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Tomato Alsou

The tomato, or in our opinion the tomato, is the second most popular vegetable in Europe and North America. There are so many varieties of tomato that gardeners have a difficult time making a choice in favor of one of them. When choosing, it is worth considering not only the yield of a particular tomato variety, but also its geographical origin. For our latitudes, preference should be given to domestic and Russian varieties. It is they who in our climate will be able to demonstrate high yields and resistance to diseases. One of the best varieties of Russian selection is the Alsou tomato.

Characteristics of the variety

The Alsou tomato variety is a fairly new variety of Russian selection. It is perfect for both greenhouses and open beds. It should be borne in mind that when grown in open ground, determinant Alsou bushes can reach a height of 80 cm. In a greenhouse, the height of the bushes will be about 1 meter. Despite such a height, standard form, plants of this variety do not accept.

Important! Alsou bushes do not have a strong stem. Therefore, they must be tied to a support. In addition, it is desirable to form not in one stem, but in 2 or 3.

The green leaves of this variety are of medium size. Abundant fruiting of the Alsou variety is due to the fact that the ovaries are formed every 2 leaves. Moreover, the higher the tomatoes are located on the bush, the smaller they are in size.

Alsou tomato is an early ripening variety. This means that you can harvest its first crop in 90 - 100 days from the appearance of the first shoots. Tomatoes of this variety are heart-shaped with a slightly ribbed glossy surface. They have rather large sizes and an average weight of up to 500 grams, but specimens of 700 - 800 grams are also possible. Unripe fruits of the Alsou variety are colored green. Near their stalk, the color is darker by several tones. When ripe, the tomatoes acquire a bright red color, and the dark spot at the stalk disappears. Distinctive features of Alsou tomatoes are simple inflorescences and articulations on the stalks.

The flavor characteristics of this variety are excellent. The dense and juicy pulp of Alsou tomatoes has 6 nests. The dry matter in it is at an average level. It is perfect for salads and juices. The pulp of this variety contains a huge amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals. In particular, it is rich in vitamins A and C. In addition, it contains the strongest antioxidants: vitamin E and lycopene. This composition makes Alsou tomatoes not only tasty, but also healthy.

Important! A distinctive feature of the sweetish pulp of this variety is the absence of sourness in the taste. In addition, it perfectly retains its taste during transportation and long-term storage.

The main advantages of the Alsou variety include:

  • resistance to cold snap and drought;
  • undemanding to the soil;
  • high yield - from 7 to 9 kg per square meter;
  • good immunity to diseases and pests;
  • excellent taste and market characteristics;
  • large fruit size.

In addition to the advantages, Alsou tomatoes have disadvantages:

  • seedlings, young seedlings and the stem of an adult plant are rather weak;
  • tomatoes of this variety are not suitable for canning as a whole.

Despite the disadvantages, the Alsou tomato variety is quite successful. It is actively cultivated for sale. Subject to agrotechnical recommendations, he will give the gardener a rich harvest of large fruits.

Growing recommendations

The Alsou tomato variety is grown in seedlings. In order to get strong and healthy seedlings, you need to properly prepare the seeds. Their preparation includes several stages:

  • Selection of small and damaged seeds. After such sorting, it is recommended to immerse all seeds in water and select those that will float to the surface. These seeds are empty and not suitable for planting.
  • Processing with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It is very important to achieve precisely a weak solution. Strong concentration can ruin the seeds. Keep them in the solution for no more than 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.
  • Seed soaking for up to 12 hours.

Advice! If a mineral fertilizer or a growth stimulator is added to the soaking water, the seedlings will appear much faster.

This seed preparation is optional. But its implementation can increase the germination of seeds and strengthen their immunity.

Alsou tomatoes are not as demanding on the soil as other varieties. They can grow well even in universal soil. But in order for young seedlings not to experience stress after transplanting, experienced gardeners recommend planting seeds in garden soil. Land from any garden is suitable, except for potatoes and tomatoes.

It is necessary to plant the Alsou variety for seedlings not earlier than the beginning of March. You can plant seeds in separate containers, or in one large one. The main requirement for planting is the seeding depth. It should be equal to 1.5 cm. If the planting is deeper, then the seedlings will turn out to be weak. When planted shallowly, the seeds can dry out. Providing an optimal temperature of 20 - 26 degrees will allow seedlings to appear already on the 5th day. After their appearance, the temperature can be lowered to 14-16 degrees during the day and up to 12-14 degrees at night.

Advice! Young seedlings of the Alsou variety can be hardened.

To do this, at night, containers with seedlings are placed at a slightly open window. In order for the plants to get stronger, but not freeze, they need to be covered with a film from the draft. If this is not done, then the seedlings may stretch out. Hardening should be carried out for 1.5 - 2 weeks, after which the temperature should be increased by several degrees.

If the seeds were planted in one container, then when the first two leaves appear, they must be planted. It is very important to water young plants before transplanting - this will preserve their root system. In no case should the seedlings be pulled. They need to be carefully undermined with a thin stick. All damaged, weak and diseased plants must be discarded without mercy.

A video will help to avoid mistakes when growing tomato seedlings:

Ready Alsou tomato seedlings are planted in a permanent place after 55 - 60 days from the moment the first shoots appear. It should be borne in mind that regardless of whether it is planted in open or closed ground, there should be 50 cm of free space between neighboring plants of this variety. The optimal distance between the rows will be about 40 cm. One square meter of land can hold from 5 to 9 Alsou tomato bushes.

Caring for the Alsou tomato variety is no different from caring for any other tomato variety and includes:

  • Timely watering. Despite the fact that the Alsou tomato variety has good drought resistance, it is still not worth allowing the soil to dry out too much. If tomatoes grow in a greenhouse, then they should be watered no more than 1 time per week. When grown outdoors, watering is carried out 1 - 2 times a week. It is very important not to fall on tomato tops when watering.
  • Obligatory garter and pinning. In addition, the bushes of this variety must be formed into two or three stems.
  • Weeding and loosening.
  • Regular feeding. Alsou tomatoes are undemanding for fertilization. They will respond equally well to both mineral and organic feed.

How to properly form a tomato stem can be found in the video:

The Alsou tomato variety is one of the best varieties bred in recent years. It is quite undemanding to care for and has an increased yield.


Olga, 47 years old, Bobrov

After reading the description of the Alsou variety and reviews about it, I decided to try to grow it in my greenhouse. Seedlings I got a little late. Maybe that's why adult plants are almost 1.5 meters long. The bushes themselves are rather frail, with a thin trunk. They wrote on the forums that it was necessary to lead this variety in 2 - 3 trunks, but I led in one. Because of this, not as many brushes have formed as they could have been. My tomatoes grew with a weight of up to 400 grams. Their taste is excellent. They are juicy and sweet. Just because of the taste of the fruit, I will plant more.

Natalia, 36 years old, Volgograd

Alsou planted the first year. The bushes of this variety are of medium size and fit perfectly into my small greenhouse. The stepsons did not delete everything, but only up to the first brush. She did not perform any more actions, except for watering. Moreover, there were a lot of tomatoes. Their appearance fully corresponded to the photo from the package. The first ones were just over 600 grams, the last ones were too small. The pulp of these tomatoes is juicy and sugary. I really liked the Alsou variety, I will plant more.

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