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Fertilizer of Kemira: Lux, Combi, Hydro, Universal

Fertilizer Kemir (Fertik) is used by many gardeners, and judging by the large number of positive reviews, it is very effective. This mineral complex was developed in Finland, but is now licensed and produced in Russia. At the same time, the quality of the product was preserved, but the product became available to a wide range of consumers. The growth in popularity is also facilitated by the fact that the fertilizer is produced in different forms, so you can choose both a universal option and a targeted action.

Kemir contains no chlorine and heavy metals

What is Kemira's drug for?

Every gardener dreams of getting the maximum result when growing vegetables, fruits, flowers and other crops. But, unfortunately, not all lands are black earth and therefore, in order to achieve the desired goal, it is necessary to use fertilizers. The most popular of them are organic, but not everyone has the opportunity to use them. Therefore, mineral complex dressings are considered an alternative. And these include the fertilizer "Kemir".

It is produced on the basis of organic raw materials, according to the Kemira GrowHow program, which is a technology of the third millennium. The product can be used in home gardens, fields and parks.

"Kemira" has a balanced composition necessary for the full development of cultures.

After using Fertika:

  1. Plants develop better.
  2. The color of the leaves becomes deep green.
  3. The duration of flowering increases.
  4. The ovary occurs much earlier.
  5. The yield increases.
  6. The harvested fruits are better stored.

Important! "Fertika" not only provides crops with adequate nutrition, but also increases their immunity, protecting them from diseases.

The manufacturer Kemira also produces aluminum sulfate, a solution of which is used as a neutralizer of the acid-base balance of the soil. And also this component is used for the purification of drinking and waste water.

Fertilizer composition of Kemir

The product has a balanced composition, which is free of chlorine and heavy metals. All components for its production are carefully selected. It has been proven that if nitrates are accumulated when using Kemira, then only in insignificant amounts.

In addition to the fact that nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are part of the mineral dressing, it also contains other valuable substances. Among the most effective components of Kemira are:

  • selenium;
  • molybdenum;
  • magnesium;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • boron;
  • sulfur.

Such a variety of substances activates growth processes, promotes the formation of strong shoots and large fruits, enhances the development of the root system, and also increases resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Fertilizers of Kemir

The nutrient requirements of plants are different. And therefore, in order to provide them with the necessary set of components, various types of fertilizers have been developed. They all differ in composition, so this must be taken into account when using them.

Fertilizer Kemira Universal

This variety has a wide range of applications. The fertilizer contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus in a ratio of 10-20-20 (%). In addition, Kemira Universal contains selenium (Se), which improves the quality of the crop and increases the sugar and vitamin content in fruits.

Kemiru Universal can be applied to the soil before sowing seeds Kemiru Universal can be applied to the soil before sowing seeds

This product is water-soluble, so it can be used for root and foliar application, as well as drip irrigation. The versatility of the product allows it to be used for all types of garden, vegetable, fruit and berry, coniferous and flower crops.

Important! Fertilizer "Kemira Universal" by its content of nutrients is an improved nitroammophoska.

Kemir lawn fertilizer

This type of fertilizer is characterized by a prolonged action, which significantly reduces the amount of fertilizing. The percentage of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus is 11.3: 12: 26. In addition, the mixture contains substances that improve the action of the main components, which ensures a long-term effect.

Lawn "Kemira" is most often used after mowing grass

Application of this type of feeding:

  1. Accelerates grass growth after mowing.
  2. Reduces the likelihood of moss and weeds.
  3. Makes the color of the lawn a deep green.
  4. Increases the density of the grass.

Important! Lawn fertilizer is used by scattering granules over the surface and further leveling with a rake.

Kemira Kombi

Fertilizer contains all nutrients in a chelated, easily digestible form. Due to this, it effectively reduces the alkalinity of the soil. It contains all the main components, except for calcium. The ratio of nitrogen to potassium is 1: 1.5.

Combi is a slightly pink powder that loses its hue when dissolved in water. Application in open and closed ground is permissible.

Kemiru Kombi is recommended for use on organic substrates

Kemira Flower

This fertilizer is recommended for annual and perennial flowers and bulb crops. It can be used no more than 3 times per season: when planting, after rooting and during the formation of buds.

Benefits of using:

  • increases the diameter of flowers;
  • enhances the color of the petals;
  • lengthens the flowering period.

It is very easy to spread the product at the base of the plants. When interacting with moisture, nutrients penetrate into the soil.

Kemira Tsvetochnaya is not allowed to be used in the fall.

In addition to this type, "Kemira" (Fertika) is also produced in chelated form for directional roses. This allows for a lush and long-lasting flowering, due to the enriched nutritional composition. The use of "Kemira" for roses allows not only to improve flowering, but also to increase the winter hardiness of the shrub.

Fertilizer for roses is recommended to be used throughout the growing season of the bush.

Kemira Potato

Directional means. Recommended for use during the entire growing season of the crop. It has a high potassium content (up to 16%), which not only increases the amount of the crop, but also improves its keeping quality. The fertilizer can also be used to treat tubers during planting, which accelerates germination.

The use of "Kemira Potato" increases the starch content in tubers by 1-3.5%

Kemira Khvoinoe

Fertilizer is produced in two types: spring and summer. Therefore, they must be used taking into account the designated period. Top dressing allows you to increase the acidity of the soil, which is necessary for conifers. In addition to the main components, the fertilizer contains magnesium, sulfur and iron, which enhances the rich shade of the needles.

Important! Coniferous fertilizer can also be used for other crops that also require a higher pH. For example, rhododendrons, blueberries and hydrangeas.

"Coniferous fertilizer" is suitable for young seedlings and adult plants

Kemira Lux

Universal fertilizer with prolonged action. Kemiru Lux can be used for vegetables, flowers, fruit bushes and bulbous crops. When using it, the germination of seeds improves, the growth of shoots and green mass is enhanced. It is also allowed to use this fertilizer not only for street flowers, but also for indoor flowers.

"Kemira Lux" begins to act immediately upon entering the soil

Kemira Autumn

The fertilizer contains a minimum amount of nitrogen, but phosphorus and potassium are abundant. It is these components that help plants prepare for winter and increase their frost resistance. This remedy also has a beneficial effect on fruiting in the coming season, as it stimulates the formation of flower buds.

Kemira Osennee granules are recommended to be embedded in the soil at the base of the plant.

Kemira Hydro

A versatile fertilizer that can be used in open and closed ground. All nutrients in it are contained in an accessible form for plants, which increases their effectiveness. This allows not to carry out additional root dressing.

"Kemira Hydro" is produced in the form of granules or concentrated solution

Pros and cons of feeding Kemiroi

Like all other fertilizers, Kemira has its own advantages and disadvantages. And before using it, you need to familiarize yourself with them.

The main advantages of this tool:

  1. Long-term storage.
  2. Balanced composition.
  3. It can be used for different types of crops.
  4. Increases productivity.
  5. Strengthens the immune system.
  6. Improves flowering.
  7. Increases keeping quality.
  8. Prevents the accumulation of nitrates.

The disadvantages of fertilizer include the need to take precautions when using it. Also, the disadvantage is that when granules are introduced into the soil, the consumption of the product increases, which increases costs.

Important! In order to save money, it is recommended to use Kemira in the form of an aqueous solution.

How to breed Kemira

It is recommended to adjust the fertilizer concentration depending on the type of top dressing. For watering plants under the root, the nutrient solution must be prepared at the rate of 20 g per 10 liters of water.

And when spraying the aboveground part, it is recommended to reduce the concentration of the nutritious product to 10 g per 10 liters of water so that the fertilizer does not burn the leaves and shoots of plants. Dissolve the granules in a plastic container and wash it with soap at the end of the work.

Instructions for using fertilizer Kemira

Fertilizer can be applied dry or diluted. In the first case, top dressing is recommended when planting, adding granules to the wells with further mixing with the ground. It is also possible to apply dry fertilizer during the season, pouring it under the root of the plants.

It is recommended to use an aqueous solution throughout the season. Fertilizer can be applied both by watering at the root and sprayed on foliage. The frequency of use is 1 time per 10 days. Watering with a nutrient solution can only be done after moistening the soil, so as not to burn the roots.

Important! When using, the dosage of fertilizer must not be exceeded, as this will negatively affect the development of plants.

Precautions when working with Kemir fertilizer

This fertilizer is a highly concentrated agent that, if it comes into contact with the skin and mucous membranes, can cause irritation. Therefore, standard precautions must be followed when using it.

It is forbidden to take food, smoke and drink while using Kemira

Terms and conditions of storage of Kemira

While maintaining the integrity of the packaging, the shelf life of the fertilizer is 5 years. When opening it, it is recommended to pour the rest of the product into an airtight glass container and close it with a lid. The ready-made solution must be used on the day of preparation, since it loses its properties during long-term storage.

You need to store the fertilizer in a dark, dry place, excluding direct sunlight.


Fertilizer Kemir has a unique and balanced composition, which favorably affects the growth and development of crops. The product also enhances the natural immunity of plants and reduces their susceptibility to diseases, adverse weather conditions and pests. Many gardeners have already been able to appreciate these qualities of the fertilizer, therefore it is one of the most demanded preparations on the domestic market.

Fertilizer reviews Kemir

Igor Smirnov, 53 years old, Kazan

I have been using Kemir fertilizer for many years. I have never regretted my choice. The balanced composition of the product greatly simplifies the care of plants and the amount of necessary dressings. I use the preparation for all garden crops and home plants. I select different types. I purchase in large packages, as it is more economical. I recommend to all my friends.

Inna Vaskina, 43 years old, Bryansk

Most often I use Kemira Lux, as it can be found in almost any store. I really like its action, the result is noticeable almost immediately after application. I feed no more than 1 time in 2 weeks, and this is quite enough for flowers, vegetables and fruit bushes. I am very pleased with the result of using this mineral complex, and I do not plan to change it to another fertilizer. This year, the product also acquired a Coniferous look, which significantly improved the shade of the needles and increased growth.

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