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Apple tree Asterisk

The variety of apple varieties would seem to make it easier to choose the right variety. However, it is often the multitude of varieties that creates the problem of choice - which variety is suitable / not suitable, which apples are better? To make the right choice, you must first familiarize yourself in detail with the characteristics of the variety, find out in detail which apple trees take root better in the area when they ripen. The best option is to ask your neighbors what they grow, treat yourself to apples. And for the experiment, you can always plant several new varieties.


This apple variety belongs to the winter type. The Zvezdochka apple tree was bred by breeding thanks to the crossing of Pepinka Lithuanian (autumn variety) and Anisa (winter variety).

Characteristics of the tree: vigorous, at the beginning of growth it has a rounded crown, which, as the apple tree matures, acquires a spreading and slightly drooping appearance. The base of the crown is made up of thick skeletal branches. Mainly the middle and outer parts of the Zvezdochka apple tree bear fruit. Fruits are tied mainly on twigs (one-year growth longer than 15 cm) and spears (growth up to 15 cm).

The apples are medium-sized and flattened-rounded. On the light greenish smooth surface of the Asterisk apple, a "blush" of a deep red hue is clearly manifested. A distinctive feature of the fruit is a pronounced waxy bloom. The popularity of the Zvezdochka variety is explained by the pleasant sweet and sour taste of apples. The color of the flesh is green, sometimes a pinkish tint may be present near the skin.

Attention! Apples ripen in winter and keep quite well until February-March.

The Zvezdochka variety is best suited for growing in central regions. It is not recommended to plant in northern regions with long and frosty winters.

How to plant and grow an apple tree

Since Zvezdochka seedlings do not tolerate frosty weather with cold winds, the optimal time for planting a tree is the last days of April-early May. During this period, the soil is already warmed up better, and severe harm from night frosts is already unlikely. And the seedling will quite confidently settle down on the site until the onset of autumn.

Important! After 15-20 years, the Zvezdochka apple tree reaches a height of 5-6 meters and grows with a crown with a diameter of about 6 m. These dimensions must be taken into account when choosing a site for planting an apple tree.

This tree requires good lighting, otherwise the development of the tree in shaded areas slows down significantly. Therefore, for laying out a garden, it is preferable to choose the southern, southeastern slopes. Or any open level place.

Stages of planting seedlings

  1. A deep hole is dug 40x40 cm in size.
  2. Organic fertilizers are introduced - peat, ash.
  3. An asterisk apple tree seedling is installed in the center of the pit, the roots must first be carefully straightened. It is highly undesirable to cut the roots of the tree.
  4. The hole is dug in and the soil is trampled down tightly. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the root collar of the tree trunk is approximately 6-7 cm above the ground level.

Before planting a seedling, it must be carefully examined - the trunk must be free of damage and signs of disease.

Watering the apple tree

This variety does not tolerate excessive soil moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to create a ditch around the trunk to drain excess rainwater. It is advisable to periodically weed and loosen the earth.

In the first year of planting, it is advisable to water the Zvezdochka apple tree several times per season (2-3 buckets). In subsequent years, the number of irrigations can be reduced by simultaneously increasing the volume of the poured liquid (approximately one and a half to two times). It is necessary to pour water into the trunk circle. Naturally, in dry times, watering of apple trees should be increased.

Advice! An important watering time is the period of flowering and ovary formation. Since in the event of a drought, the ovaries will simply fall off at the Asterisk apple tree.

Of equal importance is the autumn watering after harvest (provided there is no rain). This measure will help the Zvezdochka apple tree to endure frosts, preserve the tree's root system. In addition, this will be a prerequisite for laying fruit buds for the next season. The optimal time for watering is late September-early October.

Tree feeding

Subject to the availability of fertile soil, the Zvezdochka variety practically does not require top dressing. If it is necessary to add fertilizers, then they begin to do this when planting an apple seedling Asterisk: add a mixture of peat with ash, humus, humus. In autumn, you can use complex mineral fertilizers.

Advice! Before applying fertilizers, it is advisable to do a soil analysis. Since an excess of feeding has a harmful effect on the growth and development of the Zvezdochka apple tree.

Apple crown pruning

This procedure is carried out to increase the yield of the apple tree, as a prevention of diseases and to give the tree an aesthetically beautiful shape. It is recommended to carry out the annual formation of the crown of the Asterisk apple tree in early spring (before the first leaves bloom). In the autumn, only dried and old branches or twigs are removed. Correct pruning is carried out in two ways: thinning and shortening.

  1. When thinning, they try to increase the illumination of the tree - they remove the shoots that interfere with the growth of each other, shorten the main branch. This procedure allows the formation of the crown and is carried out in the spring before the start of sap flow.
  2. Timely shortening (pinching of branches) is carried out in order to limit the excessive growth of young shoots of the Asterisk apple tree. This procedure is "painless" and does not lead to wound formation. You can start trimming tree branches in mid-August and continue this useful activity until mid-autumn.

For the correct formation of the crown of the tree, the first pruning (about 1/3) is carried out after planting the seedling. It can be said that it is harmful to show excessive diligence.


As a rule, the Zvezdochka apple tree begins to actively bear fruit 4-5 years after planting. Naturally, the yield of different years may differ, which largely depends on the weather conditions. On average, one tree produces a crop weighing 50-100 kg.

A significant drawback of the Zvezdochka variety is a decrease in the size of apples and a deterioration in their taste in mature trees. Regular pruning of apple trees slows down the aging process somewhat.

You can start harvesting in mid-September. Asterisk apples ripen during storage. For long-term winter storage, only whole fruits are suitable, without damage, wormholes and scratches. Therefore, you need to pick the apples carefully, without jerking.

Advice! It is advisable to store fruits in dark, well-ventilated areas.

Boxes, plastic bags are used as containers. Wet apples should not be wiped off in order not to remove the natural wax layer / plaque, which ensures good maturation of the Asterisk apples.

How to deal with diseases and pests of apples

The Zvezdochka variety is distinguished by good resistance to diseases and pests. To prevent infection and disease, it is recommended to know about the most common diseases and pests of trees and fruits:

  • scab occurs most often and can infect not only foliage, but also apples. This is a fungal disease that manifests itself as brownish spots on the leaves and fruits. In a diseased tree, yield and winter hardiness decrease, and the quality of the fruits deteriorates. The reasons for the appearance of the disease can be excessive humidity and stagnation of air inside the crown, its thickening. For treatment, a urea solution, Bordeaux liquid is used. Excellent prevention - cutting off excess branches of the Asterisk apple tree in the spring;
  • powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects young shoots, apple tree foliage. The main cause of the disease is sudden temperature changes (strong morning fogs and persistent drought). Signs of damage to the apple tree are the appearance of a whitish bloom on the foliage, the falling off of leaves and ovaries. They fight the disease by spraying the apple tree with the preparations "Skor", "Topaz". Since the infection persists on the branches and foliage, it is recommended as a preventive measure to remove diseased tree shoots when the buds dissolve and after the formation of ovaries;
  • a common pest of the apple tree is the green aphid. This insect eats the leaves and shoots of Asterisk and can lead to the death of the tree. The best method of control is spraying the apple tree with a 3% solution of karbofos until the buds dissolve. You can replace karbofos with phosphamide, zolone (manufacturers recommend an acceptable concentration of solutions).

To prevent diseases of the Asterisk apple tree, it is recommended to carry out some preventive measures:

  • annual spring and autumn inspection of the bark of apple trees;
  • thinning the crown of the tree and timely removal of dry and diseased branches. It is recommended to burn damaged branches and fruits;
  • correct and timely processing of the crown with special preparations;
  • early whitewashing of tree trunks.

Apple tree Zvezdochka is loved by summer residents and gardeners due to its excellent taste and easy care. Compliance with simple rules for the maintenance of apple trees ensures high yields of the apple tree for a long period.

Gardeners reviews

Natalia Maruseva, Novosibirsk

The apple tree winters quite well in our climate - without frosting and diseases. The Zvezdochka variety is most liked by its high yield and a decent shelf life. In early spring we also eat our apples.

Stepan Eremin, Rostov region

I have been fond of gardening for a long time and noticed that the most popular apple variety among buyers is Zvezdochka. And it is not surprising - the apple is excellently stored and has an elegant look. I am especially pleased with the yield - from one tree I can collect about 190-200 kg of apples.

Elena Prosova, Ryazan

I am satisfied with the Zvezdochka apple tree sapling, which took root immediately. I have a dacha recently, but I already have my own garden - Melba apple trees, Dream. So, this year I have harvested the first "star" harvest. Apples Zvezdochka - as in the picture, very tasty and fragrant.

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