Video: Use an egg box as a greenhouse - this is how plants can be easily brought forward

The Easter days are over and the eggs are slowly but surely nibbled. Most of them will surely have one or two egg boxes left from the dyeing. Instead of going to the garbage or directly to the organic farmer as usual, you can easily make a greenhouse out of egg cardboard. The mini greenhouse is perfect for preferring flowers and vegetables.

Small greenhouses for sowing are not expensive in the trade either, but if it is even cheaper, you are welcome to try it out. Kleigafo shows you how quickly you can conjure up a greenhouse from a simple egg carton in his video above. It is finished in a few minutes and can be used immediately. If you don't have the chopsticks used in the video at home, you can also use drinking straws as an alternative. It works just as well.

My advice:
Ensure regular ventilation in your greenhouse. The warm and humid temperature could otherwise quickly lead to the formation of mold on the seeding soil.

If the plants are large enough, you can prick them off and then transfer them to larger pots or a bed.