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Why pomegranate juice is useful for women and men

The benefits and harms of pomegranate juice are very diverse and therefore of interest to fans of healthy eating. To understand the effect of a product on the body, you need to properly study its main properties.

What's in pomegranate juice

The composition of pomegranate juice contains all the useful substances that are contained in ripe pomegranate seeds. In particular, the product contains:

  • saccharides and amino acids;
  • tannins and phytoncides;
  • polyphenols and pectins;
  • tannins;
  • organic acids, mainly citric;
  • fiber and ash.

In addition, it is interesting to consider the vitamin and mineral composition of the drink.

What vitamins are in pomegranate juice

Fresh product contains essential vitamin compounds that are important for human health. Namely:

  • vitamins B1 and B2;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamins A and E;
  • nicotinic acid, or vitamin PP.

The drink also contains folic acid in its natural form - the substance folacin.

Macro and microelements

The product contains increased amounts of iron and potassium. Calcium and magnesium, sodium and phosphorus are presented in small amounts.

Calorie content of pomegranate juice

100 ml of the drink contains only 56 kcal - this is a very low figure. At the same time, 14.2 g of the product is occupied by carbohydrates, another 0.3 g - by proteins, and only 0.1 g is accounted for by fats.

Why is pomegranate juice useful for the human body?

The health benefits and harms of pomegranate juice are that the vitamin drink:

  • helps the body recover from severe operations and long-term illnesses;
  • prevents the development of anemia and vitamin deficiency;
  • improves the composition and quality of blood, and also strengthens blood vessels;
  • protects the cardiovascular system and the brain from diseases;
  • improves the condition of joints and ligaments;
  • has an antioxidant effect and slows down the aging process.

Pomegranate juice is one of the best natural anti-inflammatories. You can take it for many infectious and viral ailments.

Why pomegranate juice is useful for men

The drink has the effect of a mild aphrodisiac, this is the benefits and harms of pomegranate juice for men. With regular use, it allows you to fully restore the weakened potency, and also protects the prostate gland from inflammation and oncological neoplasms.

Also, the product has anti-hangover properties. It can be used after meals to relieve nausea and other unpleasant symptoms.

Why pomegranate juice is useful for women

Pomegranate drink contains natural hormones and therefore is useful during menopause and in case of interruptions in the monthly cycle. The use of the product reduces the risk of osteoporosis in women, and also serves as the prevention of breast cancer.

The benefits and harms of pomegranate juice for women are in its cosmetic properties. The product helps to regulate oily hair, slightly whiten the skin, eliminate acne and reduce the appearance of freckles.

The benefits of pomegranate juice for women during pregnancy

During the period of bearing a child, it is very useful to consume a pomegranate product. The drink helps prevent anemia and vitamin deficiency, relieves swelling and eliminates toxicosis symptoms in the early stages. The valuable substances present in the product are useful not only for the mother, but also for the baby, since they contribute to the correct development of his body.

Pomegranate juice with HV

When breastfeeding, the product can be added to the diet a few weeks after the baby is born. The benefit from it will be that the drink will help the woman recover from childbirth faster and also strengthen the baby's body. But it is necessary to introduce the product into the diet gradually, since, theoretically, the baby may develop an allergy.

What pomegranate juice helps with

The beneficial properties and contraindications of pomegranate juice deserve more careful consideration. A simple drink can become a real medicine for some acute and chronic ailments.

Pomegranate juice for potency

With a decrease in reproductive functions in men, the pomegranate product becomes the most natural and harmless medicine. Regular use of the drink strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the small pelvis, and with this, sexual functions return. By the way, the vitamin drink is very useful when planning a child, it increases the chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

Slimming pomegranate juice

Drinking the drink is recommended during the diet. It not only has a diuretic effect and relieves swelling, but also suppresses appetite, and also activates peristalsis and removes accumulated toxins from the intestines.

Pomegranate juice for hypertension

Ripe pomegranate juice lowers blood pressure due to its high antioxidant content. When drinking the drink, the load on the blood vessels and the heart decreases, the edema goes away, and accordingly, even chronic hypertension becomes less pronounced.

Pomegranate juice is diuretic or not

The drink is a natural diuretic. Moreover, the special benefit is that it relieves swelling without washing out potassium from the body - on the contrary, the tissues are saturated with valuable minerals and vitamins.

Important! For all the benefits of the drink, it is necessary to remember about the consumption rates - the edema cannot be removed only with a pomegranate drink, otherwise there will be a supersaturation with useful substances.

Pomegranate juice thickens or thinns the blood

The drink has a thinning effect on the blood. It is useful to use it in case of a tendency to varicose veins and blood clots, it facilitates blood circulation and helps maintain vascular health.

Is it possible to drink pomegranate juice with pancreatitis

During acute inflammation of the pancreas, the drink is strictly contraindicated. There are too many organic acids in pomegranate juice, which will only aggravate inflammation.

But at the same time, drinking a drink in small volumes is possible in the chronic course of the disease and with long-term remission. In this case, it will benefit, improve digestive processes and reduce the load on the pancreas.

Is it possible to drink pomegranate juice with gastritis

Drinking a drink for gastritis directly depends on the type of disease and on the acidity of the stomach. If gastritis is accompanied by increased production of hydrochloric acid, the product will do much more harm - it will irritate the stomach and can provoke the development of an ulcer.

But with gastritis with low acidity, the drink can be beneficial. It stimulates the production of gastric secretions and thereby accelerates the digestion of food, which means it will help prevent another exacerbation.

Whether or not pomegranate juice can be used for gout

Gout is caused by an imbalance of uric acid in the body, and pomegranate juice helps remove excess uric acid. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use pomegranate juice in case of illness, it will reduce the manifestations of the disease and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Is it possible to drink pomegranate juice with diabetes

Natural product without added sweeteners does not lead to fluctuations in blood sugar levels. But it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, prevents the development of pancreatic and liver ailments. By agreement with the doctor, you can use it, but in limited dosages.

Is it possible to drink pomegranate juice for stomach ulcers

Exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease is a strict contraindication to drinking pomegranate drink. Organic acids in the composition will only worsen the patient's condition, have an irritating effect on the stomach and contribute to increased pain. At the time of exacerbation of the ulcer, it is recommended, in principle, to abandon any fruit drinks, since the effect of them will be negative.

During the period of remission, you can use the product. But you must drink it in a diluted form and only on a full stomach, so as not to provoke a new attack of the disease.

Pomegranate juice for colds

The anti-inflammatory properties of the drink have a positive effect on colds. Due to the high content of ascorbic acid, the product quickly relieves unpleasant symptoms, activating the immune system to fight a virus or infection. It helps to get rid of a runny nose and eliminates swelling of the mucous membranes, softens coughs and promotes the removal of phlegm.

Pomegranate juice with a hangover

After a large feast, the body reacts to intoxication with such unpleasant symptoms as nausea, diarrhea, headache and heart palpitations.

The product helps to eliminate all these unpleasant manifestations, since it not only restores the supply of trace elements, but also removes toxins from the tissues. Thanks to him, the water-salt balance quickly returns to normal and normal health returns.

Pomegranate juice for angina

The anti-inflammatory properties of the drink help to eliminate inflammation and sore throat with sore throat. First of all, it is recommended to drink the remedy daily in a slightly warm form, it will help eliminate the infection. You can also rinse with a heated drink, which will also help relieve pain and eliminate inflammation.

Pomegranate juice for oncology

According to the research results, it was found that the product has a depressing effect on some types of cancer cells. Natural substances in the drink have a healing effect on prostate cancer in men, breast cancer in women and lymphoma. The product prevents malignant cells from spreading and helps the body fight disease.

At the same time, the drink is still not an independent means of treatment; it should be drunk only in combination with medicines. But the use of the product in consultation with the doctor can provide a good additional effect in cancer therapy.

Pomegranate juice for the liver

The properties of pomegranate juice are beneficial for liver diseases and increased stress on this organ. The drink promotes the elimination of bile and the restoration of liver cells, cleanses the tissues of toxins and reduces the load on the natural filter of the human body.

It is useful to use the product even with very severe inflammatory and chronic liver ailments. It reduces the severity of inflammation and quickly helps you feel better.

Pomegranate juice for bleeding

The product is a good natural hematopoietic, it stops and thickens the blood, and also restores hemoglobin deficiency. In a healthy state, it is useful for women to use it with heavy menstruation, but in case of painful bleeding, the drink will also be beneficial.

According to legend, in the old days, the product was used to treat the wounded who had lost a lot of blood, the drink had an effective effect even with severe blood loss.

Pomegranate juice at temperature

At high temperatures, the body especially needs vitamin C, and here pomegranate drink can come to the rescue. It eliminates viruses and quickly increases the level of immunity, fights bacterial processes and relieves inflammation.

When using the product during a cold, not only the temperature drops, but other unpleasant symptoms go away - a runny nose, headache and nasal congestion. The product has a soothing effect on the mucous throats and helps relieve pain. Another useful property of the drink is that it prevents complications against the background of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza and helps to avoid the negative consequences of an illness.

Important! Since hypothermia is a particular danger with a cold, you need to drink the product warm, at room temperature or slightly warmer.

Pomegranate juice for hepatitis

Vitamins A, B and C in the composition, as well as antioxidants and trace elements, are beneficial in the fight against hepatitis. If you drink the drink on a regular basis, it will help not only relieve inflammation, but also start the recovery processes of the liver and the whole body.

The product is effective in the fight against viral hepatitis and allows you to improve your health, improve the functioning of other internal organs and minimize harm to the body. Of course, while it should only be used in combination with drugs - hepatitis is a very complex and serious disease.

Pomegranate juice for cystitis

With inflammation of the bladder, pomegranate drink is recommended for use. If you use it in small dosages, then it will not worsen the condition, but it will help to correct your well-being. The drink has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, and also acts as a natural diuretic and helps to remove toxins and bacteria from the bladder.

It should be borne in mind that the product may cause allergies. In order not to cause unnecessary harm to the body, before treating cystitis, it is imperative to make sure that there is no intolerance.

Pomegranate juice for worms

The small amount of alkaloids in the pomegranate product makes the drink a valuable antiparasitic agent. It is rarely used as the main remedy for the removal of worms; usually a strong decoction on the peel of the fruit is prepared for these purposes. But the pomegranate drink has a good auxiliary effect, since it enhances the effect of folk and pharmacological agents.

The drink is effective in the fight against broad tapeworm, pork and dwarf tapeworm, cucumber and bovine tapeworm. Together with medicines and folk remedies, the product helps to deprive parasites of the ability to attach to the intestinal walls, and this simplifies their excretion from the body.

Which pomegranate juice is best

The most useful is the juice squeezed from ripe pomegranates with your own hands. It contains the full amount of vitamins and organic acids. Commercially produced beverages are poorer in composition.

In this case, the greatest benefit is a drink squeezed no more than 20 minutes ago. Upon contact with oxygen, the vitamin substances in the drink quickly begin to oxidize, from which the value decreases.

Is pomegranate juice in glass bottles good for you?

In stores, the product is presented mainly as a drink in bulky glass bottles. In terms of its qualities, it is significantly inferior to freshly squeezed, it contains less vitamins, acids and minerals, since some of them are inevitably lost during the manufacturing process.

However, if the store drink does not contain preservatives and dyes, and the composition is completely natural, then it will also benefit. It's just that it will not be as significant as the beneficial effect of squeezed juice with your own hands.

How to choose pomegranate juice

To buy a natural and truly healthy product in a store, you need to pay attention to several points.

  • Color. The shade of a natural pomegranate drink is dark red, and a product that is too light or brown in shade is clearly diluted with other ingredients.
  • Country of manufacture. The product must be manufactured in the country where the pomegranate is grown.
  • Composition. A natural pomegranate product cannot be supplemented with glucose, beet juice, preservatives or other substances - all this reduces its benefits.

You also need to look at the price of the drink. A real pomegranate product is quite expensive, if the drink is sold at a meager price, this becomes a reason to doubt its quality.

How to distinguish pomegranate juice from a fake

There are several rules for determining if a real pomegranate product is sold in a store or market, or if it is a fake.

  • Manufacturer. The brand name must be indicated on the bottle, if it is absent, the purchase must be abandoned.
  • Consistency - if the drink is sold in a glass container, then there should be some sediment at the bottom left after the direct extraction procedure.
  • Name. A natural product will be called exactly by the word “juice”, if “nectar” is written on the bottle, then we are talking about a diluted product with unnecessary additives.

A counterfeit pomegranate product does not always pose a direct health hazard. But its benefits are practically zero, so you should only buy a high-quality real drink.

At what age can you give pomegranate juice

The drink benefits the human body from an early age - it can even be introduced into the diet for children from 6 months. True, the portions should be minimal, no more than a teaspoon of juice, half diluted with water, up to a year.

Attention! Since the pomegranate product has strict contraindications, a consultation with a pediatrician is required before its introduction into the children's diet.

How to drink pomegranate juice properly

The benefits and harms of a drink are determined not only by its quality. There are some special guidelines to follow when drinking pomegranate juice.

Can I drink pomegranate juice every day

It is best to drink the drink not daily, but three times a week - this reduces the likelihood of side effects. You can also take the juice in courses for a week with short breaks so as not to harm the body.

How much pomegranate juice can you drink per day

Even healthy people need to limit the intake of a healthy drink. You can drink 3 glasses a day shortly before eating.

When is it better to drink pomegranate juice

Since the drink from pomegranate is quite concentrated, doctors do not recommend using it on an empty stomach. It is most useful to drink the juice right before meals, for about 5-10 minutes, then it will help to activate the digestive processes and will not cause harm.

Do I need to dilute pomegranate juice with water

Undiluted pomegranate juice is too concentrated and can harm both the stomach lining and tooth enamel. The drink must certainly be diluted with plain clean water - in a ratio of 1 to 2, so that there is more water in the drink than the pomegranate concentrate.

Why you can't drink a lot of pomegranate juice

When consumed in excess, the juice negatively affects the gastric mucosa, even in the absence of gastritis. In addition, the drink contains a certain amount of natural sugars - in too large doses, they can lead to a jump in glucose levels.

Side effects of pomegranate juice

For all the benefits of the drink, the harm from an overdose from it can be quite serious. Side effects include:

  • exacerbation of gastritis, ulcers and pancreatitis;
  • weight gain with a tendency to accumulate fat reserves;
  • allergic rashes and dermatitis;
  • nausea and diarrhea;
  • headaches.

When consumed at the same time as some medications, the juice can lead to spikes in blood pressure or reduce the benefits of medications. Therefore, when undergoing medical treatment, you should discuss with your doctor whether you can take pomegranate juice.

Contraindications to pomegranate juice

Certain diseases impose a complete ban on the use of the drink. Drinking pomegranate juice is prohibited when:

  • acute pancreatitis;
  • stomach ulcer and acidic gastritis in a state of exacerbation;
  • constipation;
  • hemorrhoids.

Advice! With weakened tooth enamel, you need to drink the juice through a straw, and immediately after use it is recommended to rinse your mouth with water.


The benefits and harms of pomegranate juice accompany each other. In order for the effect of drinking the drink to be beneficial, you need to adhere to the rules and dosages of use, then the juice will be beneficial.

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