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Red Sweet Long Pepper Varieties

The sweet red pepper variety is a vegetable pepper, which was developed by Bulgarian breeders in the 20th century. Red bell pepper is a rather large pod-shaped fruit, the color of which changes depending on maturity, first green, then orange, then bright red and finally dark red. By the amount of capsaicin in the composition, bell peppers are subdivided into sweet peppers and bitter peppers. In America, where vegetable peppers come from, they still grow in the wild.

What is the use

Sweet red pepper contains fiber, nitrogenous substances, soluble sugars, starch and essential oils, as well as vitamins of groups A, B, C, E, PP and a large number of trace elements. The use of red sweet bell pepper is especially indicated for those who have depression, insomnia, lack of energy, as well as who have diabetes and memory impairments. In terms of vitamin C content, this pepper is simply a champion!

The daily intake of vitamin C for a person is about 100 mg, and in pepper its content is 150 g of vitamin per 100 g of weight. So, by eating just one pepper, you can replenish the body with a daily dose of vitamin C. This vitamin, together with beta-carotene and lycopene contained in sweet peppers, is involved in the fight against cancer, preventing the formation of cancer cells. Red bell pepper also has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, frees the body of potential carcinogens and strengthens the cardiovascular system. The use of sweet red pepper in food is useful for diseases such as:

  • blood disease;
  • bleeding gums;
  • fragility of blood vessels;
  • digestive problems;
  • delayed peristalsis;
  • gastritis;
  • increased sweating, etc.

Due to the content of the alkaloid capsaicin, regular use of red bell pepper in food contributes to the good functioning of the pancreas, lowering blood pressure, thinning blood, which, in turn, reduces the risk of blood clots and prevents thrombophlebitis. Due to the small amount of capsaicin contained in bell peppers, the use of this pepper will not negatively affect the stomach. And the juice obtained when processing in a juicer is very useful for patients with diabetes (prevents the formation of "bad" cholesterol) and pregnant women, as it strengthens nails and hair.

Red sweet bell pepper has not only healing but also anti-aging properties. On its basis, it is possible to make a pleasant mask for skin care.

Anti-aging mask recipe

Put a raw egg, pre-beaten, 1 tsp in the pepper crushed with a blender. sour cream, stir well. This mixture is applied to a cleanly washed face, after a quarter of an hour it is removed from the face with warm water. After 5-7 such procedures, the skin of the face is cleansed and refreshed.

Pepper juice is used as a moisturizing tonic. Due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, the skin of the face is rejuvenated. And at least one glass of juice every day will help prevent many diseases, such as colds.

The variety of sweet peppers is amazing and pleasing to the eye. But how to figure out which variety is better to plant in your area? Below are descriptions and photos of some varieties of red sweet pepper.

The best varieties of red bell peppers

Latino F1

An early hybrid (100-110 days from sowing), when sowing in early March, it is already possible to harvest the seedlings in mid-June, and the yield is considerable - 14-16 kg / sq. The height of the bush reaches one meter, so the best way to grow it is in a greenhouse, where it can be tied to a support and create more favorable conditions for ripening. This is especially true for the Siberian region and the northern regions of Russia. The fruit has the shape of a cube, with thick walls (1 cm), very large, red in color with a wonderful taste. Resistant to tobacco mosaic and potato virus.

Prince Silver

One of the very early varieties (90-110 days), with cone-shaped fruits, the average weight of one pepper reaches 100 grams. The bush is of medium height (40-60 cm), therefore it is also suitable for open beds. Harvest - about 2.5 kg of fine, resilient fruits from a bush. Has resistance to pepper diseases.


Mid-season variety (120-135 days) with red cuboid fruits weighing from 150 to 250 grams. Fruits have a slight ribbing, wall thickness is about 8 mm, very juicy, sweet, aromatic. The bush is compact enough, not too tall (50-60 cm). The harvest is good - about three kilograms of large, tasty fruits from the bush. Virus resistant. Can be grown not only under the film, but also in the open field.

Cow's ear

Refers to mid-season varieties (120-130 days from germination) with elongated cone-shaped fruits, weighing from 140 to 220 grams, thick-walled up to 8 mm, with juicy, sweet pulp. The bush is up to 75 cm high, up to 3 kg of fruit is obtained from the bush. Resistant to viruses. The peculiarity of the variety is long storage and good transportability. It is versatile in cultivation methods - both a greenhouse and an open bed.

The leader of the Redskins

Early variety (110 days), cube-shaped peppers, very large (from 120 to 750 grams), the color changes from green to bright red. The bush is medium-high (up to 60 cm), compact, powerful, with fleshy, juicy, sweet fruits.

In addition to the usual pepper of the usual length and shape, there is also a red sweet long pepper with fruits of an unusual shape, which will be discussed below.

Red long pepper varieties

Red elephant

The variety belongs to the early (90-110 days). The bush is quite powerful and tall (up to 90 cm) with long conical fruits reaching a length of 22 cm, a width of about 6 cm and a weight of about 220 grams. The color changes from green to dark red. The taste is excellent, the juiciness is high, very convenient for preserving the whole. The harvest is good.


Early ripening variety (100-110 days from germination). Recommended for greenhouse maintenance. The bush is very high, spreading, height is about 150 cm, so a garter on a support will not hurt. The fruits of the original appearance, reminiscent of a slightly curved cylinder, are bright red in color, the weight of peppercorns reaches 0.5 kg, up to 30 cm long. The wall is rather thick - 7-8 mm. The fruit is juicy, sweet, with a peppery aroma.


Early ripening variety. It is better to grow in a greenhouse, as, due to the early maturation, it is suitable for selling products in the markets. The bush is high (80-100 cm), a garter to the support is required. Fruits in the form of a cone, weighing up to 200 g, with a wall thickness of about 6 mm, color from light green to red. Very good at preservation.


Hybrid with early ripening (95-100 days). The bush is high, reaching a height of about a meter. Fruits are elongated, beautiful dark red, about 20-22 cm long, 12-13 cm wide, thick-walled (1 cm). Virus independent. It grows well not only in a greenhouse, but also in an open garden.


Medium late variety (145-150 days from germination). The bush is low (35-50 cm), compact, pretty. The fruit has a clear pod-like shape, color from green to dark red, the weight of the pepper is 30-40 grams, although not very fleshy, but the walls are quite thick (up to 3.5 cm), the length reaches 13-15 cm. soil. Despite the fact that in appearance it resembles bitter pepper, it tastes sweet and juicy. Very good for drying and further grinding, i.e. it turns out to be an excellent seasoning like paprika.

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