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Strawberry Fireworks

In recent years, many gardeners are addicted to garden strawberries. You should not be surprised at this, since the berries have a special taste and aroma. In addition, strawberries have medicinal properties. To make the harvest happy, you need to knock out the right variety.

You need to know that the plant is capricious, but if you follow the rules of agricultural technology, there will be a lot of berries on the bushes. To make your search easier, let's introduce the Fireworks strawberry variety. In addition to the description, characteristic features, reviews of gardeners, the article will contain several photos that will allow you to get acquainted with the variety visually.


The first description of the strawberry Fireworks was given by its creators, employees of the Michurin All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Breeding of Fruit Plants. The plant was included in the State Register of Russia and recommended for growing on personal plots in the central regions of our country.

Bushes, appearance

Strawberry Fireworks - according to the description, the variety is mid-season. The plant is represented by powerful, erect bushes, resembling a ball. There are few dark green, flat and shiny leaves. The middle part of the strawberry leaf blade is in the shape of an egg. These features of the variety are clearly visible in the photo.

The flowering of garden strawberries is abundant. The flower stalks are not too tall, but powerful, capable of withstanding the ripening berry, which hangs on the inflorescences like fireworks. Peduncles do not rise above the leaves. Strengthening of strawberries of the Fireworks variety is average. The mustache is green.

White buds of garden strawberry varieties are large (petals do not curl), attract attention from afar (see photo). The flowers on the Fireworks are bisexual, which has a positive effect on the setting of berries.

Features of berries

Garden strawberries of the Fireworks variety are not too large, the weight of the berries is about 13 grams. Shiny strawberries have the correct shape, in biological ripeness they turn dark red, even cherry. On a large complex cup is a berry with a short neck, as in the photo.

The fruits of the strawberry variety, according to the description and reviews, are dense, on the cut of a rich red color without any inclusions. The pulp is fleshy, the taste is sweetish-sour, because the sugar in them is 7.3%, the acid is 1.2%. The tasters highly appreciated the aromatic and tasty berries, giving them 4.8 out of 5 points.

Benefits of the variety

Based on the description, reviews of gardeners and photos sent by them, the strawberry variety Fireworks can be called one of the best.

It has many advantages that make the variety attractive:

  1. High and stable yields from year to year. All the berries of the Fireworks variety are almost the same in size, only the latter are slightly smaller. But the taste does not change from this.
  2. Fruits for universal use. They are not only eaten fresh, but also used for harvesting. Jam, jam, marmalade, juices, compotes and even homemade wine - this is not a complete list. If the harvest is large, then part of the variety's berries can be frozen: all vitamins are completely preserved.
  3. Strawberry Fireworks, according to reviews and descriptions, has excellent transportability, so the variety is highly valued by farmers. Indeed, from one hectare, subject to agricultural technology, up to 160 centners of delicious sweet and sour berries are harvested, which are in demand among consumers.
  4. In one place, strawberries of the Fireworks variety can be grown for no more than four years, although experienced gardeners advise changing the garden bed every three years. The fact is that in the fourth year diseases and pests accumulate in the soil.
  5. Fireworks - albeit a capricious, but still unpretentious plant, as it is resistant to drought and frost. In addition, due to good immunity, bushes and berries of garden strawberries of the variety rarely get sick.

Important! The variety is very rarely sick with gray rot and powdery mildew, only because they do not pay attention to the plants.

Gardeners do not note any particular drawbacks worthy of attention in the reviews.

Breeding rules

Like any variety or hybrid, Fireworks strawberries are propagated:

  • seeds;
  • mustache (rosettes);
  • dividing the bush.

Seed reproduction is the most laborious, it requires the right approach. It will be discussed below.

Growing seedlings

Seeds of garden strawberries of the Fireworks variety can be purchased in a specialized store or ordered by mail, via the Internet. Sowing and planting material is handled by firms that are popular with gardeners: Sedek, Altai Seeds, Sady Siberia, Becker and others.

Seed preparation

Before planting, the seed must be specially prepared. The fact is that according to the description of the variety and reviews of gardeners, the fireworks strawberry seeds sprout a little or do not wake up at all. That is why they need to be soaked and stratified.

The best "containers" for soaking are cotton pads or paper towels, as they retain moisture well. For the procedure, use raw, settled water, to which stimulants are added according to the instructions: Healthy Garden, HB-101, Epin or Zircon.

For stratification, the seeds of the Fireworks variety are removed to the refrigerator, covered with another disk circle for 3-4 days.

It is possible to sow seeds for seedlings at different times, but most often, to obtain high-quality seedlings by spring, work begins in January-February.

Crockery and soil

For sowing strawberry seeds, you can use:

  • transparent containers;
  • disposable plastic cups;
  • ordinary boxes;
  • cake dishes with a lid;
  • peat cups or tablets.

Advice! Seedlings of garden strawberries of any kind, including Fireworks, can hardly tolerate picking, so it is best to grow them one plant at a time without transplanting.

New plastic containers are washed with hot water with any detergent, previously used containers, especially wooden ones, are doused with boiling water with potassium permanganate or boric acid.

In the bottoms of containers for planting strawberries, there should be holes for watering seedlings. The fact is that it is undesirable to water a small strawberry under the roots. Water is poured into a sump and it soaks into the bottom of the soil.

The soil can be purchased at the store. There are special soils for strawberries, compositions for begonias or violets are suitable, they are also good for strawberries. There are different options for self-compiled soil.

Option 1:

  • peat - ¼ part;
  • river sand - ¼ part;
  • garden land - 2/4 parts.

Option 2:

  • river sand - 1/5 part;
  • biohumus - 3/5 part;
  • peat - 3/5 part;

Option 3:

  • Sand - 3/8;
  • Humus - 5/8.

Regardless of the composition, the soil is sterilized before sowing the fireworks strawberry seeds. This procedure can be performed in different ways:

  1. Ignite the soil in the oven at 100 degrees for 30 minutes.
  2. Warm up in the microwave at full power for no more than 5 minutes.
  3. Pour boiling water, dissolving potassium permanganate in it.

Sowing features

Strawberry seeds Fireworks, like other varieties of culture, are not sprinkled with soil, but laid out on top of moistened soil. The fact is that it is difficult for small sprouts to break through the layer of the earth, and they die.

Immediately after seeding the seed, the container is covered with glass or foil and placed in a warm, up to 25 degrees, place with good lighting. Stratified seeds begin to sprout in 2-3 weeks. Sometimes they lie in the ground longer.

An unconventional way to plant strawberry seeds in a jar:

Seedling care

When shoots of garden strawberries appear, the cover is not removed, but simply slightly opened. For successful growth, as gardeners write in reviews, greenhouse conditions are necessary. The photo shows that the planting of the strawberry variety needs to be aired.

Daylight hours should be at least 10-12 hours, therefore, sometimes, with insufficient lighting, the seedlings of the strawberry variety Fireworks are artificially illuminated. The best option is special phytolamps. The temperature is also maintained around 18-22 degrees.

Watering the seedlings is necessary only if the topsoil dries out in scanty doses. Strongly moistened soil can lead to diseases of the root system, including the black leg.

Features of watering at different stages of development of seedlings of the garden strawberry variety Fireworks:

  • after sowing the seeds, the soil is irrigated from a spray bottle;
  • with the appearance of the first shoots, they moisten the soil once a week;
  • when the first true leaves appear on the Fireworks strawberries, you need to water the seedlings in 3-4 days. The soil should be saturated to the bottom. Bottom watering from the pallet is just what you need.

Advice! For watering strawberry seedlings of any varieties, you cannot use boiled water. It should be moist, but well-kept.

Experienced gardeners water the seedlings of garden strawberries with melt water: they bring in snow, wait for the liquid to warm up to room temperature. Rainwater is also an excellent option for irrigating fireworks strawberries.

Picking and leaving

Seedlings dive, if they are planted in a common container, when 1-2 true leaves appear. The work must be done carefully, as the strawberry seedlings have thin, threadlike roots.

Advice! Try to take strawberry seedlings along with a clod of earth.

The composition of the soil must be identical to that used for sowing. Immediately, the seedlings of strawberries of the Fireworks variety are watered with warm water. Moisture should penetrate to the very bottom of the container.

If the seedlings were grown in peat tablets, then they also need to be transplanted into more spacious containers. It is convenient to work with seedlings, because its root system is closed. It is enough to remove the film from the tablet, place the strawberries in a new container and pour over.

During cultivation, seedlings (with 3-4 leaves) are fed with complex fertilizers, for example, Solution, Kemira Lux or Aquarin once every nine days. The rules for diluting the drug are indicated on the package.

Strawberries in the ground

Seedlings of the Fireworks variety are planted in open ground after the onset of stable positive temperatures. But before that, the seedlings are hardened, prepared for new conditions: they are taken out into the street, gradually increasing the time spent in the open air. You need to put containers with seedlings in the shade.

After planting, further care for strawberry seedlings consists in regular watering, loosening the soil, weeding weeds, as well as feeding and preventive treatment of plants from diseases and pests.

Attention! If the plantings are mulched, it will be much easier to water, loosen the soil and remove weeds.

The rules for planting strawberries in the ground can be found here:

Gardeners reviews

Liza, 28 years old, Yekaterinburg

I always dreamed of my summer residence. Four years ago, my dream came true. First of all, I planted strawberries of different varieties so that my kids could feast on something. From the seeds I grew a garden strawberry Fireworks. And almost immediately did not part with her. When the first berries were tasted, there was no taste or aroma in them. Then a neighbor at the dacha said that all the charm of the berry is revealed when it is fully ripe and acquires a dark cherry color. So now my kids are sweeping the strawberry variety first. I advise you to grow a few fireworks bushes, you will not regret it.

Valentina, 54 years old, Vladivostok

Garden strawberries of the Fireworks variety are a great gift for gardeners who grow fruits for sale: a real fireworks display of large berries! True, when I brought different varieties to the market, the dark cherry berries put the side aside at first. Some buyers even stated that the fruit was rotten. But when they tried it, they snapped it up in an instant. Now I have regular customers who even order a variety of berries from me. Strawberries of any varieties are not sick for me, as I carry out preventive treatments. I cover planting for the winter.

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