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New Year's gift for a girl 10 years old

Choosing New Year's gifts is a pleasant experience if you have ideas for what to give. Modern children have lateral thinking, their desires are very different from generations of past years. Parents and family friends may not yet know what to give a 10-year-old girl for the New Year, and they will definitely not refuse a hint.

How to choose a New Year's gift for a girl of 10 years old

Children in this category are already entering adolescence. I'm tired of dolls and cute stuffed toys, I want really grown-up things: a ball gown, cosmetics, a telephone.

Sweets, stationery, an interesting book are on the first positions of popular gifts for the New Year for girls 10 years old.

It is important to be aware of the life, hobbies, interests of the daughter. Your child wants sports equipment, a musical instrument, or a professional drawing kit.

The gift will open the doors to the fascinating world of art, pave the way to the heights of creativity

A sure way to find out about a secret wish is to ask your daughter to write a letter to Santa Claus. This trick is suitable for romantic little princesses who do not want to grow up, who still believe in a fairy tale.

New Year Gift Ideas for Girls 10 Years

Modern stores offer a large number of products that are suitable as New Year's gifts for children and a girl of 10 years old. They can be divided into several categories, so it's easier to navigate.


A 10-year-old girl will like the symbol of the New Year in the form of a statuette, glass, lamp. If the baby is fascinated by the history of any country, wants to visit there, the symbol of this region is chosen as a gift.

Games and toys

At 10 years old, the girl is still a child, playing with dolls. At this age, she is interested in play sets. These are educational board games for the whole family, quests, loto. It is good for the New Year to purchase a kit for conducting chemical or physical experiments, a telescope.

Ant farms, growing crystals, plants are popular with girls 10 years old

Figures of heroes of popular films and cartoons will delight the child. TV ads on children's channels will tell you which toys are popular with older children.

Original and unusual gifts

If it is difficult to surprise a 10-year-old girl, they choose interesting, unusual gifts for the New Year. Modern industry creates such things every year, never ceasing to amaze adults and children.

The 3-D pen allows you to draw 3D figures. Plastic heats up inside the device, from which you can sculpt.

The device creates endless possibilities for creativity

They play with created things, use them as a souvenir, give them to friends.

An art portrait of a girl from a mosaic is made according to a photo, an individual order. The child is interested in assembling his own image from hundreds of small particles. After the New Year, the portrait is used to decorate the interior of the children's room.

A portrait is a really memorable gift for a 10-year-old girl

Useful and practical gifts

An electronic piggy bank in the form of a safe will help a 10-year-old girl learn to save, save money for a dream. The child will feel like an adult, he will know the price of things that he really wants to get.

A bright, useful toy-safe will find its place in the children's room

The home apparatus for making cotton candy is a real gift for the New Year. The set contains everything you need to make a colorful treat with different tastes.

A 10-year-old girl only needs a small spoonful of sugar, and fluffy cotton wool is ready

The process of preparing the dessert will be interesting for adult family members as well.

For stylish fashionistas

Little ladies of 10 years old are becoming interested in mother's cosmetics. So that the daughter does not touch adult things, a children's set of cosmetics is presented on New Year's Eve. It contains lipstick, glitter, blush, eyeshadow, perfume, beautiful hairbrush.

Some children's cosmetic kits are not inferior to professional products that are in service with makeup artists.

Perhaps a 10-year-old girl in the future will become a real stylist of stars, it is better to hone makeup skills from childhood.

The first decorations will fit for the New Year, magnificent balls, parties, matinees. On a magical holiday, you need to dress up for a celebration or a home feast properly. Girls' best friends are diamonds, and girls 10 years old are gems and their imitation.

Gifts and jewelry are chosen naughty, cute, without a pretense of adulthood

Interesting and inexpensive New Year gifts for girls 10 years old

The older girls still love cute teddy bears. A 10-year-old girl will love fairy-tale cartoon characters in marshmallow pink.

A dear friend can be knitted from soft fluffy yarn, such a toy will keep the warmth of the giver

An anti-stress pillow will appeal to every girl of 10 years old. They choose an interesting model with a cool inscription.

The toy pillow will become a favorite item in the children's room

How to choose New Year gifts for girls 10 years old by interests

Depending on the interests of the teenager, they also choose gifts for the New Year. The sportswoman is presented with skates, skis or rollers. Needlewomen will love this set of beads for weaving. Bright baubles are in fashion, the child can make jewelry for each of his outfits.

Beading in the New Year will become a favorite hobby of a 10-year-old girl and her friends, it is a good gift for a teenager

A 10-year-old girl will like this quilling set. Beautiful paper figures are easy to make, they can be created in labor training lessons at school.

An interesting activity, quilling can become a favorite hobby.

Educational New Year gifts for a 10-year-old girl

The mental development of a child in adolescence is a priority for parents. You can unobtrusively accustom your daughter to such work using modern gadgets and novelties.

Children's lotto "English" will help you remember a large number of foreign words. Training takes place in a playful way. Parents can also join in learning the language.

Lotto may vary in level of difficulty, it is important to choose a gift toy that is age appropriate

A globe or a map of the world will come in handy for a future traveler. It is easier for a child to study countries, their capitals visually.

If you choose a backlit globe model as a gift for a girl of 10 years old, it can be used as a night light

It is good at night on New Year's Eve to look at distant islands and continents, dreaming of visiting each of them.

New Year's gifts-impressions for girls 10 years old

During the winter holidays with a child, you can visit a theater, an exhibition, a concert. It is better to buy a ticket to the show in advance, put it under the Christmas tree on New Year's. A 10-year-old girl will enjoy going to the circus and the zoo. Family time is a lifetime memory.

Active girls, lovers of extreme recreation, receive a certificate for flying in a wind tunnel for children as a gift. Such an attraction will leave an indelible impression on the memory of a 10-year-old child.

An unusual winter adventure, for example, flying in a wind tunnel, will appeal not only to children, but also to adults

Magic gifts for the New Year for a 10-year-old girl

The Butterfly Garden is a butterfly farm. The vessel is made of transparent material, the process of turning a pupa into a beautiful fluttering flower can be observed with your own eyes.

It is important 2 days before the New Year to add a pupa to a warm container, so that a miracle happens on December 31

The gift is beautiful and unusual, an impressionable girl of 10 years old should like it.

The home planetarium will add the magic of New Year's Eve. This is a special lamp that projects a map of the starry sky onto the ceiling. The spectacle is impressive.

In expensive models of the planetarium there is a built-in guide function, such devices are intended for educational purposes

A good home planetarium is not cheap, but such a gift will definitely make a splash for a 10-year-old teenager.

TOP 5 best New Year gifts for a girl of 10 years old

Based on the data of retail chains of past years, we can conclude that the tastes of children change over time, but not dramatically.

List of the best gifts for a girl 10 years old for the New Year:

  • gadgets: phone, smart watch, tablet;
  • toys: dolls-heroines of popular cartoons, educational games, soft toys;
  • transport: roller skates, bicycles, snow-scooters;
  • needlework kits: beading, embroidery, knitting;
  • cosmetics, jewelry.

Each teenager is different, parents should listen to their ten-year-old girl to find out what gift to prepare for her for the New Year.

What gifts can not be given to girls 10 years old for the New Year

An almost adult princess will not like baby dolls and books with fairy tales as a gift for the New Year. It is better to give these things to smaller children. You should not give a 10-year-old teenager sweets without a toy, at this age the child will not like it. For modern children, the main thing is that a New Year's gift is interesting, bright, unusual and entertaining.


Parents can give a 10-year-old girl for the New Year with modern gadgets, educational toys, and personal care products. It is worth asking in advance what your daughter dreams of. An unexpected surprise gift will bring a lot of joy, leave a good impression for the whole new year. It is important to think over an entertainment program for the holidays so that the holidays are fun and soulful, with family and friends.

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