Juicing carrots - How to conjure up a delicious drink

Carrots can be used in many ways in the kitchen. You can even conjure up a delicious juice from the orange carrots. You can find out how this works here.

Carrot juice is healthy for the body

Carrots are a particularly healthy vegetable. The vitamin A it contains is especially important for the health of our eyes. The vitamin can also protect the skin from sunburn to a limited extent. The vitamin A, which is therefore in carrots, only has a positive effect on the body.

In order to benefit from the positive properties of the carrot, you don't necessarily have to eat the turnips as vegetables or raw food, you can make them into a delicious juice.

The good thing is that the carrots remain raw and all the valuable ingredients are available. But now for the preparation.

Tips for preparing the carrot juice

You can enjoy the carrot juice pure or refine it in various ways. It is important that you add a few drops of cooking oil. This is the only way vitamins A and E can be absorbed by the body, because they are fat-soluble. Then you can decide for yourself whether you prefer the juice fruity or whether you are satisfied with the pure vegetable juice.

" Tip: For the fruity variant, you can then add the juice of an apple or an orange and season with honey and lemon. If you like it more hearty, refine the drink with the juice of a tomato, parsley and a little salt. Another way to make a vegetable juice is to add the juice of celery and beetroot.

Juicing by puree

If you do not have a juicer at home, you can also use a blender. Here, of course, the time and effort is correspondingly greater.

" Step 1:
First a kilogram of carrots is cleaned, peeled and then cut into smaller pieces. Put these in a food processor or blender. You must puree the carrots until they have a pulpy consistency. Most of the time you have to add some water.

" Step 2:
The carrot puree is poured into a large container and poured with 500 milliliters of hot water. After stirring thoroughly, let the mixture steep for half an hour. Then the mixture is poured through a fine sieve and the juice is collected in a jug.

The pulp is finally squeezed out in the sieve with a large spoon. The carrot juice is now ready and can be refined at will. If the juice is still too thick, you can also dilute it with a little water.

Use a juicer

Of course, you can get the carrot juice much faster and easier with a special juicer.

" Step 1:
With this method, the kilogram of carrots is also washed under cold water and cleaned with a vegetable brush. It depends on the respective juicer whether you can leave the carrots in one piece or have to cut them into pieces, you should take that from the description of the device.

" Step 2:
If pieces are necessary, they should be about five centimeters long. Place a glass or other container under the juicer to collect the juice. Now gradually put the carrot pieces into the opening of the device and the finished juice will come out at the bottom.

You can then also taste this at your own convenience.