Drying carrots - 3 variants presented

Instead of chips, gummy bears etc., dried carrots are a delicious specialty. Unfortunately, they are very expensive in the trade, which is why you can easily dry the carrots yourself. We have presented 3 variants here.

Dried carrots become delicious carrot chips

Vegetables and fruits can be preserved in a variety of ways. One of them is drying or drying, for which you don't even need a special device. People dried vegetables early on, in warm regions you only need a few warm summer days with lots of sun. But the oven is also great for drying.

It is important in any case that you use only perfect vegetables to dry. Since carrots are very hard, you should blanch them briefly before drying, then drying will not take that long.

Of course, dried carrots no longer contain as many vitamins as raw carrots, because they are low in acid, but a large part of them are lost during drying. It is better not to peel the carrots before drying, because most of the vitamins are under the skin.

3 ways to dry carrots presented

Air drying

The oldest and easiest way to dry your vegetables and fruits is to dry them in the fresh air. All you need is an airy and warm place, which could be a protected area in the garden or an attic, for example.

You can cut the carrots into slices and then line them up. The alternative is to cover wooden frames with light fabric or gauze, on which the vegetable slices can then be spread out.

" Tip: If you want to dry the carrots outdoors, use gauze to protect them from insects to avoid contamination. Drying in the sun takes about three to four days.

Drying in the oven

Of course, you can also use the oven to dry or dry carrots. To do this, spread baking paper on the wire shelf or on a baking sheet and place the vegetable slices on it.

The oven is set to circulating air and a maximum of 70 degrees. Since moisture must escape during the drying process, the oven door should be left a gap open. For example, you can clamp a wooden spoon in between.

The drying process can take a few hours, so it can take up to 12 hours. Check from time to time whether the carrots are already completely dry or whether they can still be squeezed.

Drying in the dehydrator

The purchase of a dehydrator is certainly only worthwhile if you would like to regularly preserve fruit and vegetables in this way.

Several drying baskets fit into the electrical device and can be stacked on top of each other after filling. You can then set the temperature individually according to the manufacturer's specifications. The duration of the process depends on the water content of the carrots, their thickness, size and the air humidity. The process is finished when no more juice comes out of the vegetable slices and they have a leathery consistency.