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Potatoes Asterix

Traditional human nutrition is difficult to imagine without potatoes. Many delicious dishes can be prepared from it, so almost every gardener grows it on his own plot. In many countries, the Dutch variety Asterix has become popular and spread. It is a versatile potato that has many positive qualities. To get a complete picture of it, let's take a look at its description, features, photos and reviews.


Asterix potatoes were bred by Dutch breeders of the private company HZPC B.V. Holland, which is a world leader in the development and production of new varieties.

In 1998 it was included in the State Register of Russia. Seed potatoes were actively imported into the country and sold. Now it is possible to cultivate Asterix in the Central, Siberian and Far Eastern regions. Not many varieties can be grown in these areas, so it is very much appreciated by gardeners.


Potatoes Asterix is ​​an elite and versatile variety that has a late ripening period. From the appearance of the first shoots to the harvest, 105 - 115 days pass.

The appearance of the bushes

The bushes of this potato variety are medium spreading, erect and tall. The stems are ribbed, they can grow up to 80 cm. The leaves are rich green in color, can be either medium in size or large. The edges are even, without denticles and waviness.

Simple inflorescences are formed on each Asterix shrub. They consist of red-lilac flowers with a yellow center. Pollination occurs naturally. Berries are not always formed and in small quantities, they fall off quickly. But their presence or absence does not affect the size of the crop.

Description of tubers

Potatoes of the Asterix variety are medium-sized and oval, slightly elongated. The weight of tubers can reach 80-120 g. One plant forms an average of 10 to 12 potatoes. The dense pinkish-purple coat reliably protects the potatoes from mechanical damage. A small number of eyes can be seen on the smooth skin.

The pulp is tender, bright yellow in color, has an excellent taste. Asterix, like almost all late varieties, contains a large amount of starch - from 15 to 17%.


To make the idea of ​​potatoes complete, we note its main advantages:

  • It has a high marketability, from 80 to 90%, which makes it possible to grow vegetables on an industrial scale.
  • During heat treatment and cleaning, the pulp does not darken and does not crumble. Mashed potatoes from it are tender and aromatic, and crisps are crispy.
  • Produces a good and stable harvest.
  • During transportation and impact, the tubers do not wrinkle or damage, as they have a dense skin.
  • Potatoes keep well in cellars at 6-7 ° C. It remains firm, retains its taste and does not lose weight.
  • The variety tolerates a lack of moisture and dry weather well. Therefore, it is suitable for summer residents who rarely visit their garden plots.
  • Asterix has good immunity to cancer, phomosis, foliage twisting, golden nematode, late blight of green mass and tubers.

This type of potato belongs to the dining room, because it can be a decoration for both everyday and festive tables. Many hearty and beautiful dishes can be prepared from it.


Asterix has no significant disadvantages. Its main enemy is the Y virus, to which the plant is vulnerable. If the potato is infected with it, then, most likely, the plantings will die. To prevent this, prevention should be carried out. Young bushes need to be treated with insecticides. By destroying the pests that carry this virus, you can save the vegetable.

Also, one of the disadvantages is that the Asterix potatoes have a high cost and require increased attention.

Productivity and ripening time

Asterix has a long ripening period, the growing season is 105-115 days. For personal use, the tubers can be dug up a little earlier, but the yield will then be less.

It is a high-yielding variety. An average of 17-20 tons of potatoes can be harvested from one hectare. The maximum yield was recorded in Tatarstan, where it was 27 t / ha.


To harvest a guaranteed yield, you need to comply with the requirements for growing potatoes. This is an agrotechnical moment that needs special attention.

Sowing work should be carried out at the end of April or at the beginning of May, depending on the climatic conditions.

Important! Planting material is planted when the ground warms up to 7 ° C, and the danger of frost return has passed.

Site selection and processing

This is a light-loving culture, so potatoes should be planted in open and sunny places. In the shade, its foliage will turn yellow, the tops will stretch out, the flowering will be weak, and the yield will be low. If the site is in a lowland, grooves should be made around it so that excess water does not accumulate on it.

Asterix can grow on any type of soil. In the fall, the garden must be dug up, weeds and rhizomes must be removed. The site does not need to be leveled, and clods can not be broken. In the spring, the land must be plowed again. Before that, it is advisable to scatter rotted manure and phosphorus-potassium fertilizers over the site. Or add them later, directly into the holes.

It is recommended to plant Asterix potatoes in areas where perennial grasses, flax, various legumes or winter crops grew.

Attention! It is not recommended to apply nitrogen fertilizers to the soil. With an excess of nitrogen, potato plantings may die.

Tuber preparation

For planting, it is better to choose medium-sized tubers weighing 40-50 g. The more eyes on it, the better the yield will be.

A month before planting, Asterix seed potatoes need to be prepared. First, they are sorted, healthy tubers are left for planting, and rotten and sick ones are thrown away. For germination and gardening, the selected potatoes are removed to a warm room. To do this, it is laid out on the floor or in boxes in 1-2 layers and placed in sunlight. These potatoes are less susceptible to disease. When the sprouts grow to 5-10 mm, you can start planting.

Important! Green tubers should not be eaten, as they contain solanine, which is poisonous. They are ideal for planting.

Landing rules

When planting the Dutch potatoes Asterix, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. There should be at least 70 cm between the rows. In order for the bushes to be well lit, they are formed from south to north.
  2. The tubers are planted at a distance of 30-35 cm from each other. This will make it easier to spud the bushes.
  3. If mineral fertilizers were not applied to the soil during plowing, 1 tbsp should be poured into each hole. l. phosphorus-potassium mixture. You can also add ash and onion skins there.
  4. It is recommended to plant tubers at a depth of 7 to 10 cm.

If the gardener adheres to these simple recommendations, the potatoes will live up to his expectations.

Care features

In the process of growing potatoes, Asterix carry out the following activities:

  • Harrowing. It is carried out several times during the entire growing season. The first is a week after planting the tubers. This saturates the soil with air and helps to get rid of weeds.
  • Hilling. The first hilling is carried out after the sprouts have grown to 16-20 cm. The second hilling is carried out in a month. This measure increases the yield by a third. If late frosts come in the spring, the seedlings are completely covered with soil.
  • Mineral dressing. For this, potato bushes are watered with superphosphate dissolved in water. It develops and strengthens the root system, thereby accelerating the growth of tubers.
  • Application of organic fertilizers. The manure is diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Leave for 15 days. Before watering, the resulting solution is diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 10. After that, the soil is loosened.
  • Watering. The potato variety Asterix does not require frequent watering. In arid regions, plantings are watered three times: after the emergence of shoots, during the budding period and after the plant has faded.

Important! Fresh manure cannot be used for feeding, as it can burn the potatoes.

If you regularly take care of the plant, at the end of the season you can get a high yield of elite potatoes.

Diseases and pests

Potatoes of the Asterix variety have good immunity to cancer, phomosis, foliage twisting, late blight of green mass and tubers. Also, it is not affected by cyst-forming and golden nematodes, which parasitize on the root system of nightshade crops.

This variety is vulnerable to the Y virus, which is considered the most dangerous for all potato varieties. If a plant is infected by a virus, it will most likely die. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out prevention, which consists in the following:

  • Weeds and potato plant residues remaining after harvesting must be destroyed. They can be infected.
  • The bushes of this variety must be treated with insecticides against aphids and leafhoppers, as they are carriers of the virus.
  • The correct alternation of Asterix planting with crops resistant to the Y virus will protect the site.

Also, potatoes can infect the Colorado potato beetle. It can be harvested by hand, or the plantings can be treated with special preparations to destroy it.

Gardeners reviews

Mikhail, 30 years old, Tver

Last year I bought Asterix potatoes and several other elite varieties of Finnish selection. It distinguished itself from the rest by its pleasant taste and good presentation. The tubers grow large and smooth, but some may have voids. If the soil is not fertilized, they will be smaller. In rainy years, potatoes can rot. I liked the fact that it keeps well all year round. To renew my seed potatoes, I will definitely order it again.

Tatiana, 50 years old, Samara

A couple of years ago, a neighbor gave a bucket of potatoes to Asterix for cultivation. It turned out to be a very tasty and high-yielding variety. Basically, all tubers were large, even. They have a red and thick skin. Therefore, sometimes you do not want to clean them.

Angelina, 26 years old, Ivanovo

I decided to try Finnish potatoes, my choice fell on Asterix, and I did not regret it. The taste is not for everybody, but I liked it. This variety brings a plentiful and high-quality harvest every year, sometimes up to 2 kg of potatoes come out from one bush. Leaving is minimal. Large tubers can crack, but this is not critical for me.


The Asterix variety is worthy of attention, since it has more positive aspects than negative ones. It is recommended to plant it for experienced summer residents and gardeners, as it requires special care. Since the potato tolerates transportation well and can be stored for a long time, it can be grown on an industrial scale. And dishes made from it will decorate any table and will delight you with excellent taste and delicate aroma.

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