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Why champignons in the context (inside) are black, turn black when frying: reasons, can they be eaten

Black champignons under the hat can be eaten if the darkening is not associated with spoilage. There are several options for why blackening occurs. However, if you are unsure of the edibility of the product, it is better to throw it away.

Why champignons turn black

Fresh young champignon has an attractive white appearance, a glossy head with a matte shade. Mushrooms change during storage. 100% of them can be eaten under the following conditions:

  1. The white color is preserved. Let's say pink, but not yellow.
  2. The skin of the cap has become velvety or smooth, but there are no yellow spots on its surface.
  3. A whole film is preserved in the area between the leg and the cap.
  4. Mushroom plates are dense, not loose, have a pinkish tint.
  5. The cut of the leg darkened slightly, but not much blackened.
  6. Upon inhalation, a pleasant mushroom aroma is felt.

All these signs are inherent in young, freshly cut fruit bodies. When the champignons have darkened under the hat, it is impossible to talk about 100% of their edibility. Here you need to deal with the reason.

The video shows an example of identifying a poisonous toadstool among champignons:

Why do champignons have black plates under the hat

When buying fresh young mushrooms, the consumer sees perfectly whole white bodies. If the product stays on the counter for a long time, a black spore-bearing layer becomes visible under the cap. A similar picture can be observed when the purchased product lay in the refrigerator at home.

When the cap is ripe, black plates appear under the opened edge.

There is nothing wrong with the black plates, the mushrooms are just ripe. When this time comes, the hat opens. A lamellar spore-bearing layer appears under it. It also matures and takes on a dark color. When such champignons are black inside, it is normal, they are safe to eat, but only after heat treatment.

Important! If we are talking about forest mushrooms, then old specimens with visible black plates cannot be put in the basket. Their body is saturated with toxic substances.

The use of old forest mushrooms, in which the spore-bearing layer has become very black, is guaranteed to end in poisoning.

Why are champignons black inside

Immediately after picking, mushrooms rarely end up on the table. Artificially grown fruit bodies are stored for a certain time on store shelves. If the crop is harvested in the forest, then it stays in the basket for some time. In any case, the product will turn black, but only slightly. The process is associated with the oxidation of the body in air. Black specimens need to be broken or cut to make sure they are edible. If the body has retained its elasticity, white remains inside, then such mushrooms are suitable for eating.

When the entire fruiting body has turned black, especially in the section, the sign already indicates the inedibility of the mushroom. Attention is also paid to the black plates. If the spore-bearing layer is very black, wet to the touch, emits an unpleasant smell of mold, then such a champignon is dangerous.

Attention! There is such a variety as "Royal mushrooms". Mushrooms have a brown skin color. If the fruit body is broken, then the flesh inside is white, the same as that of an ordinary champignon. With long-term storage, the plates are similarly capable of blackening.

Why champignons turn black when fried

Inexperienced mushroom pickers are alarmed by the fact that completely white fruit bodies turned black during frying. You should not rush to throw them away if you are 100% sure that the mushrooms are all fresh, and they are really mushrooms.

If the food turns black during frying, this is considered a normal process.

Blackening is a normal process for any heat treated mushroom. Fruit bodies contain carbon. After exposure to high temperatures, a natural darkening process occurs. The main thing is that fresh mushrooms do not turn black before frying, and everything is white.

Why the champignons darkened after defrosting

One way to store mushrooms is to freeze them. Often the product is in the refrigerator in the store. If the temperature is too low, or the fruit bodies were stored in an unsealed package, they will turn slightly black after defrosting. In general, when mushrooms turn black in the refrigerator, you can eat without fear if the following signs are absent:

  • after defrosting, sticky mucus appeared;
  • large black spots appeared on the cap;
  • the black spore-bearing layer turned black and began to rot;
  • a bad smell appeared.

The appearance of the listed signs indicates the spoilage of the frozen product.

Is it possible to eat darkened champignons

Changing the color of the mushroom during storage is normal. However, if it turns black, you need to find out how safe it is and what caused it.

Black plates under the cap and blackening of the skin do not mean that the champignon should not be eaten

Is it possible to eat champignons with black plates

The edibility of fruit bodies with a black spore-bearing layer is judged by several facts. First, you need to be sure that these are really mushrooms grown in ecologically clean conditions. Secondly, it is necessary to analyze how much the plates have turned black. If mucus, a bad smell has already formed under the cap, the spore-bearing layer has become acrid black, then the fruit bodies cannot be eaten.

You can safely eat champignons with black plates if they are slightly blackened, and this is due to the ripening of the mushrooms. Such fruit bodies are cooked for 40 minutes. It is advisable to fry them still.

Is it possible to eat blackened champignons

If not only the plates, but all the pulp have turned black, you need to find out how deep the process has gone. When stored for a long time, the skin may turn slightly black, which is considered normal. If at the break, porcini mushrooms emit a pleasant aroma, then they are edible, but after heat treatment.

Champignons that have turned black as a result of improper or long-term storage should not be eaten with the following symptoms:

  • a bad specific aroma appeared;
  • the skin has become sticky, reminiscent of mucus;
  • mold or rot has hit the black plates;
  • large black spots have appeared on the surface of the cap.

When at least one sign appears, the mushrooms are thrown away.

Can champignons be eaten raw if they are darkened?

Experienced mushroom pickers prefer to eat raw mushroom, considering it useful. They are right. The composition of raw champignons contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids and other microelements that are useful for the body's work. The fruiting body does not contain fats that harm the figure and some internal organs of a person. Natural fiber has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Important! 100 g of raw mushrooms eaten per day helps the human body to produce melanin, which improves the structure of the skin.

Only perfectly white fruit bodies without visible browning can be eaten raw. It is optimal to consume young specimens immediately after cutting.

If the mushrooms are darkened, can they be cooked

Slightly discolored fruiting bodies are considered suitable for cooking. It doesn't matter if the mushrooms are dark under the hat or on the surface. The main thing is that they are elastic, white inside, and emit a mushroom aroma. In addition, you need to know the shelf life. It should not exceed three days (except for freezing).

Boil the mushrooms for at least 10 minutes. If in doubt, it is better to increase the cooking duration to 40 minutes. Further heat treatment in the form of frying or stewing will only benefit.

Is it possible to get poisoned with darkened champignons

It is important to note the fact that if used incorrectly, even fresh mushrooms can be poisoned. The product is heavy for the stomach, contraindicated in children, the elderly and people with gastrointestinal diseases.

Darkened mushrooms are guaranteed to be poisoned if mold is visible under the film packaging

If the fruit bodies have turned black, then the likelihood of poisoning is already increasing with insufficient heat treatment. When a bad smell comes from the product, rot appears, then poisoning is guaranteed. You can't take risks. The product must be thrown away.

Advice! To 100% avoid poisoning, it is optimal to purchase only fresh fruit bodies without blackening. The cap should cover the spore-bearing layer.

First aid

Poisoning cannot be treated on its own. At the first sign of nausea, pain in the abdomen, a rise in temperature, they urgently call a doctor. First aid is given to the victim. The first step is to wash the stomach. Give 1.5 liters of warm boiled water to drink, press with a fingertip on the root of the tongue to induce an emetic effect. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times.

To cleanse the intestines, the victim is given an enema. The procedure is similarly performed 3 times using warm boiled water. Of the drugs, only sorbents are given that reduce intoxication and restore the water balance. The victim is given to drink in small, but frequent portions, a decoction of wild rose or dried fruits, weakly brewed black tea. Before the arrival of the doctor, drugs for poisoning should not be given due to the likelihood of a worsening of the victim's condition.


Black mushrooms under the hat can be eaten with 100% confidence in their edibility. When in doubt, it is foolish to endanger your health.

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