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Preserving coriander - 2 options presented

Fresh coriander tastes best. But what if you have too much of it? Then it is worth preserving it. We present two simple options here.

Dried coriander has a shelf life of up to 6 months. Coriander has long been reserved not only for Asian dishes. The green herb is also increasingly used in our kitchen. Coriander, of course, tastes best when it is fresh. Unfortunately, coriander is only available to a limited extent each year, like many other herbs. So if you want to benefit from the delicious aroma out of season, you have to make sure that it is preserved in good time.

Making coriander durable - how it works

Variant 1: Coriander from the cold

If you only want to keep your fresh coriander for a few days, the best thing is to find a place in the fridge. To do this, cut approx. 2 cm from the coriander stems and place the coriander in a bowl or mason jar filled with water. Make sure that the leaves of the coriander do not come into contact with the water.

Then put a plastic bag over the leaves. The leaves and the opening of the glass should be well covered. You can then put the coriander in the fridge. Here it is kept well prepared for about 2 weeks.

»Freeze coriander
You can also freeze your coriander instead of in the fridge. To do this, chop the leaves and then put them in portions in ice cube trays or in a freezer bag. The coriander is frozen for months.

Variant 2: dry coriander

If you prefer to use coriander as a dried spice, you can easily dry fresh coriander. To do this, cut approx. 2.5 cm from the stems and remove dry, yellow leaves. Then gather the stems together in a bundle and wrap a cord around the stems. These finished bundles are hung upside down in an airy, dry and warm place. You should avoid direct sun, otherwise the coriander will fade.

After about 14 days, the herb should have dried. Now you can put it in a jar or jar with a lid. Dried coriander can be kept for around 6 months.