Video: Build the garbage can yourself - explained step by step

Garbage cans are not exactly the most beautiful garden decoration. In the front yard, where they can actually be reached best, they spoil the sight. They are difficult to use in sheds or garages. So where to put the garbage cans that you need but would most like to hide?

The solution is very simple: garbage can boxes or cladding. Of course you can buy various copies in hardware stores or other shops. If you are a little talented in terms of craftsmanship, you can get garbage can linings made of wood yourself. Maik Lustig shows how easy it is on his YouTube channel. In his video, the garbage cans are not completely hidden, but you can change that yourself and expand the variant, depending on your taste. In addition to the detailed step-by-step instructions, you will get some valuable tips for setting up and a small shopping list for the materials.

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Did you know,… ?

There are also special stickers and tarpaulins for garbage cans with which the bins can be easily embellished. The designs often leave nothing to be desired, so everyone should find the right cladding for their taste.

"Garbage can stickers are available at flottetonne.com
"Printing on PVC tarpaulin at tonnenstrumpf.de