fragile and fresh. And in this case, the rule is followed: no more than three colors in the composition palette.

Bright and at the same time delicate wedding bouquet will not go unnoticed

Bright accessories look advantageous against the background of pale green chrysanthemums. This bouquet is perfect for a young, extravagant girl.

The bouquet will be a great addition to a gift for Valentine's Day

Florists have not been bypassed by trends in fashionable dyeing techniques. A bouquet of three types of green chrysanthemums, white roses and carnations looks fashionable and unusual. You can present it to a good colorist or a cute modern girl.

This unique plant is good in itself. Green chrysanthemum monobouquets look original. It is good to complement the composition with white roses or carnations, the bouquet will turn out to be delicate.

Each variety of green chrysanthemum has its own unique shade, the buds complement each other beautifully, making the gradient as soft as possible

Green chrysanthemums are often included in bouquets for young, naive gentle girls and girls. It is important to combine this culture with pastel colors, this will only emphasize girlish beauty, youth and romance.


Green chrysanthemums are unusual flowers that, despite their unpretentiousness, are rarely found in home flower beds. They are cultivated by amateurs and expert florists. Light green varieties look especially elegant and spectacular in a frame of white, pink and yellow flowers. In parks and lawns, lush flowering bushes are advised to be planted in a frame of colorful shrubs of this species. Each copy is selected in shape and height. This is the only way the flower arrangement will look organically and effectively.

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