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Park roses: photos with names, varieties that do not require shelter for the winter

Park roses are in great demand in landscape design. Such popularity is due to high decorative qualities, unpretentiousness to care and resistance to adverse weather conditions, diseases. Winter-hardy varieties of park roses are in special demand among flower growers, since they do not need shelter. Therefore, you should figure out what these shrubs are, and what their distinctive features are.

Park roses are the most undemanding types of culture

What does park rose mean

Park roses are cultivated species of rose hips, which have been singled out as a separate group. It contains varieties that have a certain landscape appearance and appropriate use in landscaping. In the presence of favorable conditions, park roses bloom and bear fruit abundantly. Thanks to selection, this group is increasing every year and has tens of thousands of varieties.

Shrubs are suitable for spacious areas, as they grow not only in height, but also in width. During the flowering period, park roses are a huge bouquet, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. And many varieties are characterized by a pleasant aroma that can spread throughout the garden.

What a park rose looks like

This group is characterized by tall bushes with a height of 1.5-3.0 m. The diameter of their growth varies within 1.0-2.0 m. Most park roses have densely leafy shoots.

This group blooms 2-3 weeks earlier than other types of culture. The first buds open at the end of May. The color of the petals is very diverse. It can be white, pink, red, dark purple, less often yellow, orange. Some varieties of park roses are densely double, each flower consists of 100-150 petals. They are highly valued and serve as the basis for breeding new species. The world is best known for the Canadian and English park roses, as the breeders of these countries carried out painstaking work to create new unique varieties, which subsequently gained wide popularity.

Types of park roses

According to the recognized classification, these shrubs are divided into 2 groups. The first includes varieties of park roses that bloom once. This period lasts for them about a month. They require the preservation of the shoots in winter. Indeed, their flowering in the next season directly depends on this. However, many of them are highly frost-resistant, so they often do not need shelter or even bending to the ground.

The second group includes re-flowering park roses. In turn, they are subdivided into:

  • frost-resistant;
  • wintering in central Russia;
  • requiring insulation for the winter.

A well-known breeder of covering park roses is David Austin from England. But also the love of flower growers was acquired by the varieties created by Cordes, Tantau, Meiyan.

The best varieties of park roses

Among all types of park roses, there are varieties that are especially loved by flower growers. They have managed to gain popularity due to their characteristics. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with them in order to understand what is their secret of success.

Ferdinand Richard

The peculiarity of this variety is that its flowers are striped. They appear on the bush in early June and persist until September. The buds are collected in small inflorescences of 3-5 pcs. When blooming, they acquire a cupped shape, and the diameter reaches 6-10 cm. Each flower consists of 25 petals. The rose Ferdinand Richard has a red-carmine shade of buds, and pink stripes are clearly visible on it. In the process of flowering, the main tone becomes even brighter, and the light one becomes almost white. The species has a sweetish, delicate aroma.

It was bred in France in 1921. The height of the bushes reaches 1.5 m, and their diameter is approximately the same.

Ferdinand Richard is ideal for hedges

Cardinal Richelieu

A time-tested variety. It features an unusual purple-violet shade of petals with a lighter center, which adds sophistication to the flowers. The park rose Cardinal de Richelieu blooms once during the season. The shrub reaches a height of 1.5-1.8 m, and its width is 60-90 cm. The variety blooms at the end of May. The duration of this period is 4-5 weeks. Each flower has 50 petals. When fully opened, the shape of the buds becomes cupped, and their size is 6 cm.

Important! This variety needs regular pruning.

Cardinal Richelieu species prone to powdery mildew


This variety is one of the moss roses, so it has green-reddish hairs on the sepals and pedicels. The whimsical "moss" becomes especially noticeable when the flowers unfold. When touched, it gives off an unusual resinous scent. Malvina has bushes 150 cm high and 90 cm wide.Petals of a rich pink hue, there are 17-25 of them in each bud. The flowers are in the form of a flat rosette.

The Malvina variety (pictured below), like yellow park roses, is one of the rare. It was bred in 1841 in France.

Flowering in the Malvina variety is one-time, but long

Varieties of winter-hardy park roses

There are types of shrubs that are able to withstand difficult climatic conditions and at the same time fully develop and bloom. This quality makes maintenance much easier. Therefore, many growers prefer to choose these particular varieties of park roses.

Moye Hammarberg

The Swiss species, which is a hybrid of rugosa, was obtained in 1931. The height of its bushes reaches 1.5 m. Flowers are double, large, dark pink. The variety is characterized by a strong aroma, which intensifies in the midday and evening hours. The leaves of the Moje Hammarberg rose consist of 7-9 segments, wrinkled, dark green in color. The surface of the plates is weakly shiny. Shoots are erect, densely covered with thorns.

Important! This variety practically does not form fruit.

Moye Hammarberg does not tolerate high humidity

Maiden's Blush

An old park rose with high immunity and shade tolerance, so it can be planted near trees. The height of the bushes at Maiden's Blush reaches 2.0 m, and the width is 1.5 m. Therefore, she needs a lot of free space. Flowers are densely double, with a diameter of 6-8 cm. They are collected in inflorescences of 10-12 pcs. The buds are delicate creamy pink, exuding a rich aroma with hints of almonds and fruits. The leaves are green, with a grayish-bluish bloom. Their surface is slightly glossy.

Maiden's Blush has virtually no thorns

Minette vintage

This variety was obtained in the early 18th century in France. Flowers are pale pink in color, but subsequently fade to light. Minette's buds open quickly. They become cupped, the center is exposed, and the stamens become visible. The life span of each flower is 3-5 days, after which the petals fall off. Leaves are light green with a matte surface. There are few small thorns on the shoots; upon contact with the plant, they remain in the skin in the form of splinters. Flowering of this variety is one-time, but lasting up to 1 month. The rose grows on its own roots and is easily propagated by shoots.

Minette has a very intense aroma

Park roses that do not require shelter for the winter

Also popular are varieties of park roses that do not need insulation in winter. They feel great at low temperatures. The main thing is to find a secluded place for them, protected from drafts.

Adelaide Hoodles

Fast growing variety of park rose, which was bred in 1972. It is characterized by a bright scarlet shade of the petals. The buds consist of 5-15 apical peduncles. Shoots can bend under the weight, so they need additional support. The shrub is up to 2.0 m high and 1.5 m wide.

The flowers of the Adelaide Hoodless rose are cup-shaped, their diameter is 6-7 cm. When the buds are fully opened, yellow stamens in the center become visible. The first wave of flowering occurs at the end of May. It is plentiful and lasts 3-4 weeks. Later, single periodic inflorescences appear.

Adelaide Hoodles is disease resistant

Agnes Schillinger

This variety was developed in France in 1997. The height of the shrub reaches 150 cm, and the width is 70 cm. The flowers are cup-shaped, densely double, with a diameter of 11-12 cm. The shade of the petals includes a mixture of lilac, lavender, purple and pink tones. Rose buds Agnes Schilliger are collected in a brush of 3-5 pcs. This variety has abundant flowering throughout the summer. The leaves are wrinkled, olive-colored.

Agnes Schillinger is characterized by a pleasant, rich aroma

Charles Albanel

Semi-double hybrid of rugose. Its buds are of a fuchsian pink hue. Collected in 3-7 pcs. in the brush. Leaves are light green with a wrinkled surface. Shoots are densely covered with thorns. The height of the bushes at Charles Albanel (Charles Albanel) reaches 1.2 m and a diameter of about 1.5 m. Blooms profusely in late May. This period lasts 2-3 weeks. In the future, only single inflorescences appear. The diameter of the buds when opened is 5-6 cm. The aroma is moderate.

This species is highly resistant to diseases.

White park rose varieties

Light types of park roses in the garden give a feeling of freshness and elegance. Therefore, they are often chosen as companions for darker varieties. This neighborhood allows them to complement each other. But even as tapeworms against the background of a green lawn, they look very elegant.

Pimpinellifolia Captivity

A frost-resistant variety that does not need shelter for the winter. It is characterized by spreading bushes up to 1.5 m high, with strong shoots. Therefore, he does not need support. The Pimpinellifolia plena variety blooms once a season. The buds are semi-double, creamy white with a strong aroma.

The flowering period is 12-14 days. Leaves are matte, consist of 8 segments. The stems of this park rose are densely covered with thorns, so gloves should be used when working with it. Easily propagates by shoots.

It is recommended to plant the Pimpinellifolia Plena rose along the fence

Winchester Cathedral

English variety of park rose, the height of the bushes of which reaches 1.2 m, and the width is 1.0 m. The plant is spreading, prone to branching. The shoots are strong, practically without thorns, which makes maintenance easier. The foliage is dense, dense, bright green, without shine. Flowers at Winchester Cathedral are snow-white, double, medium-sized. They are collected in inflorescences of 2-3 pcs. They are cupped and have a sophisticated aroma. Abundant flowering throughout the summer with short interruptions.

The Winchester variety is considered by Cathedral to be one of the best among whites.


Repeated flowering variety with several long waves. Forms medium-sized bushes up to 1.5 m in height and about 0.7 m in diameter. Shoots are erect, strong, light green in color. The flowers of the Schneewittchen rose are medium-sized, 7-8 cm in diameter, collected in brushes of 5-20 pcs. Petals are white. The buds are fragrant, the lifespan of each 3-5 days.

Important! This park rose has a high natural immunity.

The Schneevitchen variety is resistant to rain

Varieties of yellow park rose

These species are much less common, so they are much more valuable than others. This is due to the fact that when breeding new varieties of park roses, it is difficult to obtain a bright yellow pigment. Therefore, you should consider the best options in this category.

Golden Celebration

A distinctive feature of this variety of park rose is not only the copper-sunny shade of the petals and a bright aroma, but also the diameter of the flowers. When opened, it is 16 cm. The bush grows to a height of 1.5 m, has a rounded spreading shape. The shoots of the Golden Celebration rose are arched, moderately covered with thorns. The foliage is bright green with a shiny surface. The flowering period for the Golden Celebration rose begins in early summer and lasts until autumn with short interruptions.

This variety is characterized by high winter hardiness.

Remy Martin

The park rose is distinguished by branched bushes up to 1.5 m, with dense, erect shoots. The growth diameter is 1.2 m. The Remi Martin variety belongs to the category of re-flowering. The first wave comes at the end of May and lasts about 1 month. During this period, the shrub is covered with numerous buds, under which dark green, glossy foliage is not visible. The second wave comes after 2 weeks, when the rose will form new buds. The shade of the petals is honey-apricot. The variety is characterized by an unobtrusive pleasant aroma.

Important! Rosa Remy Martin grows well in cool climates in areas with nutrient soil and low acidity.

The diameter of Remy Martin flowers reaches 6-8 cm

Sins Thomas

A popular type of English park rose. It is characterized by bushes reaching a height of 1.5 m. Shoots of a light green shade, flexible, during the flowering period under load can bend. Graham Thomas is a re-flowering variety with a strong aroma. When blooming, its flowers take on the shape of peonies. The petals have a rich yellow tint. The diameter of the flowers is 8-10 cm.

Rose to Sins Thomas is rain resistant

Varieties of Canadian park roses

Park roses of this group are distinguished by increased resistance to diseases and low temperatures, as they were specially created for growing in cold climates. These varieties are characterized by lush, spreading shrubs with small diameter double flowers, which are collected in inflorescences.

Important! To maintain the decorativeness of Canadian park roses, it is necessary to water, fertilize and prune in a timely manner.

John Davis

A cultivated dog rose, forming a powerful bush 2.0 m high. It repeats flowering 2-3 times per season. Rose John Davis (John Davis) is distinguished by a pink shade of petals, which is initially brighter, and subsequently fades. The buds of this variety are collected in inflorescences of 15-17 pcs. When the buds are fully opened, the diameter reaches 8 cm, and the center is bare.

John Davis is disease resistant

Alexander McKenzie

The variety is distinguished by a powerful bush up to 2 m in height and a growth diameter of about 1.2-1.5 m. Shoots are strong, erect, moderately covered with needles. Leaves are medium in size, green with a matte surface, consisting of 7 segments. The flowers are pink-red, double. Each of them consists of 40-50 petals. Rose buds Alexander MacKenzie are collected in apical inflorescences of 7-9 pcs. They resemble ancient views in shape.

Important! The variety can withstand frosts down to - 35 ° С.

Flowers at the park rose Alexander Mackenzie do not tolerate prolonged rains

Henry Kelsey

One of the brightest hybrid varieties of park roses. The height of the shrub reaches 3 m. Flowers are semi-double, cupped, collected in bunches of 5-15 pcs. Their diameter reaches 6-7 cm. The plant forms new buds throughout the summer with short breaks. Shoots are long, arched. The foliage is dark green, shiny. The shade of the petals of Henry Kelsey's park rose is bright red and goes well with the yellow stamens in the center. As it blooms, it fades to a deep pink. Withstands frosts down to - 26 ° С.

The shoots of the Henry Kelsey rose are densely covered with thorns

Varieties of English park roses

This category of park roses was obtained through a complex crossing, which made it possible to achieve a beautiful form of bushes, bright shades and aromas of buds, as well as abundant and long flowering. Their creator is the English breeder David Austin. Its varieties have gained worldwide fame. Most of them are undemanding to the care and composition of the soil, but they do not tolerate prolonged rains.

Fisherman Friend

A famous variety that has gained popularity all over the world. It was withdrawn in 1987.Rose Fisherman Friend (Fisherman's Friend) is distinguished by large, dense double flowers. They have a unique purple-crimson color. The buds in combination with dark green foliage create a velvety effect. When opened, they emit a pleasant, strong aroma. The height of the bushes reaches 1.2 m. Flowers are solitary, apical. The variety requires shelter and preventive treatments from diseases.

Important! The shoots and the back of the leaves are densely covered with thorns, so you cannot work with this rose without gloves.

The lifespan of flowers for a rose Fisherman Friend is 5 days

Abraham Derby

This park rose variety was created in 1985. It is based on yellow and pink-red species. Abraham Darby is characterized by a bush height of 1.5-2.0 m. Its leaves are shiny, large, with a rich green hue. Terry flowers, consisting of 50-55 petals. Their shade changes depending on weather conditions: in the heat they are peach, on cool days - pink. Flowering begins in June and lasts until October with short interruptions. The diameter of the buds at full opening reaches 12-14 cm. This variety has a rich fruity-strawberry aroma.

Important! Abraham Derby can be affected by black spot if growing conditions are not appropriate.

Abraham Derby needs shelter for the winter


The park rose forms a vigorous shrub with erect, strong shoots. Their height reaches 1.5 m. Differs in abundant flowering throughout the summer. Falstaff's buds are terry, 12 cm in diameter.The petals, when opened, have a dark crimson hue, but under the influence of sunlight they turn purple. Cupped flowers, collected in brushes of 5 pcs. The foliage is dark, leathery

Falstaff requires minimal pruning


Winter-hardy varieties of park roses are deservedly in high demand among buyers. After all, not all growers are able to provide proper care for the shrub throughout the season. As a rule, these species are also highly resistant to diseases and pests. Therefore, they do not need complicated care.

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