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How to peel a pomegranate quickly and easily

Some fruits and vegetables naturally have a bizarre texture or oddly shaped rind that needs to be removed before eating the pulp. Peeling a pomegranate is pretty easy. There are many ways and life hacks that allow you to do this in the most masterly way.

How to open pomegranate fruit easily

Peeling this fruit from the skin initially seems like an incredibly difficult task. Most often, people are faced with juice flying in all directions, staining their hands and clothes. However, there are a few simple rules to properly clean a grenade:

  1. Selection of suitable fruits. With the same dimensions, ripe pomegranates will be much heavier. The peel must be dry and free from damage and mold.
  2. It is important to check the sharpness of the knife before cutting. An inadequately sharpened blade will have difficulty cutting through tough skin and can damage the kernels due to the increased pressure applied.
  3. For easier separation of the grains, you can lightly roll or beat off the fruit with a wooden spoon. However, do not overdo it so as not to damage it too much from the inside.

When making cuts, it is very important not to push the knife too deep in order not to damage the grain. The ideal depth of the blade is 2-3 mm. This depth of the slots will be enough to properly open the grenade.

How to quickly peel a pomegranate

To easily peel a pomegranate, completely peeling it off and leaving only juicy pulp, you need to be patient and dexterous. You will need a sharp blade and a bowl of water to get a peeled ball. From the side of the inflorescence, cut off the top, trying not to damage the insides. After that, the fruit is transferred to a container with water and left for about an hour.

The skin swollen with water is easier to clean. Shallow cuts are made along its entire surface so that it is covered with a mesh. Then, with a sharp blade, gently pry the edge of each mesh fragment and, holding it with your hand, remove it from the fetus. It will not work to quickly peel the fruit in this way, but its appearance is able to amaze any esthete.

How to clean a pomegranate quickly and without splashing

When cleaning, a nuisance often happens - all hands, clothes and even walls are covered with pomegranate juice. To avoid splashes when cutting the fruit, it is worth doing almost all manipulations with it in water. Correctly cleaning a pomegranate is easy if you follow the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. The fruits are washed under running water and wiped off with a paper towel.
  2. With a sharp knife, cut the skin shallowly to make several slices.
  3. Put pomegranate in a small saucepan or deep bowl and leave it in it for 10-15 minutes - this will make it easier to perform the necessary manipulations with it. The water should completely cover the fruit.
  4. Hands are lowered into the water and break the fruit into slices with them. It is important not to take your hands out of the water and do everything as carefully as possible. There should be several separate slices in the bowl.
  5. Peel and white films are removed from each part.

Do not take out the grains immediately after cleaning. It is best to wait a couple of minutes while stirring the entire contents of the bowl with water. Films and skins will float to the top, and refined grains will remain at the bottom. The garbage is taken out by hand, after which the water is drained using a colander.

How to peel a pomegranate without a knife

The knife is used in almost all types of grenade cleaning. The sharp blade helps to easily cut into the tough skin, which further makes it easier to separate the fruit into slices. If for some reason nothing sharp was at hand, do not despair - you can always find a way out of such a situation.

Important! To peel a pomegranate without a knife, you need to choose a fruit whose skin is not too rough. Fruits of medium ripeness are ideal.

The fruits are placed in a container of water for about an hour. During this time, the peel will absorb the liquid and become softer and more pliable. Use your thumb to press into the inflorescence and make a small hole. Then both thumbs are inserted, breaking the fruit in half with an effort.

How to clean a grenade in just 6 strokes

This life hack allows you to quickly and easily clear a pomegranate, so it is rightfully recognized as one of the fastest. It allows you to enjoy your favorite fruit as quickly as possible with the help of simple movements. An important condition for this method is the presence of a sharp knife with the thinnest possible blade.

Important! In order to quickly and correctly peel the pomegranate, it must be as ripe as possible. You can determine a suitable fruit by looking at a thin and dry skin.

With a knife, cut the tip in a circle, dipping it into the pulp at an angle of 45 degrees, thus getting a small depression. Then 4 quick cuts are made along the skin of the fruit from the point of the cut out top. After that, the pomegranate is broken with both hands.

How to properly cut pomegranate and extract grains

In the case where grains are needed, a slightly different approach to cleaning is used. Most often it is used for their further processing into juice or jam. This method requires a well-sharpened knife, a cutting board, and a deep bowl.

Rinse the fruits well under running water and wipe dry with a towel. The pomegranate is placed sideways on a cutting board, after which the top is cut off with a knife. To avoid damaging a large number of grains, do not back off too much from the tip.

To cut the pomegranate correctly, put it on a board and cut its rind along the edge of the cut in four places to visually get the same slices. Next, the thumbs are pressed into the middle of the fruit, dividing the fruit into four parts. Each of the slices turns outward over the bowl, at which point the grains are easily separated from the rind.

How beautiful to cut a pomegranate

Table decoration during festive feasts or friendly gatherings is very important. This allows you to make a great impression on the assembled guests or family members. A properly cut fruit can decorate any table. Most often, the pomegranate is cut so that its slices with grains form the likeness of a blossoming flower. Such a bright element can be crowned with a fruit vase or some exotic salad.

To get a unique edible decoration, you need to follow a few simple rules. First, a sharp knife is important to properly cut through the hard skin of the pomegranate. Secondly, it is worthwhile to dry the surface of the fruit as much as possible - if moisture remains on it, a beautiful cut will not work.

Pomegranates are washed and wiped with a towel or paper towels. Cut off the top with a knife, taking care not to damage the grain. Then, in the cut off place, you need to make a small depression in the center. In this case, the white films should converge approximately at the bottom of the recess and be clearly visible.

Focusing on the white films separating the slices from each other, six cuts are made along the peel. Then, with a knife, a light circular incision is made exactly in the middle of the fruit - this is necessary to obtain beautiful petals like a flower in the future.

Each of the lobules is neatly pulled back. For convenience, you can help yourself with a knife. If the side cut is made correctly, the petal will be exactly half the length of the lobule. After opening all the petals, you need to clean the inside of the fruit from white films. If you properly cut the pomegranate on the festive table, it will decorate the feast.

How to cut a pomegranate into slices

The fruit cut into slices is not only beautiful in appearance. In this form, it is much easier to clean it from white films. With this cutting option, splashes cannot be avoided, but the final result will exceed all expectations.

Important! For this method, do not use a knife that is too wide. The ideal blade width is 1.5-2 cm.

First you need to cut off the upper and lower parts of the fruit - cut off the peel with a sharp knife, retreating from the edge about 2-3 cm.Then, following the white stripes dividing the fruit from the inside, deep cuts are made along the entire length of the peel. The next step is to stick a knife in the middle of the fruit and turn it 180 degrees. Thumbs are placed in the resulting depression, then the pomegranate is divided into several parts with a sharp movement.


To peel a pomegranate, having received beautiful and neat slices, is a simple manipulation. Various methods of fruit cleaning can come in handy in any situation - from the fastest possible use to a masterfully decorated holiday table. A sharp knife and skill acquired with experience will allow you to become a real virtuoso and surprise friends and acquaintances with beautifully cut fruit.

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