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Fertilizer for Hom Tomatoes

Tomatoes grown outdoors or in greenhouses need protection from diseases and pests. Today you can buy any fungicidal preparations for foliar treatment. One of them is called Hom. It contains copper oxychloride.

This drug can be used to treat any garden crops. The use of Hom fertilizer for feeding tomatoes protects plants from many fungal diseases, including late blight and anthracnose. Its protective properties are similar in many respects to Bordeaux liquid.


Fertilizer Hom for processing tomatoes is a green powdery preparation. When dissolved, it does not give a precipitate Packing can be small - 20, 40 grams for use in personal and suburban areas. For large agricultural producers, the preparation for processing tomatoes is packed in cardboard boxes of 10 or 15 kg.

The main component of the biologically active substance is copper oxychloride about 90%. Contacting with the leaf blade of tomatoes, covers them with a light film, does not allow infection to penetrate deep into the tissues.


What are the advantages of using Hom fertilizer for treating tomatoes from fungal diseases:

  1. Fertilizers can be used as a prophylactic agent against late blight and anthracnose of tomatoes. The efficiency is quite high.
  2. Hom preparation is compatible with many products for processing and feeding tomatoes.
  3. The application is not difficult.

Low weight and packaging, and reasonable cost add popularity to the drug.


Hom preparation is intended for spraying tomatoes. For work in the open ground and in the greenhouse, choose a windless day without rain. It is necessary to process tomatoes from bottom to top, without missing a single leaf plate.

Breeding rules:

  1. A little warm water is poured (if the water is from the water supply, it must be defended so that chlorine comes out) and 40 grams of Hom powder is poured. The composition must be mixed until it is completely dissolved. Do not use metal containers to dilute the Hom preparation. Copper oxychloride, in contact with iron, causes its corrosion.
  2. Top up the volume up to 10 liters.

The resulting solution is used immediately, it is enough for foliar feeding and protection against fungal diseases for 100 square meters of plantings.

Processing is carried out 4 times during the growing season, after 5 days. Although the properties of the drug Hom are similar to Bordeaux liquid, its effect is reduced due to its rapid rinsing.

Advice! Milk can be used to increase the ability of the preparation to stick to the leaves. Add 1 liter to a bucket of solution.

Protective properties of the drug

Many gardeners, especially beginners, are interested in how Hom fertilizer works on tomatoes. Copper oxychloride is able to penetrate into the cells of fungi: phytophotorosis, anthracnose, spotting. First, it neutralizes their harmful effects, then leads to death. After a while, the disease recedes.

Important! The Hom preparation works regardless of the number of treatments, since microorganisms do not get used to it.

The effectiveness of the drug is one hundred percent.

The most interesting thing is that, destroying harmful bacteria at the cellular level on the green mass of plants, the Hom fertilizer does not penetrate into the tomato cells. All these processes take place on the leaves and trunks of the plant. It does not remain in the soil, because after 6 months it breaks down into components that do not harm either humans or plants.

Important! Hom is a contact pesticide with an inorganic nature; at an air temperature of more than 30 degrees, processing is prohibited.


The danger of the drug Hom for humans and animals is moderate, since it belongs to the 3rd hazard class.

You need to know:

  1. Before spraying tomatoes with a fungicide solution, care must be taken to protect the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Work is carried out in closed clothing. The eyes are protected with goggles, the face - with a mask or respirator. They put gloves on their hands.
  2. During the treatment of plants with Hom, you must not smoke or eat food.
  3. Non-food containers are used to dilute the pesticide.
  4. The drug should not get into sources, food for animals.
  5. At the end of the work, the hands, the face are thoroughly washed with water and detergents.

Before the arrival of the doctor

If, during work, the drug nevertheless gets on the skin or eyes, you need to seek help from a doctor. But first aid must be provided immediately:

  1. Rinse body parts with plenty of water.
  2. If your skin starts to itch, you shouldn't rub it.
  3. If Hom gets into the respiratory tract, you need to go out for air. Drink several tablets of activated charcoal with plenty of water (up to 10 glasses!).

How to store the fungicide

Store in dark, dry places inaccessible to children and animals, observing the temperature regime from -5 to +30 degrees, separately from food products, animal feed and medicines.

Attention! Do not use expired drugs for processing.

Tomato processing products:

Reviews of gardeners

Valery, 46 years old, Nikolaev

Previously I used Hom only for garden trees and shrubs. I tried to spray tomatoes last year. I was pleased with the result: over the summer, not a single bush got sick with late blight.

Evgeny, 35 years old, Novosibirsk

Last year I bought tomato seedlings on the market and soon regretted it: all the bushes were infected with late blight. Didn't know what to do. I started looking for funds on the Internet, came across Hom. I decided to buy. After the first treatment, there were practically no changes, but the second spraying gave a positive result. Before treatment with the drug, Hom removed all diseased leaves. There were no more new defeats. I made 2 more top dressing. Among the collected fruits, there were only 5 cases. Now I will always use Hom for tomatoes.

Anna, 56 years old, Krasnoyarsk Territory

We had an incident when using Hom for tomatoes. My husband did not heed my words and lit a cigarette when he sprayed the plants. I had to go to the doctor and solder it with charcoal and sour milk, as the therapist advised. As for the action of the fungicide, I can say one thing - it really works against fungal diseases of tomatoes. I have been using it for 5 years already, I forgot about late blight.

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