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Lunar calendar of a florist for indoor plants for January 2020

The indoor plant lunar calendar for January 2020 tells how to propagate and care for indoor plants in accordance with the best periods of the month. This is a real step-by-step guide to caring for orchids, violets, garden flowers.

In winter, plants need additional lighting and humidification.

Moon phases in january 2020

The beginning of the month takes place in the growing lunar phase. Astrologers emphasize that this is the most successful period for work on growing indoor plants. In addition to those moments when the night star passes through unfavorable zodiacal periods:

  • most often it is a fiery dry sign of Leo;
  • The air houses Aquarius and Gemini, which are not very conducive to the correct development of cultures.

The waning lunar phase, the third quarter, begins on the 11th and goes on 17th to the last quarter, when it is advised not to sow, but only to take care of the plants.

The full moon of 2020 occurs on January 10, and the new moon is on January 25. On this day, important work with green pets is avoided.

Table of favorable and unfavorable days

Astrologers suggest a significant influence of the movement of the night luminary on the processes occurring in plants. As for the special periods of the new moon and full moon of 2020, it is recommended not to deal with plants 20-24 hours before the specified time, as well as after, which, in general, is 2.5-3 days.

Auspicious time

Unfavorable time

Landing, transplanting




from 15:22 24.01 to 26.01

Watering, fertilizing

from 10:00, 03.12 to 06.12



07.01 to 11:00, 09.01


Indoor plant lunar calendar for january 2020

Surviving stress in winter conditions, houseplants need proper care. The astrological calendar of 2020 for flower growers displays the periods of lunar energy and indicates when and what procedures to carry out with green favorites. Considering the astrological features of January 2020, flower growers effectively care for home crops.

Lunar calendar for january 2020 for violets

The culture is not touched in winter, since the calendar is not quite suitable for working with a delicate plant. But if a special situation has arisen, the best days fall on such dates, according to the lunar rhythms of 2020:

  • 1, 4-6, 17-18, when dealing with ordinary, small bushes of violets;
  • ampelous species will receive a positive impulse when transplanting on the 7-8th, under the auspices of the Gemini;
  • and variegated in Sagittarius - January 20-21;
  • you can plant the shoots in Virgo and Libra, 13-16 numbers;
  • it is better not to water and fertilize on the following dates: 10, 25 and 26;
  • loosening of the soil on January 4-6 is not shown.

Warning! When transplanting violets, take special care not to damage the delicate leaves and roots.

Violets transplanted on January 23, on the day of Capricorn according to the calendar, will develop a root system and will be resistant to temperature changes on winter windowsills

Lunar calendar for orchids for january 2020

During this period, many types of orchids "rest" and do not grow. Such specimens do not need an increased temperature and sufficient lighting, they can not be watered in January and not fertilized at all. And some species, on the contrary, form or dissolve buds. Such plants are watered and fed once every 30 days, guided by the astrological calendar of 2020. Orchids in the dry air of an apartment need to be sprayed. In this case, special attention is paid to the fact that water does not accumulate in the leaf sinuses. Orchids are taken care of on favorable lunar days in January, according to the table.

In January, orchids are sprayed in the afternoon, following the lunar rhythms.

Flower transplant according to the lunar calendar in January 2020

The cold season is a deep dormant phase for most crops. In winter, domestic plants are transplanted only in case of urgent need - the pot has broken, the soil deteriorates due to overflow, the newly acquired specimens need urgent transshipment. A favorable time in January for such work is 1, 5-8, 16-22, 27-29 according to the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

Attention! Winter transplanting requires careful attention to flowers, checking the roots for rot, careful preparation of the substrate.

Florist lunar calendar for January 2020: care tips

Many cultures will make a gift to their hosts in the first month of 2020, as they will not require close attention while in the resting phase. Experienced florists carry out care according to the calendar of lunar rhythms:

  • watering 1 or 2 times in 7 days if the apartment is hot;
  • no dressing before the beginning of 2-3 weeks of February;
  • spraying the air space around the home greenhouse daily or every other day;
  • installing a humidifier or placing several bowls of water in the area where the plants are located;
  • if there is not enough light from the windows, installation of phytolamps;
  • protection against the blow of cold, especially frosty air through the glass.

It is advisable not to perform any significant work with green pets on the following dates of January: 2, 3, 10, 25, 31. Plants will be thanked with exuberant development if they are looked after on favorable dates according to the table.

Florist lunar calendar for January: garden flowers

In the middle of winter, the seeds of those perennial and annual crops that develop slowly and for a long time are sown. January is the time of sowing Shabo carnations, eustoma, pansies, aquilegia, lavender, pelargonium, verbena, primroses, delphinium, lobelia and other crops. The seeds are sown according to the lunar rhythm, referring to the calendar.

Planting flowers in January according to the lunar calendar

Some garden flowers have already sprung up after the December planting. Seedlings that have grown 2-3 true leaves require picking and moving to individual containers based on the same substrate that was used for sowing. Take universal mixes at gardening stores or mix the parts yourself:

  • 1 part of garden land, humus or peat;
  • 0.5 part of river sand or rotted, caked sawdust.

Astrologers recommend, according to the 2020 calendar, developed in accordance with the changes in the lunar energy, to prepare the soil and containers with pallets on the following dates: 3, 11-12, 25-26, 30-31.

Seedlings of perennial and annual flowering plants in winter need careful care

Lunar calendar for January for flower seedlings

Preserving the natural features of the development of crops, all sprouts are provided with long-term illumination, which can only be guaranteed by special phytolamps or fluorescent devices. Ordinary household lamps do not provide plants with the required amount of light.

The second important feature of the reproduction of early seedlings in an apartment is the installation of devices that humidify dry air due to the operation of central heating batteries. If large indoor plants are regularly sprayed by flower growers, the seedlings will have to be handled delicately and, in the absence of humidifiers, place bowls of water near the containers. The liquid gradually evaporates and freshens the air.

The calendar indicates the following dates for various works with flower seedlings in January 2020:

  • according to changes in lunar energy, good days for loosening the soil are 6, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 24;
  • the fight against diseases and pests will be successful 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 24, 30, 31;
  • mineral fertilizers are applied 1-9, 26-31;
  • organics - 11-24.

Reproduction of flowers according to the lunar calendar for January 2020

In the middle of winter, a good period is suitable, which is chosen in accordance with the lunar energy, for the propagation of the preserved mother plants of Chinese carnation, ampelous and hybrid petunias. The procedure will be successful if crops are propagated on the following dates: 11, 15-19, 27-29. The tops of young shoots, which have 2-3 internodes, are cut off and rooted in peat. Experienced growers emphasize that petunia cuttings are not placed in a solution with growth stimulants.

The Chinese carnation transplanted in autumn by the end of January produces many shoots that take root a month after planting. For culture, a substrate is prepared from equal parts of garden soil and sand.

In January, bulbous crops, intended for distillation by the beginning of spring, flourish - tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, muscari and others. They have good development if large bulbs were taken, for tulips, at least 4 cm in diameter, and for hyacinths - 5 cm.

For forcing tulips, the soil in the container is monitored:

  • pour the substrate, if the tops of the bulbs are visible, in a layer up to 1-2 cm;
  • make sure that the soil is always moderately moist;
  • when sprouts appear, the room temperature is reduced to 2-4 ° C.

It is better to plant bulbous flowers in January 2020 according to the lunar calendar: 7-9, 15-19, 27-29.

Days favorable for rest

There are days in the gardener's calendar when it is best to avoid working with home crops. In January 2020, these dates are: 9-13, 17, 24-26. They check the quality of the inventory, buy seeds, prepare containers.


The lunar calendar of indoor plants for January 2020 allows you to grow well-developed and beautiful specimens of your favorite crops. Winter seedlings are capricious, but care is rewarded with amazing summer blooms.

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