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Video: Build a raised bed from raster planting stones yourself - it's that easy

Raised beds are a great invention. On the one hand, the back is protected during gardening and on the other hand, the plants also benefit from it. They get more light and are less likely to be infected by pests.

Many choose a simple raised bed made of wood. This is available in almost every garden center and also online. Unfortunately, wood has the major disadvantage that it has to be treated regularly so that it does not rot over the years. If you want to save yourself the work and prefer to create an indestructible raised bed, you should use the material stone. It may take a little longer to set up, but a raised bed made of stone is also more durable.

If you need some inspiration, you should definitely have a look at the video from “Neues vom Landei” posted above. Here you will not only be shown how easy it is to build such a raised bed, but also how it is properly filled. The lower layers in particular are extremely important to ensure adequate ventilation so that no putrefaction forms.

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