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Tomato Golden mother-in-law: reviews, photos

Growing tomatoes on plots, many vegetable growers discover varieties that they consider to be their godsend. They like everything from their appearance to the comfort of their care. These tomatoes stay on the beds for many seasons, delighting their owners with a delicious harvest. Among such "finds" many call the tomato "Golden mother-in-law".

The originality of a beautiful tomato

Tomatoes "Golden mother-in-law" is a beautiful plant with yellow fruits. The variety belongs to the category of exotic tomatoes. Yellow and orange varieties have always been in the elite category because they are grown less than traditionally reds. What attracted the variety to demanding gardeners?

According to reviews, yellow tomatoes "Golden mother-in-law" are no more difficult to grow than classic ones. The hybrid belongs to the early maturing, so it manages to give a harvest even in the harsh climate of Siberia.

The variety "Golden mother-in-law" was bred by Lyubov Myazina, a Russian breeder. The plant has a set of positive qualities that are appreciated in tomatoes. What these qualities are, we will consider in more detail in the description of the "Golden mother-in-law" tomatoes.

  1. Growing versatility. Tomatoes of this variety grow equally well both in greenhouses and in the open field. This is an important advantage of the tomato, because everyone chooses the cultivation method according to their capabilities.
  2. Early ripening of the variety. To get a full tomato harvest, 90 days after germination is enough. This setting is very suitable for regions with cool climates. Indeed, even in a harsh climate, gardeners want to please their homemade delicious tomatoes from the garden. The second advantage of early ripe tomatoes is the ability to yield crops before many pests and diseases appear on the site.
  3. The power of the bush. The plant reaches a height of 80 cm, powerful, compact, medium foliage. Variety of determinant type. Low-growing tomatoes do not require tying supports, which is also appreciated by gardeners due to their time savings. In the open field, it does not require shaping and pinching. And when grown in greenhouses, you need to remove side shoots, lower leaves and form a bush into two stems.
  4. The fruits of "Zolotoy" mother-in-law are very beautiful, sweet and healthy. Orange tomatoes contain more beta-carotene than red ones, therefore they are more often used in dietary and children's diets. Tomatoes are medium in size (about 200 grams), firm, rounded with a glossy skin that prevents the fruit from cracking.
  5. The yield of the "Golden mother-in-law" tomato, according to vegetable growers, is higher in the greenhouse and amounts to 4 kg per bush, and in the open field - 2.5 kg, which can be confirmed by photos of plants.
  6. Versatility of use. Tomato perfectly complements all fresh salads and dishes with its rich taste and aroma. The fruits are suitable for canning as a whole - they look beautiful and original. In addition, tomatoes do not crack during heat treatment.
  7. Decorativeness. Fruits are compactly collected in a brush, ripen together. The combination of the orange color of ripe tomatoes and green foliage decorates the site very much.

In addition to the listed characteristics, the nuances of agricultural technology of the Golden Mother-in-law tomato and susceptibility to diseases are very important for vegetable growers.

An early ripe tomato variety is well resistant to TMV (tobacco mosaic virus), bacteriosis and alternaria, but is susceptible to phytophthora lesions.

The nuances of growing

The hybrid combines many advantages, but excellent plant health and good yield remain the main things for gardeners. The agricultural technology of growing this tomato variety does not fundamentally differ from the classical cultivation of tomatoes, so additional knowledge is not required. There are nuances, as in every culture, but they are not difficult to accomplish. To get a good harvest of tomatoes of the "Golden mother-in-law" variety, you need to pay attention to the following points.

Choosing a site for placing ridges

The hybrid prefers soil that is well fertilized with organic matter. The acidity index should not exceed a pH value of 6–7, because tomatoes like slightly acidic or neutral soil.

A place for planting tomato seedlings of this variety is chosen protected from strong winds and the scorching sun.

Be sure to take into account the crop rotation requirements for tomatoes. Therefore, the garden bed is not broken in the same place where nightshades, especially tomatoes, grew last season.

Before planting tomato seedlings, be sure to dig, loosen and level the soil. At the same time, the roots and stems of weeds are removed.

In regions with a cool climate, the tomato variety can be grown in high, warm ridges.

Growing seedlings

First, they are determined with the sowing date. Seedlings of early varieties of tomatoes are planted in a permanent place at the age of 55-60 days. Based on this, and also taking into account the climatic features of the region, the date of sowing tomato seeds for seedlings is calculated.

For tomato seedlings, prepare soil mixture, containers and seeds. The soil is prepared nutritious, loose and breathable. If it is not possible to mix the components on your own, then it is better to purchase a ready-made mixture for tomato seedlings, which has all the necessary nutrients. Purchased soil can also be calcined and disinfected.

Important! Tomato seeds "Golden mother-in-law" do not require pre-sowing treatment.

The seeds of the first generation hybrids go on sale already fully prepared for sowing.

Before sowing tomato seeds, the soil is moistened, grooves are made and then the seeds are placed in them at an equal distance from each other. The seeds should not be buried too deep; it is enough to place them in grooves 1.5 cm deep.

Then cover the tomato seeds with peat or soil mixture and place the container under the film. In this case, the film will help create a small greenhouse effect, and the seeds will germinate faster.

As soon as tomato shoots appear, the film is removed, the containers are transferred to a windowsill or other place with good lighting. It should not be forgotten that in addition to light, tomato seedlings require a comfortable temperature and humidity level.

Important! Young tomato seedlings are watered through a strainer or from a bottle with a nozzle.

The seedlings are fed for the first time after the pick. Two weeks before planting, regular hardening begins, although during the entire growth period of tomato seedlings, the seedlings need to be ventilated.

Transplantation and plant care

Tomato seedlings are planted, if desired, either in a greenhouse or in open ground. The planting pattern is 40 cm x 70 cm. There should be no more than 5 plants per square meter of area.

According to vegetable growers, tomato "Golden mother-in-law f1" belongs to those varieties, the yield of which does not differ much from the type of soil. There are some differences in grooming, but they consist of the usual activities for gardeners.

When growing this tomato variety after transplanting, you need:

  1. Gentle watering with warm water. For the variety, it is better to set aside time for watering in the evening or early morning so that the sun does not burn the wet leaves. Watering the tomato is not necessary too often, but abundantly. The frequency depends on the composition of the soil and weather conditions. It is enough to moisten orange tomatoes once a week in the absence of severe drought.
  2. Feeding is done according to the standard scheme for tomatoes. "Golden mother-in-law" is enough 3-4 dressings before the beginning of fruiting. It is important to take into account the fertility of the soil so as not to overfeed the plants and alternate organic matter with mineral compositions. Tomato reacts well to spraying with boric acid solution - the flowering of the bush improves.
  3. Stepping is required more in the greenhouse. It is carried out at least once every 5-7 days. It is best to transfer this procedure to the morning and in dry weather. If the "Golden mother-in-law" variety is grown on a trellis, then the stepson is left at the level of 4 or 5 inflorescences. In the future, a second stem is formed from it. In the open field, an orange tomato does not require pinching. But if you remove the side shoots, then the growing season is shortened.

The susceptibility of varieties to late blight requires the special attention of gardeners.

To avoid defeat, you must:

  • follow the tomato planting scheme so as not to cause excessive thickening;
  • regularly ventilate the greenhouse;
  • do not overmoisten the soil by watering;
  • regularly spray tomatoes with "Fitosporin" or copper sulfate in order to prevent the disease.

If affected plants are seen, they should be removed from the garden and burned.

To protect tomato planting from the invasion of pests, insecticides are used - "Decis", "Confidor", "Maxi", "Arrivo". This variety of tomatoes can be attacked by caterpillars of butterflies, whiteflies or aphids.

Additionally, you should watch the video and read the opinion of gardeners:


Elena Ferorotnikova, Essentuki

I have been growing the "Golden mother-in-law" tomato for 3 years already. I tried it in the greenhouse and in the open field. I didn't notice much difference, maybe because we have a warm climate in the region. The tomatoes are beautiful and tasty, and the bush itself looks decorative. It stands out very much among its red counterparts. Plants are strong, do not get sick with late blight. I regularly inspect tomatoes, do preventive sprays and change the place for the beds every year. I am very pleased with the tomato variety.

Ivan Sergeevich Lyapi, Novosibirsk

They planted the "Golden Mother-in-law" for testing, and then they began to grow such tomatoes every year. I liked the variety for its yield, beauty and taste of the fruit. Grandchildren like them for their color; orange tomatoes raise their appetite. It's bad that you have to buy seeds every year. If you do not find a trusted manufacturer, then you are already worried. But so far everything was fine.

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