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Instant recipe for lightly salted cucumbers in a bag

What could be tastier than crispy lightly salted cucumbers? This delicious appetizer is loved by our citizens. As soon as the cucumbers in the beds begin to ripen, it is time for each housewife to pickle and pickle. Of course, one cannot fail to note the taste of fresh cucumbers. It is this vegetable that is considered the most popular among our summer residents. Today there are a large number of recipes for making lightly salted cucumbers, but what to do if guests are about to come, but you want to serve them on the table? Quick Package Crispy Cucumber Recipes is the way to go!

Cooking secrets

What is important in lightly salted cucumbers? They should be moderately salty and have a unique crunch. It is for these qualities that they are loved. Many young housewives are interested in whether it is possible to cook delicious lightly salted cucumbers in a bag in 15 minutes? Today we will tell you about it.

Before salting them, you need to understand what are important in this matter:

  • the right choice of ingredients;
  • water quality;
  • compliance with all proportions.

That's when everything will turn out like this, and the guests will be delighted.

Selection of ingredients for salting

Regardless of which recipe you use, you need to learn how to choose the right base for the snack - the cucumbers themselves. So, the following are not suitable for this:

  • large specimens;
  • yellowish and overripe;
  • bitter;
  • soft.

The best cucumbers for quick pickling should be medium or small, strong and with pimples (as in the photo below).

All ingredients must be fresh and of good quality. Besides traditional dill, you can experiment with herbs such as:

  • tarragon;
  • cilantro;
  • parsley;
  • basil.

What should be the water

After choosing vegetables, it is best to soak them. This is very important for those housewives whose vegetables lay a little after collecting from the garden or buying on the market. In two hours, the cucumbers will absorb water, making them firmer and crisper.

The soaking water must be clean. Be sure to use good filtered water if you are preparing cucumber pickle. If it is not of very high quality, you can buy a bottled one. Today we will consider cooking lightly salted cucumbers in a bag, and we will not need pickle.

Depending on how much fruit needs to be salted, clean plastic bags are prepared in advance.

Detailed recipe

Nobody knows who exactly came up with the idea to cook lightly salted cucumbers in a package, but this particular recipe is unique due to the speed of preparation. Before the appearance of a recipe for cooking in this way, you could pour hot brine over cucumbers, and only after 12-18 hours you could enjoy their taste. Today we will learn how to make lightly salted cucumbers in a very short time in just a few minutes.

So, in order to cook lightly salted cucumbers in a bag, you will need:

  • fresh cucumbers - 1 kg;
  • dill (greens) - half a bunch;
  • garlic - 3-5 cloves, depending on taste;
  • allspice - 2-3 peas;
  • salt (preferably fine) - 1 dessert spoon (or 1 tablespoon, but incomplete).

The recipe for lightly salted cucumbers in a bag is very simple. As a container, not jars and pans are used, but a simple package.

The cooking process begins with washing the food and herbs, you can leave the cucumbers for an hour or two in cold water to soak. This will give them elasticity. After that, the tips of the fruit are cut off with a sharp knife. They can now be placed in a plastic bag. If it seems thin to you, then you can use two at once, nesting one inside the other.

Now you need to sprinkle the cucumbers with salt, fix the end of the bag with your hand and shake everything thoroughly so that the salt and cucumbers are mixed in the bag. It's time to add herbs and ingredients. The garlic is chopped finely or passed through a press. We also throw allspice with cucumbers.

The bag is now closed and shaken again. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed. The secret of this method is that during the cooking process, the cucumbers will begin to give off juice. The salty and spicy juice will soon saturate the vegetables.

Salting period is from 2 to 4 hours. That is, today there is a way to cook lightly salted cucumbers in a package in 2 hours.

Advice! To shorten the salting time, you need to pierce the fruits with a fork in several places. If they are short and thick, you can cut them into quarters.

In the process of salting, which is carried out at room temperature, it is necessary to turn the bag over from time to time and change its position. This will allow the fruit to be salted evenly. The cooking process itself is very simple, even a novice hostess will cope with this business in 15 minutes. The essence of instant cooking is that no air enters the bag, and the cucumbers actively give off juice.

Other cooking options

Lightly salted cucumbers in a package, a quick recipe for which we presented today, can be prepared in another way. Such a salted product is distinguished by its bright green color, crunch and a huge amount of stored vitamins.

What makes vegetables taste? Of course, herbs, spices and plant leaves. Each housewife can experiment with the ingredients and add to her recipe the one that she likes best. This number includes:

  • Bay leaf;
  • black currant leaves;
  • spicy pepper;
  • dill umbrellas;
  • cherry leaves;
  • horseradish leaves and root;
  • tarragon;
  • caraway.

Crispy lightly salted cucumbers in a bag can also be obtained by adding a small amount of horseradish, which has a positive effect on this.

Advice! Experienced housewives recommend cooking quick pickled cucumbers in a bag in small quantities. It is better to complete several packages than to salt 3-4 kilograms at once in one. They will be salted worse.

For those who value not only taste, but also the speed of preparation, we will give some practical advice. Sometimes housewives are interested in whether it is possible to cook lightly salted cucumbers in a bag with garlic in 15 minutes. Theoretically - it is possible, but in practice it is better to stand for at least 25-30 minutes, they will be much tastier. What is required for this?

  1. Cut the fruits (even small ones) into 2-4 pieces lengthwise.
  2. When salting, add 2 heads of garlic per kilogram of vegetables at once.
  3. It is also better to add more herbs.
  4. The amount of salt is doubled (per kilogram of instant cucumbers in a bag, you need to take two tablespoons of fine salt).

These tips cannot be applied when salting in the standard way (lightly salted cucumbers in 2 hours, which we wrote about above). See below for a good cooking video:

You can put the pickling bag in the refrigerator if you need to take it out in the morning and eat it. So, they will be salted longer, about six hours. But you can put them there at night and not worry about anything.

It is not so difficult to prepare lightly salted cucumbers in a bag. The recipe is simple, but sometimes you can change it to your own taste. Experiments in this matter are welcome.

We hope that our tips will help housewives to cook lightly salted cucumbers in a bag in a short time. They turn out to be very tasty and green. Enjoy your meal!

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