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Tomato Syzran pipette: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomatoes Syzranskaya pipochka is an old variety cultivated in the Volga region. The variety stands out for its high yield and sweet taste of the fruit.

Description of the variety

Description of tomato Syzran pipette:

  • early fruiting;
  • bush height up to 1.8 m;
  • high productivity;
  • indeterminate type;
  • average weight 120 g;
  • one-dimensional tomatoes that do not shrink at the end of the season;
  • oval-shaped tomatoes with a sharp tip;
  • even color without spots and cracks;
  • strong skin;
  • red-pink color.

Fruiting of the variety begins at the end of June and ends in autumn with the onset of frost. Tomatoes Syzranskaya pipochka are valued for their good taste. They are added to appetizers, salads, hot dishes.

When heat treated, the fruits do not crack and retain their shape. Tomatoes are pickled, salted, added to salads for the winter. The fruits are stored for a long time and endure long-term transportation. When harvesting green tomatoes, they ripen at room temperature.

Getting seedlings

The key to the successful cultivation of tomatoes is the formation of healthy seedlings. Seeds of the Syzranskaya pipochka variety are planted in small containers at home. Tomato seedlings develop in the presence of a certain temperature regime, illumination and moisture intake.

Planting seeds

The soil for planting tomato seeds Syzran pipette is obtained by mixing garden soil, humus, sand and peat. It is allowed to use a universal soil for growing seedlings or peat tablets.

Before planting tomatoes, the soil is heated in a water bath for disinfection. The soil can be left on the balcony for several days in cold weather, or placed in the refrigerator.

Tomato seeds Syzran pipette are wrapped in a wet cloth and kept for 2 days. This stimulates seed germination.

Advice! On the day of planting, the seeds are placed for 2 hours in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then washed with warm water. Tomatoes are planted in March or early April.

Containers are filled with moistened soil. The planting material is deepened by 1 cm. An interval of 2 cm is made between the seeds.

When planting tomatoes in separate containers, picking can be avoided. 2-3 seeds are placed in each container. After germination, the strongest tomatoes are left.

The landings are covered with plastic wrap. The formation of shoots takes place in the dark at temperatures above 20 ° C. Containers with sprouts are transferred to a lighted place.

Seedling conditions

A number of conditions are provided for the development of tomato seedlings:

  • temperature regime during the day from 20 to 26 ° С;
  • lowering the temperature at night to 16 ° С;
  • weekly watering with settled water;
  • constant lighting 12 hours a day.

The room with tomatoes is ventilated, but the seedlings are protected from drafts and cold air. The soil is sprayed with warm, settled water from a spray bottle.

In regions with short daylight hours, tomato seedlings require additional lighting. Lighting devices are suspended at a distance of 25 cm from the tomatoes.

When 2 leaves appear, the Syzran pipette tomatoes are seated in separate containers. The soil is used with the same composition as when planting seeds.

Tomatoes are hardened 2 weeks before planting to adapt to new conditions. First, the window is opened for several hours, then the seedlings are moved to the balcony. Plants are left in direct sunlight and outdoors.

Reduce watering gradually. Tomatoes are fed with a weak solution of ammonium nitrate and superphosphate. Top dressing is repeated if the plants are stretched out and appear depressed.

Landing in the ground

Tomatoes that have reached a height of 25 cm and have 5-7 full-fledged leaves are subject to planting. Syzran pipipchka tomatoes are grown in open areas or in greenhouses.

A place for growing tomatoes is allocated in the fall. Tomatoes prefer lighted areas and light fertile soil. The culture grows well after onions, garlic, cucumbers, pumpkin, cabbage, legumes. If any varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants or potatoes grew on the beds, then another place is chosen for planting.

Advice! In the fall, the soil is dug up, compost and wood ash are added.

In the greenhouse, the soil layer is replaced with a thickness of 12 cm. The poor soil is fertilized with phosphorus and potassium substances in an amount of 20 g per 1 sq. m. In the spring, deep loosening is carried out and holes are made for planting tomatoes.

Tomatoes are spaced 40 cm apart. Plants can be planted in 2 rows at a distance of 50 cm. Staggered tomatoes simplify subsequent care and provide space for planting to develop.

The soil in containers with tomato seedlings is moistened. Tomatoes are taken out without breaking an earthen coma. The roots need to be covered with earth and compacted a little. 5 liters of water are poured under the bush.

Tomato care

Tomatoes of the Syzranskaya pipochka variety are looked after by watering and feeding. In order to obtain a high yield, pinch off excess shoots. Tomatoes need preventive treatments for diseases.

Watering plants

The order of watering is determined by the stage of development of the tomatoes. The lack of moisture is evidenced by yellowing and drooping shoots. Excess moisture leads to root rot and the spread of diseases.

Watering scheme for tomatoes:

  • a week after planting and before the formation of buds, 2 liters of water are introduced under the bush with an interval of 3 days;
  • flowering plants are watered with 5 liters of water weekly;
  • during fruiting, moisture is applied after 4 days in an amount of 3 liters under the bush.

For irrigation, use warm, settled water. Moisture should be applied in the morning or evening, after which the greenhouse is ventilated to reduce moisture.


Regular feeding of tomatoes Syzran pipette is the key to a high yield. 15 days after planting, the tomatoes are watered with a solution of poultry droppings at a concentration of 1:15.

The next feeding should be done in 2 weeks. For tomatoes, a solution is prepared based on superphosphate and potassium sulfate. For 10 l of water add 30 g of each substance. The solution is poured over the tomatoes at the root. The processing is repeated during fruiting in order to speed up the ripening of the tomatoes and improve their taste.

Important! When flowering, plantings are sprayed with a solution consisting of 4 liters of water and 4 g of boric acid. Top dressing ensures the formation of ovaries.

The use of organic substances alternates with natural dressings. There is a pause of 14 days between treatments. Wood ash is added to the soil, which is also added to the water a day before watering.

Shaping and tying

Sort Syzranskaya pipochka is formed into 1 stem. Excess stepchildren less than 5 cm long, which emerge from the leaf sinus, are removed manually. The formation of a bush directs the forces of tomatoes to fruiting.

Tomatoes are tied to a metal or wooden support. Brushes with fruits are fixed in several places. As a result, it is easier to care for plants that receive more sun and fresh air.

Disease protection

According to reviews, Syzran pipipchka tomatoes are resistant to most diseases. With adherence to agricultural technology, the risk of spreading diseases is significantly reduced. Disease prevention is the airing of the greenhouse, adherence to the irrigation rate and the introduction of fertilizing to strengthen the immunity of plants.

For the purpose of prevention, tomatoes are sprayed with solutions of the preparations Fitosporin, Zaslon, Barrier. When signs of disease appear, copper-based products are used. All treatments are stopped 2 weeks before harvesting.

Gardeners reviews

Elena, 29 years old, Izhevsk

Syzran pipochka is a wonderful variety of tomatoes. It was still grown by my grandmother, now my parents are sure to plant it every year. We propagate ourselves, distributed seeds to all relatives and friends. Fruits of tomatoes of an unusual shape, do not crack when canned. Very high-yielding tomatoes, and the taste is excellent.

Dmitry, 37 years old, Belgorod

According to the reviews, I bought the tomatoes Syzran pipette, and did not regret it at all. I have been planting them for several years in a row. A bush with a height of under 2 m, it is imperative to pinch and tie up. The fruits are pink, fragrant and sweet, all about the same size. In a brush, an average of 5 tomatoes ripen with an average weight of 100 g. Tomatoes are stored for a long time, you can cook salads with them or use them for canning.

Svetlana, 61 years old, Saratov

Syzran tomatoes are among the most delicious. Last year I tried a tomato variety Syzranskaya pipochka from a neighbor and decided to plant them on my site. The fruits are small enough, but this is fully compensated by their taste. The flesh is sweet, firm and fleshy. Pickled tomatoes, add to the vegetable platter for the winter. Due to their excellent taste, you can add them to salads.


According to the description, the tomatoes of the Syzran pipette are resistant to diseases, do not crack and have a good taste. Extended fruiting allows harvesting before the onset of frost. Caring for a tomato variety includes watering, feeding and forming a bush.

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