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Chinese swimsuit Golden Queen (Golden Queen): photo and description

The Chinese bather (Latin Trollius chinensis) is an ornamental herbaceous perennial, the tallest representative of the Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). In its natural habitat, it grows in damp meadows, river valleys, forest glades in Mongolia and China. The name of the decorative culture comes from the ancient Germanic "Troll", which means "ball". The long-flowering inflorescences of the Chinese large-petaled swimsuit have an attractive spherical shape and a fiery color. Modern landscape decorators prefer perennials of the Golden Queen variety (Golden Queen) to create the most vivid compositions.

An amazingly beautiful bright orange swimsuit flower appears when other varieties and species have already dropped their petals

Botanical description of the species

A perennial plant, the Chinese large-petal bathing suit (Trollius chinensis) is distinguished by the following characteristic features:

  • the rhizome is short;
  • bush height 80-100 cm;
  • bush diameter 50-70 cm;
  • stems erect, densely branched, strong, glabrous, with evenly spaced leaves;
  • blade plates;
  • the color of the leaves is bright green;
  • double flowers, open-shaped, up to 5 cm in diameter, located at the top of the stem;
  • perianth with numerous sepals;
  • the color of the petals is bright orange with orange nectaries;
  • fruits - leaflets with a spout, collected in a spherical compound fruit
  • flowering period from June to July.

The flowers of the Chinese swimsuit are characterized by high winter and frost resistance, and do not require complex agricultural techniques for growing. Even with minimal maintenance, an ornamental culture blooms profusely in one place for about seven years.

Chinese herbaceous swimsuit - the record holder for the duration of flowering (up to 30 days)

Description of the Chinese swimsuit Golden Queen Chinese swimsuit

The Chinese bather Golden Queen (Trollius chinensis) is rightfully considered one of the most attractive, "royal" varieties. The hybrid is a decorative perennial, which is characterized by the following distinctive properties:

  • bush height up to 90 cm;
  • stems are thin, erect, branched;
  • leaves are simple, sessile, dissected, divided into five lobes with sharp-toothed edges, collected in a basal rosette in the lower part of the bush;
  • the color of the leaves is dark green;
  • peduncles are tall, with single, unfolded, bright flowers at the top;
  • sepals broadly oval, golden yellow;
  • nectaries are long (up to 2.5 cm), linear, larger than sepals;
  • the receptacle is convex, with numerous pistils and stamens;
  • the diameter of the flowers is 5-7 cm.

The cultural bather Golden Queen is a winter-hardy ornamental variety that prefers moist soils, well-lit areas of the garden.

Bather Golden Queen is very popular among gardeners due to its consistently long and bright flowering.

Application in landscape design

The exceptional decorative properties and unpretentiousness of the Golden Queen Chinese swimsuit attract landscape designers everywhere. The plant is effectively combined in the same bed with other flowering crops: catchment, sleep-grass, delphinium.

You can paint any corner of the garden with a Chinese large-petal swimsuit:

  • as a full-fledged participant in any flower bed, garden bed, lawn or prefabricated mixborder;
  • in the form of group landings for border decoration;
  • for decorating the north side of houses;
  • to decorate the foot of the alpine slides;
  • for artificial reservoirs.

The tall Chinese swimsuit in the photo is able to make a bright accent on the garden bed.

Golden flowers in the form of large roses look good in bouquets

Reproduction methods

The Chinese large-petaled swimsuit reproduces in several ways:

  • seminal;
  • vegetative (dividing the bush, cuttings).

Seed propagation of an ornamental plant is long and laborious. Cuttings are also quite difficult (harvesting cuttings in late spring, rooting seedlings, growing and wintering in indoor conditions, planting in open ground for the next year).

By dividing the bush

Reproduction of the Chinese Golden Queen swimsuit by dividing the bush is the most acceptable way to get viable young plots for subsequent rooting. For such a reproduction technique, maternal specimens over five years old are suitable. Manipulations are best done in August-September, on a cloudy day.

The mother bushes are dug up, shaking off the remnants of the earth. The roots are washed with water, rotten or dry roots are removed, divided into parts with 2-3 viable shoots and a developed root system. Places of cuts are sprinkled with wood ash, foliage is removed, leaving 1/3 part to reduce moisture consumption.

Important! The plots are immediately transplanted into prepared planting holes, providing abundant watering.

Moving plots to open ground should be done on the same day to reduce moisture loss and minimize the likelihood of flower death

Growing a Chinese swimsuit from seeds

Growing the Chinese large-petal swimsuit Golden Queen from seeds is a long and painstaking process. In the first year of life, young bushes form a basal leaf rosette. Flowers appear only in the second year.

At home, the seeds of the Chinese swimsuit Golden Queen are harvested in the fall. For these purposes, ripe seed pods are chosen in dry and warm weather.

There are two main methods of seed propagation of a plant: seedling and non-seedling.

The seedless method consists of directly sowing the seeds of the Chinese bathers (Trollius chinensis) outdoors in October to allow natural stratification. A site for a decorative culture is prepared in advance (dug up, small grooves are formed). Small seeds of the Chinese large-petaled swimsuit Golden Queen are mixed with river sand, sown in the ground, and sprinkled with a layer of soil (about 3-5 mm). Crops are thoroughly moistened. The first shoots appear in late April or early May next year.

The seedling method consists in preliminary cultivation of the planting material. Before sowing, the seeds are stratified to increase the germination rate. Seedling boxes and soil mixture are disinfected. The seeds of the Chinese Golden Queen swimsuit are sown in prepared containers in late October or early November. Crops are left in a cold room (cellar, shed, garage) until the end of February, beginning of March. The next stage of sprouting seedlings of a Chinese decorative bathing suit takes place in indoor conditions. Crops begin to moisten from a spray bottle, maintain a constant temperature up to + 22 ⁰С. Planting boxes are covered with plastic wrap or glass to create a greenhouse effect. The crops are ventilated periodically. The location of the planting box should be well lit, but not directly exposed to sunlight. The first shoots appear in 1-3 months after the transfer of the container with crops to the room.

Important! After the appearance of two permanent leaves, the seedlings dive. Two weeks after the dive, the plants are fed with a mixture of nitrogen fertilizers of low concentration.

The term for the transfer of decorative bushes of the swimsuit (Latin Trollius chinensis) of the Chinese Golden Queen to the open ground is the end of summer

Planting and caring for a Chinese swimsuit

Planting and caring for the Chinese Golden Queen swimsuit does not differ in complex agricultural technology. Experienced gardeners recommend that all manipulations be done with gloves, since the root system of the plant is poisonous.

Landing terms and rules

For a decorative Chinese Golden Queen swimsuit, well-lit or slightly shaded areas of the garden are suitable. With a lack of sunlight, the plant slows down its growth, the buds become small and pale, and lose their decorative appeal. The Chinese swimsuit develops and blooms very intensively in swampy areas or near water bodies.

Light soil is best suited for it - a mixture of turf, wood ash or coal, humus and a large amount of nutrients. Loamy soil can be mixed with river sand. The acidic soil can be fed with slaked lime, crushed eggshells, or chalk.

The term for moving the seedlings of the Chinese swimsuit to open ground is the end of summer. It is best to do the manipulations on a cloudy, rainy day or in the evening. The decorative flower does not adapt well, so you should immediately choose a permanent "place of residence".

About one day before transplanting, the seedlings of a decorative Chinese bathing suit are abundantly watered to intensively wet the earth. Young shoots are moved into the planting holes along with a lump of earth. The root collar should be 2-3 cm below the soil level. The distance between the holes for group plantings is up to 70 cm.

Sprinkle seedlings with earth, water abundantly and mulch with pieces of bark, sawdust. For the first 2-3 weeks, the bushes are sheltered from direct sunlight.

Important! When transplanting the swimsuit seedlings into open ground, you should cut off all the foliage to more intensively retain moisture in the soil.

Spring planting is not recommended for decorative Chinese swimsuit

Care features

At the first time after transplanting plots or moving the seedlings of the Chinese (Trollius chinensis) swimsuit in the open ground, the plant needs regular watering.

Important! It is best to water the decorative Chinese Golden Queen swimsuit in the evening or in the morning.

Adult plants need abundant watering without water droplets falling on the buds and flowers. The frequency of hydration is once a week. After watering, the land around the bushes is cleared of weeds and loosened to a depth of 3 cm.

Organic and mineral fertilizers are suitable for feeding. For ornamental crops, humus, manure, nitrogen-, potassium-, phosphorus-containing fertilizers are suitable.

After flowering, the Golden Queen Chinese swimsuit should be fed with wood ash.

Preparing for winter

As preparations for winter, they use pruning of buds, leaf plates at the base. Before the onset of the first frosts, the ground part of the Chinese Golden Queen swimsuit is cut to a height of 3 cm.

In central Russia, the plant does not need additional shelter, since it tolerates frosts down to - 20 ⁰С. In the northern regions, the bushes of the decorative Chinese swimsuit are spud, sprinkled with dry foliage and covered with spruce branches.

Autumn pruning prevents the spread of fungal diseases

Diseases and pests

Chinese swimsuit Golden Queen is an ornamental crop resistant to pests and diseases. Most often, the plant is affected by the following diseases and pests:

  1. White leaf spot, or septoria, is a fungal disease. The disease is characterized by the appearance of light spots with a dark border.

    For white spot, copper-containing preparations Hom, copper sulfate, Bordeaux mixture, Profit, Nitrofen are used

  2. The smut appears as dark spots (fungal spores) on the ground parts of the decorative Chinese swimsuit. The drug Vitavax helps against the fungus.

    Smut disease disrupts metabolism, provokes plant death

  3. The short-bodied nematode is the main pest that parasitizes the root system of the Chinese swimsuit Golden Queen.

    Insecticide treatment (Nematodos) allows you to get rid of parasites


The large-petaled Chinese bathing bath is a poisonous plant that is widely used in folk medicine. The decorative culture has diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties. To decorate the local area with bright orange flowers, you should plant the unpretentious Golden Queen variety on the site. The perfect composition for the fireballs of the Chinese swimsuit will be summer flowers, endowed with various shades of blue. Linear nectaries of inflorescences, protruding beyond the sepals, create the effect of a royal crown, which favorably distinguishes the Golden Queen variety from others.

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