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Potato Wizard

Potato Charodey is a domestic selection adapted to Russian conditions. It is distinguished by high quality tubers, good taste and long shelf life. The Sorcerer variety brings a high yield, subject to the rules of planting and caring for the crop.

Origin story

Potato Sorcerer bred by FSBSI Leningrad Research Institute of Agriculture "Belogorka". In 1996, an application was made to include the variety in the state register.

After testing in 2000, the Wizard potato was registered in the state register. It is recommended for growing in the North and North-West region, the Volga region, the Central Black Earth Region, in the North Caucasus and the Far East.

Description and characteristics

Distinctive features of the Sorcerer variety:

  • erect bushes;
  • medium-sized light green leaves;
  • medium-sized corollas of white color;
  • oval tubers with small eyes;
  • white pulp;
  • smooth yellow rind;
  • weight from 73 to 116 g.

The taste of the Sorcerer potato is rated at a high level. The commercial qualities are comparable to the reference varieties. The starch content in tubers is from 12.4 to 15%. Taste qualities are assessed at a high level.

The Sorcerer variety has a high keeping quality. The yield depends on the region. In the Volga region, from 175 to 270 c / ha are harvested from 1 hectare. For the Northern region, this figure is 370 c / ha. Up to 15 tubers are obtained from one bush.

Advantages and disadvantages

The pros and cons of the potato Wizard are shown in the table:



  • good taste;
  • commercial qualities of tubers;
  • long storage period;
  • resistance to potato crayfish.
  • susceptibility to cyst nematode;
  • average resistance to late blight.


Potato Sorcerer grows best in light soils: sandy, loamy, sandy loam, black earth. In clayey soil, the culture develops slowly and is susceptible to fungal diseases.

The soil for potatoes is prepared in the fall. The beds are dug up, weeds and remnants of previous crops are removed. Fertilizers include humus and wood ash.

Important! The Wizard potatoes are planted after cucumbers, cabbage, beets and siderates. If tomatoes, eggplants, peppers or other varieties of potatoes grew in the garden, you should choose another place for the culture.

For planting, select healthy tubers with a mass of 70 to 100 g. The planting material is assessed visually and tubers with traces of decay, cracks and other defects are rejected.

Potatoes of the Sorcerer variety are kept in the basement or cellar in winter. A month before planting, the tubers are transferred to the light and kept at a temperature of 15 degrees. For planting, select potatoes with sprouts up to 15 mm long, which are treated with Epin's solution to stimulate growth.

Potatoes Wizard are planted in furrows or holes. In sandy soil, tubers are buried by 10 cm, in clay soil - by 5 cm. Between the bushes there should be 30-40 cm.The rows are placed in increments of 70-80 cm.


To obtain a high yield, the Wizard variety is provided with good care. Before emergence, the soil is loosened so that the tubers receive more oxygen. Periodic weeds weed.

When shoots appear, you need to loosen the soil between the rows. Loosening after watering and rains is especially important to avoid crust formation.

The Sorcerer variety is not watered until the buds appear. When flowering begins, the soil is constantly moistened. When the soil dries out by 7 cm, they start watering.

Potato plantings are watered with warm water in the evening. Each bush requires 2-3 liters of water. In drought, the field is watered more often, up to 3-5 times during the season.

Hilling and feeding

Hilling is an obligatory step in caring for the Wizard potatoes. The procedure is carried out twice a season: when the bushes reach a height of 15 cm and before flowering. As a result, the formation of new root shoots is activated, the soil is saturated with oxygen and weeds are destroyed.

Hilling is carried out after watering or rain. The land is raked from the aisles onto potato bushes. To do this, use a pitchfork or special technique.

Potato feeding Wizard helps to increase the yield:

  • with active growth of tops;
  • during the formation of buds;
  • during the flowering period.

The first feeding is necessary for the Sorcerer variety with slow development of the bushes. Plants with thin stems and pale leaves need nutrients.

For processing, a slurry-based solution is prepared, which saturates the plants with nitrogen. It is also allowed to water potatoes with a solution of urea in the amount of 1 tsp. on a bucket of water.

For the second treatment, a solution is required, consisting of 1 glass of wood ash and 1 tbsp. potassium sulfate. Fertilizer improves the palatability of potatoes and promotes abundant flowering.

The third feeding of the Sorcerer variety is carried out using 1 tbsp. superphosphate per 10 liters of water. Processing stimulates the formation of tubers. Pour 0.5 l of the resulting solution under each bush.

Diseases and pests

Potato diseases are caused by fungal spores, viruses and a lack of nutrients. The greatest danger to plants is represented by viral diseases (mosaic, leaf twisting), which are spread with poor-quality planting material and insects.

The most common fungal disease of potatoes is late blight. Dark spots appear on leaves and tubers. To protect plantings from phytophthora, agricultural techniques are followed and spraying with Bordeaux liquid, copper oxychloride, and a solution of the drug Ridomil is carried out.

Important! The greatest harm to plantings is caused by the Colorado potato beetle and stem nematode.

Spraying with Karate, Arrivo, Sumi-Alpha preparations helps against the Colorado potato beetle. The treatment is carried out when the larvae appear and is repeated after 10 days.

Nematoda is a representative of worms that damages tubers and tops of potatoes. The pest enters the soil along with the planting material and garden tools. No effective methods of combating nematodes have been developed, therefore, special attention is paid to the selection of tubers for planting and subsequent care.


The Sorcerer's potatoes are harvested mid-early. The tubers are harvested 65-80 days after germination.

If the tops of the bushes are withered, they start harvesting within 3 weeks. After a long stay in the ground, the tubers lose weight and are worse stored.

2 weeks before harvesting, it is recommended to mow the tops, leaving about 10 cm above the ground, and remove them from the site. In summer, the bushes attract pathogens and pests. Tubers are dug up in warm dry weather at a temperature of 10-17 degrees.

The tubers are left on the field until the end of the harvest to dry out. The dug out potatoes are kept in a dark, dry place for 2 weeks. During this period, the skin of the tubers will become more firm. Then the potatoes are sorted out and specimens with traces of diseases or damage are discarded. Healthy tubers are stored in a cool dry place during the winter.


Potato Sorcerer has high marketability and taste. The key to a good harvest is regular maintenance of potatoes: hilling, feeding and watering. To protect plantings from diseases and pests, preventive treatments are carried out. The Sorcerer variety is suitable for growing in most regions of Russia.

Variety reviews

Maxim, 37 years old, Moscow region

They grew many varieties of potatoes in the country, as a result, they settled on the Sorcerer. The variety gives a stable harvest regardless of weather conditions. From one hundred square meters, you can collect 8-10 bags of tubers. Be sure to leave the Wizard variety for seeds. The bushes have high tops, so it is better to make gaps of 70-80 cm between the rows.

Olga, 29 years old, Ryazan

The Sorcerer variety pleased me with a good yield. The potato beds did not even have to be weeded. The powerful tops did not give the weeds a chance to germinate. For planting, they bought 30 tubers, as a result, the yield was 3 buckets. The tubers are generally small and medium-sized. The root system of the Sorcerer variety is powerful and spreading. So that the potatoes do not end up on the surface of the garden, you need to carefully huddle the bushes.

Lyudmila, 45 years old, Chelyabinsk

Last year, the Sorcerer planted potatoes at the dacha. During the season, the bushes stood out with strong shoots and powerful tops. The sorcerer remained green for a long time, only at the end of summer it began to darken. The yield is high, but the taste seemed rather simple. The keeping quality of tubers is good, I did not notice any signs of rot.

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