Video: Cutting forsythia after flowering - this is the only way to bloom again every year

Forsythia (Forsythia) is the first shrub that begins to bloom in spring. It shines in a juicy yellow, is often bushy and grows expansively. In order for this sight to be preserved for the following years, a pruning is essential. Failure to do so may result in the plant becoming wooded and the flowers missing.

I have to admit that cutting back is always a kind of ordeal for me. What can I cut off a plant and how much? What should definitely be left in order not to endanger growth? Since it is different for each plant, I am always happy to find helpful videos that show exactly which branches can be clipped off and which ones cannot. You also get a video from NewWonder555 on the topic of forsythia pruning. In the video set above, he not only explains in detail how and when to do the pruning, but also gives many helpful tips about forsythia in between. A successful video in which the cut back is a child's play.

My advice:
Anyone who has planted a forsythia hedge cannot avoid cutting back. So that the hedge grows densely and you do not have to do without abundant flowering, you should make sure that there is an optimal relationship between existing and new branches. The timing is also a little different here. It is best not to cut the forsythia hedge until July. This allows the birds to continue their breeding season undisturbed.