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Tomato Country delicacy

Many experienced gardeners agree with the opinion that growing tomatoes over time turns from a hobby into a real passion. Moreover, when many exotic varieties of a wide variety of shapes and colors have already been tried, the largest tomatoes in size and weight have been grown, all the same does not leave the desire to try something interesting. One of the possible relatively new directions is the cultivation of cherry tomatoes. In contrast to their huge, fleshy cousins, these tomatoes are miniature.

But the tomatoes of this group are determined not only by the small size of the fruits. They have many characteristics that fundamentally distinguish them from ordinary tomatoes.

One of the recent varieties of domestic breeding was the Dachnoe delicacy tomato, which belongs to this unique tomato group. He appeared just a few years ago, and most gardeners have not yet had time to get to know him closely. It's time to fill this gap. This article will tell you about the main characteristics of the tomato Country delicacy and provide a description of this variety.

Cherry tomatoes

There are many varieties of tomatoes with small-sized fruits, but not all of them can be attributed to the variety of "cherry". Although most often this name is given to tomatoes, the fruits of which do not exceed 25-30 grams. But this characteristic is not limited to the properties of cherry tomatoes.

This group of tomatoes originates from Israel, where in the 70s of the last century tomatoes were bred that are resistant to hot and dry weather conditions and have improved taste. These tomatoes also looked very different outwardly. At first, these were tall, indeterminate bushes with a large number of clusters, each of which ripened from 20 to 40-50 fruits. The length of each hand could reach 100 cm. Many years have passed since those times.

Now the fruits of cherry tomatoes can be not only red, but all other colors that are only known in the tomato world. The shape of miniature tomatoes can also be very diverse: oval, and in the form of a droplet, and in the form of an icicle, and in the form of a heart. Low-growing, determinant cherry tomatoes and even standard varieties have appeared, which are best suited for growing in rooms and on balconies.

But perhaps the main thing that distinguishes all the tomatoes of this group is their unsurpassed taste. It is even difficult to call it tomato, since it rather resembles some kind of exotic berries or fruits. All cherry tomatoes are characterized by amicable ripening, their fruits are resistant to cracking, and the fruiting period can be extended for several months.

Attention! Cherry tomatoes have an interesting feature - they are not able to ripen and gain sugar, being picked at the stage of technical maturity.

Therefore, they are harvested only when fully ripe. In addition, when the bushes are ripe for a long time, they can begin to crumble. This feature must be taken into account when growing cherry tomatoes in your area and harvest regularly, at least once or twice a week.

In addition to the obvious decorativeness of cherry tomato bushes, their fruits are distinguished by high nutritional value. In terms of dry matter content in tomatoes, they are almost twice as large as their larger counterparts. It is even believed that they can contribute to the production of a special hormone of happiness - serotonin. Therefore, cherry tomatoes are useful for depression, bad mood and general loss of energy.

Description of the variety

Gone are the days when cherry tomato varieties could boast of exclusively foreign origin. Modern domestic varieties of cherry tomatoes are not only not inferior in anything to foreign analogues, but are also much better adapted to the difficult climatic conditions of our country.

Tomato Country delicacy was obtained in about 2010 by a breeder working in the agrofirm "Poisk", T.A. Tereshenkova. In 2015, he was officially registered in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of Russia. Seeds of this variety of tomatoes can be bought in the packaging of the Poisk company in the Vkusnoteka series.

The variety is recommended for cultivation in all regions of Russia, but mainly under film or polycarbonate shelters. In the open ground tomato A country treat will feel good only in the southern regions of the country.

This variety belongs to determinate tomatoes, but, despite this, it needs a tie to the supports and the formation of a bush. It can grow up to one meter in height. It is best to form it into one stem. If there is a lot of space and sunlight, you can leave a second stem, just above the first flower brush. All other stepchildren must be carefully broken out, without waiting for their regrowth up to 10 cm in length. The leaves are of a normal shape, but small in size.

Important! The big advantage of the tomato Country delicacy is the early ripening of tomatoes.

It belongs to the early ripening varieties, and the first ripe fruits can be tasted as early as 90-95 days after germination. This is an important characteristic, since most varieties of cherry tomatoes bred abroad are late-ripening or turn into such in our conditions of lack of heat and light.

Cherry tomatoes, of course, cannot be compared in yield with many large varieties of tomatoes, but you can still get up to 1.5 kg of fruit from each bush. Since, when formed into one stem, the bushes of this variety are planted more densely than usual, the yield from one square meter can be 6-8 kg of tomatoes. And this figure is already quite at the level of average varieties.

Tomato The dacha delicacy is highly resistant to many diseases of the nightshade, in particular, to the tobacco mosaic virus and fusarium. Late blight is not terrible for him, because thanks to the early ripening period, he will have time to give up most of the harvest before the onset of weather conditions in August, when this disease begins to rage with special force.

Characteristics of tomatoes

The fruits of the Dachnoye delicacy variety have the following characteristics:

  • Their shape is traditionally round.
  • The color of unripe fruits is green, and there is no spot at the base of the peduncle. When ripe, the tomatoes turn red.
  • The pulp is medium density, the skin is thin and smooth. The number of seed nests is 2 pieces.
  • Tomatoes are very small in size, their average weight is 15 grams.
  • Fruits ripen on long clusters, and up to 20-25 tomatoes can ripen simultaneously on one cluster.
  • The brushes ripen alternately; during a good summer, from four to six brushes on one plant can ripen. In order for as many brushes as possible to fully ripen, tear off almost all the leaves before the first brushes at the moment when the tomatoes reach the stage of technical maturity.
  • The taste characteristics of the fruit are excellent. Tomatoes are sweet, with a high sugar content, like most cherry tomatoes, delicious, with a pleasant aroma.
  • Tomatoes Country delicacies are universal in use, although they are most delicious fresh. Nevertheless, you can get original pickled and salted twists from them. They are also good in dried form.
  • The preservation of this variety of tomatoes is average; they tolerate transportation well over short distances.

Reviews of gardeners

Since the tomato Cottage delicacy is still quite young, there are not very many reviews on it. Although those who have already met him, appreciated his high taste and attractive appearance.

Rimma, 29 years old, Lipetsk

Sowed tomato Country delicacy last year. The seedlings were common, although the leaves are really quite small, like the tomatoes themselves. This is the first time I have grown cherry, and I was shocked by the long and beautiful clusters of fruits. In leaving, he turned out to be quite simple, only tied it up several times and cut off the lower leaves and stepsons as they grew. I was not sick with anything, and the tomatoes are so tasty, they resemble some kind of fruit. I didn't even have time to put them into processing - everything was eaten straight from the bush.

Svetlana, 53 years old, Taganrog

I have been growing cherry tomatoes for several years - after all, this is a favorite treat for my grandchildren. But, usually you have to wait a long time for the harvest - they ripen towards the end of summer. I was advised to try new varieties of Russian selection from the Poisk company and I opted for a tomato Country delicacy. The variety is really very curious, although the tomatoes themselves are very tiny, but the brushes on the bushes ripen almost a meter long and are all strewn with tomatoes. It looks very nice. And the tomatoes themselves fully justify their name, the grandchildren begin to feast on them already in July, since this variety, even in the open field, ripens one of the first. His yield is average, however, like all cherry trees. Although from the outside you can't tell, because the bushes seem to be very full due to the hanging long bunches.


Tomato A country treat will appeal to all those gardeners who want to simultaneously decorate their plot with exoticism and enjoy the original taste of tomatoes right from the garden or from the flower bed. It is undemanding to care for, but in terms of the usefulness of its fruits, it surpasses traditional varieties of tomatoes.

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