Propagate azaleas - it's that simple

The time has come in spring. Then you can multiply your azaleas with cuttings. But beware! There are a few things to consider.

There are plants that we cannot see enough of. The azaleas are undoubtedly one of them. And if you like a plant so much, it makes sense to pull a few pupils from it yourself.

If everything works out, you will soon be able to enjoy the abundant bloom in multiple forms.

Growing azaleas is not difficult, but there are some important things to consider. Therefore, I will explain to you here exactly how it works.

Growing azaleas over cuttings - explained step by step

The easiest way to propagate azaleas - and rhododendrons - is to plant cuttings. These consist of fairly fresh shoots that can be removed from the mother plant, prepared and planted. We explain in a few steps how this works:

1 In spring, when the mother plant produces new shoots, cut off the leafy branches as soon as they are approximately eight centimeters long. Make sure that the shoot does not have a bud, as the buds deprive the shoot of the force that it needs for the new root formation. If you cut off a branch with a bud, remove the bud.

Of course, you can also take the cuttings from the mother plant later in the year. But the risk that buds have already formed is greater in the fall.

2 Now remove the lower leaves from the removed branch. Only a few leaves should remain in the upper area. If there is an end bud on the drive head, carefully break it off. It would take power from the cutting.

3 In the next step you can shorten the remaining leaves by half, i.e. cut them off practically in the middle. This process is not absolutely necessary, but it helps the azalea to form roots because the leaves no longer grow. Now cut the stem of the cutting carefully with a sharp knife. When cutting, halve the lower part of the stem until you see the wood, i.e. the core of the stem.

4 The prepared cutting is now placed in a flowerpot, which you fill with a mixture of two thirds of sand and one third of peat. Alternatively, you can of course also use special azalea soil. Put the cuttings in the pot and make sure that the soil is moist but not wet.

5 In order to influence the root formation, put a transparent plastic bag over the pot.

Location for the cuttings of the azaleas

Since the plastic bag in your flowerpot greenhouse already creates a high level of humidity and a certain amount of warmth, you can choose the location for the cuttings as it is typical for azaleas: cool and shady. As a rule, root formation takes up to twelve weeks. Only when the roots have developed and the cutting appears strong can you take it outside or put it in a flower box of your choice.

" My advice: Always keep the soil moist during rooting, but never wet. Like all rhododendrons, azaleas don't like waterlogging. To prevent the floor from getting wet, place gravel or coarser pebbles in the lower area of ​​the pot, if possible, so that the irrigation water can collect below.