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Time-tested brand - mtd 46 lawn mower

Lawn maintenance without equipment is quite difficult. Small areas can be processed with a manual or electric lawn mower, for large areas you will already need a gasoline unit. Now the market is in great demand for a gasoline-powered self-propelled lawn mower mtd from European manufacturers. The most popular models will be discussed below.

Time-tested brand

The MTD brand offers the consumer a wide selection of different models of lawn mowers. To determine which unit to give preference to, it is necessary to clearly imagine its future tasks. Lawn mowers are professional and household. They all differ in the type of energy consumed, the width of the knife, the presence or absence of the mulching function. Many vehicles can be self-propelled. In addition, the convenience of use depends on the availability of an electric starter.

Professional models are multifunctional and usually come with a gasoline engine. They are more powerful than their household counterparts, and are distinguished by higher performance. The mtd electric household lawn mower is cheaper and has no exhaust fumes. Professional units are self-propelled and most often have a mulching function. It is important to pay attention to the cutting width of the knife. The larger this parameter, the faster the grass on the lawn will be cut, and the less strips you will have to mow.

A gasoline-powered, self-propelled lawn mower properly selected for work should cope with a certain area of ​​the lawn in a maximum of 40 minutes. This is one of the main parameters that must be taken into account when giving preference to one or another model. The weight of the unit and the presence of an electric starter ensure the comfort of work. For example, it is tiring for a person with a disability to drive a heavy machine and constantly pull on the recoil starter cord. However, you have to pay for comfort. The presence of an electric starter will affect the total cost of the car.

The body of all models of MTD lawn mowers is made of high quality alloys and has a beautiful design. The units are equipped with 2 types of gasoline engines. Native development - ThorX - is less common. More than 70% of lawn mowers are powered by the renowned Briggs & Stratton brand. B&S motors are characterized by low consumption of gasoline and high performance, as well as a long service life.

In principle, any MTD lawn mower, whether electric or gasoline, is a high-quality tool with good service support.

Review of popular MTD models

The demand is growing for almost all MTD lawn mowers. However, as with any technique, there are sales leaders. Now we will try to make a small overview of popular models.

Petrol mower MTD 53 S

The popularity rating is headed by the mtd petrol lawn mower with a 3.1 liter four-stroke engine. from. The mtd 53 model is low-noise, with a small amount of toxic emissions. The unit is self-propelled, therefore it moves on the lawn without human intervention. The operator only guides the car around bends. Owners of mowers say that they are easy to use over large areas thanks to their maneuverability and large working width.

Important! For small lawns, it is better not to buy the unit. The machine is suitable for large areas.

The mower's engine is equipped with a recoil starter with a Prime quick start system and is securely enclosed by a robust hood. The developers have equipped the unit with a foam rubber filter that reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The spacious 80 l grass catcher made of soft material perfectly cleans grass residues. The mower can also be operated without a grass catcher. The mtd 53 S is equipped with a lever control of the cutting height.

The Hungarian-assembled self-propelled lawn mower mtd 53 S is characterized by a working width of 53 cm, an adjustable mowing height range from 20 to 90 mm, and a mulching option. The unit is equipped with a MTD ThorX 50 four-stroke engine.

In the video you can see an overview of the MTD SPB 53 HW petrol lawn mower:

Petrol mower MTD 46 SB

The excellent mtd 46 SB home and utility lawn mower is powered by a 137 cc petrol engine3... The recoil starter is equipped with a quick start system. Engine power 2.3 liters. enough for a quick grass cut. The steel body of the lawn mower protects all parts from external mechanical stress. The rear-wheel drive car, thanks to its large wheels, easily moves on an area with uneven terrain.

The petrol self-propelled lawn mower mtd 46 SB is characterized by a working width of 45 cm with the possibility of lever adjustment of the cutting height. There is a soft grass catcher with a capacity of 60 liters. The light weight of 22 kg makes the machine maneuverable and easy to operate. The only drawback is that there is no mulching option.

In the video you can see an overview of the MTD 46 PB gasoline lawn mower:

Electric mower MTD OPTIMA 42 E

For home use, the mtd electric lawn mower, in particular, the OPTIMA 42 E model, would be the best choice. Manufacturers originally developed it for gardeners. The electric mower does not require refueling, does not require complex maintenance, and the engine does not emit harmful exhaust gases. A durable polypropylene case reliably protects internal mechanisms and electrical equipment from mechanical stress, penetration of dirt, moisture, dust. The electric mower can work with or without a grass catcher.

Important! The car can be driven by a teenager or an elderly person.

The grass-catcher full indicator is very convenient. By signal, you can determine the need to clean the container from grass. Electric lawn mower mtd is on sale without mulching system, but you can always buy it separately. The central cutting height adjustment lever acts on the entire cutting deck, which is much more convenient than adjusting the levers on each wheel. The mtd OPTIMA 42 E has 11 steps of adjustment from 25 to 85 mm. The easily removable handle and grass catcher give the mower its mobility. It can be quickly assembled and disassembled for storage.

The mtd OPTIMA 42 E electric mower is characterized by the presence of an electric motor with a power of 1.8 kW, a working width of 42 cm, a plastic grass bag with a volume of 47 liters, and a light weight of 15.4 kg. The only negative is that the mower is not self-propelled.


Any of the considered mtd lawn mowers, like other models of this brand, are reliable, comfortable, and maneuverable.

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