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Video: Vertical garden made from Euro pallets - This way, even small balconies can be skilfully staged

Small balconies and terraces can be staged just as beautifully as their big comrades. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of creative ideas to realize the dream of a flowering terrace in a confined space.

How about a vertical garden for a change? This saves a lot of space and you still don't have to do without flowering plants. How to build such a vertical garden yourself, especially from a Euro pallet, is clearly and simply explained in the video from gartenzwergTV set above. And the best? You don't even need a lot of material to implement this slightly different garden design.

"By the way: Such a vertical garden is not only suitable for small terraces and balconies, but also enchants a magical eye-catcher in large gardens. After all, such a pallet can be placed anywhere.

My advice:
Wood is very sensitive to the different weather conditions. Therefore, you should always treat the euro pallet with a weather protection paint (e.g. available here). It would be a shame if it rots and collapses after a short time.