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Tomato Black Baron: reviews, photo yield

Tomato Black Baron nobly stands out among other red varieties. The fruits of this variety are large and dense, with a color in crimson and dark chocolate colors. The pulp of black tomatoes contains more sugars. For many years, this variety has been at the forefront of the ranking of the best tomatoes.

Description of the variety of tomato Black Baron

The indeterminate tomato variety Black Baron was included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of the Russian Federation in early 2010. A garden plant from the Aelita agrofirm is recommended for cultivation throughout Russia. Depending on the climatic characteristics of the regions, tomatoes are cultivated in the open field, or in covered greenhouses.

Gardeners note that bushes grow to large sizes during growth. Stems thicken over time, and large dark green leaves require formation and tying to reliable supports. The Black Baron tomato blooms with large yellow flowers that actively attract bees.

Description of the fruit (shape, color, size, weight, area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of the fruit)

Tomatoes Black Baron are very large and have an even round shape. The mass of mature tomatoes reaches 250 g or more.

Judging by the photo, ripe Black Baron tomatoes are so large that they hardly fit completely into a man's palm:

A distinctive feature of the Black Baron variety is a slight ribbing closer to the stalk.

A ripe crop, in terms of its taste, is ideal for cooking:

  • fresh salads;
  • tomato juice, lecho, ketchup and other preparations;
  • fillings for sandwiches, flat cakes and pita bread.

In section, tomatoes have a bright red core with many large seeds and bright yellow veins. Chopped up, the Black Baron variety looks very appetizing.

Indeterminate tomatoes are also good because it is not necessary to wait until the fruits are fully ripe. Black Baron tomatoes grow well in a dry, dark place.

Characteristics of the Black Baron tomato

According to the characteristics and description of the producer of tomato seeds Black Baron, indicated on the back of the package, it follows:

  1. The variety has an average ripening period. The first harvest can be enjoyed already on the 115th day from germination.
  2. In the ovaries of tomato bushes, 5 to 7 fruits ripen.
  3. Productivity from 1 sq. m reaches up to 7 kg. In the open field, the yield indicator is slightly lower - from 3 to 5 kg of ripe tomatoes, while in greenhouses the conditions are favorable, and gardeners can boast a yield of 6 - 7 kg per 1 sq. m.

Basic rules for growing tomato crops:

  1. Moderate watering with warm water.
  2. Loosening the soil for better heat transfer and oxygenation of the roots.
  3. Top dressing with balanced mineral complexes.

Due to its high resistance to parasites, the variety is resistant to all typical diseases and does not require spraying with chemicals.

Tomatoes respond with gratitude and great feedback to proper care and attention. Over time, all the work invested in the formation of healthy bushes will pay off with an excellent harvest.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the Black Baron variety include:

  • high level of productivity;
  • large fruits;
  • taste characteristics of vegetables (sugar content and juiciness of the pulp);
  • dense peel, thanks to which the variety tolerates long-term transportation well;
  • resistance to typical diseases of the nightshade;
  • unique appearance with a transition from crimson to dark chocolate.

A feature of the variety is the powerful growth of tomato bushes. The black baron is categorically not suitable for growing in apartment conditions. A balcony or loggia will not be enough for the proper formation of the root system, inflorescences and fruits.

Growing rules

Tomato varieties do not tolerate shade well, therefore, for good growth and development, plants need diffused sunlight: direct sunlight can burn young leaves and destroy seedlings.

Watering should be regular. Without a sufficient amount of moisture, tomato crops dry out quickly and practically do not recover. In open and closed ground, 1 or 2 plentiful waterings per week are enough. If the ground is too wet, then there is a risk of fungal diseases, an increase in insects (wood lice, ants, etc.), as well as cracking of fruits from an excess of moisture.

For sweet fruits, mineral supplements are needed. Thanks to the complex of minerals, tomatoes begin to grow faster and give ovaries.

Regular loosening of the soil around the stem is beneficial for the root system. Thus, oxygen enriches the upper layers of the earth, and the roots grow better.

Tomato variety Black Baron does not require special care and complex manipulations. By observing the simple rules for growing horticultural crops, a good harvest is ensured even for novice gardeners.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Spring is the best time to prepare seeds for germination. Experienced gardeners recommend growing seeds for seedlings according to the lunar sowing calendar. According to the position of the moon and planets in certain signs, there are days that are most suitable for starting growing plants. On favorable days according to the calendar, the chance of successful seed germination is much higher than on unfavorable ones.

Immediately before planting, be sure to get the seeds out of the bag and soak them for 10 to 12 hours. For this, plain water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate is suitable. Manganese perfectly disinfects the surface of seeds and removes fungi. In the departments for the garden and vegetable garden, they sell a special product - a growth stimulator. By adding a couple of drops to the seed water, you can speed up the appearance of the first shoots.

Seedling soil can be purchased ready-made or prepared independently. To grow tomatoes you need:

  • 2/3 of fertile land;
  • 1 part of peat and sawdust.

The soil should be loose and airy, without clods of earth, stones, sharp objects and old dead roots.

For convenience, seedlings are grown in small containers made of thick cardboard. Such material decomposes well when transplanted into soil. Growing in plastic containers or cups is allowed.

A small depression is made for the seeds and sprinkled with a layer of soil. From a spray bottle, the earthen mixture is abundantly moistened and covered for a greenhouse effect and better germination.

For successful germination, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil and, if necessary, spray with warm water.

With the emergence of seedlings, the film or bag is removed, watering is reduced and the seedlings are placed under an ultraviolet lamp for better growth.

As soon as the seedlings get stronger under the phytolamp and 5-6 leaves appear, you can plant the plants in separate containers. Gardeners call this diving procedure. When transplanting, the roots and stem are carefully handled. Semidole first leaves can be pinched, leaving only carved tomato leaves.

Transplanting seedlings

As soon as the tomato sprouts reach a height of 20 cm, they must be planted on the site.

Previously, it is better to start hardening young seedlings: put it to an open window or on a balcony every day for a few minutes, gradually increasing the presence of plants in the fresh air. Thus, the transplanting of seedlings will be easy and stress-free for the plants.

The grown seedlings of the Black Baron variety are planted in greenhouses and open ground. Tomato bushes are buried at a distance of 40 - 50 cm from each other in the open field and 60 - 70 cm - in a closed one. For 1 sq. m in the open field there should be 3 bushes, in the greenhouse - 2.

Observing this step in planting, they provide:

  • normal development of the root system;
  • preventing leaves from shading each other;
  • convenience in watering and processing each bush.

Having planted the seedlings on the territory of the personal plot, they dig in a support for future garters.

Follow-up care

For good growth, tomatoes need regular watering with warm water, top dressing and loosening of the soil. During the growing and fruiting season, there should be at least 5 - 6 fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

It is important to remove stepchildren that can take nutrients away from the main stem. Dead yellow leaves are a source of disease for all varieties.

Important! A healthy bush should have only green leaves.

It is allowed to mulch the surface of the ground near the stem of tomatoes with tree bark or gravel. An additional layer will retain precious moisture and protect against harmful weeds.

Heavy branches with large fruits, like the Black Baron variety, must be tied to supports.


Indeterminate Tomatoes Black Baron is a godsend for Russian farmers. The variety is successfully grown both in a greenhouse and in open ground. The entire vegetative period, the bushes delight with a large harvest of juicy, fleshy fruits with a high sugar content and honey taste. Black and red tomatoes look appetizing in salads and canned foods.

The plant is not susceptible to diseases and does not require special care. Growing is handled not only by an experienced, but also by a novice gardener. Given the scale of tomato bushes, the Black Baron is not suitable for apartment maintenance. However, throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, it breaks records for germination and yield.

Reviews of tomatoes Black Baron

Anatoly Ivanovich, 55 years old, Barnaul

For the new summer season, the children presented a bag of Aelita seeds of the Black Baron variety. I planted, all the seeds grew: it is surprising that not a single defective one was caught. An entire jungle has grown in the greenhouse. The next time I decided to plant seedlings less often. But what tomatoes! Black and red, tasty, fleshy. I recommend to everyone.

Anna Yu., 37, Anapa

For the last 5 years I have been planting the Black Baron tomato variety in open ground. I like unpretentiousness and a consistently high yield. The branches stand 6 large tomatoes, I make garters and props with sticks. We eat the Black Baron with the whole family both fresh and pickled.

Boris Albertovich, 40 years old, Samara

The Black Baron variety is ideal for the Volga region. In our area, there are early spring and cold summer, and long rainy or drought seasons. These tomatoes grow under any conditions! I recommend!

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