Sowing a rubber tree - How to grow small rubber trees yourself

The rubber tree is not only robust, it is also easy to care for and therefore the perfect plant for beginners. It is child's play to multiply itself. Even without cuttings.

Rubber trees are easy to propagate

To propagate a rubber tree is very easy with cuttings. However, this presupposes that you already have a tree of the Ficus Elastica genus. You don't have to get your project out of your head right away. Finally, you can also pull the rubber tree from seeds. If you only want to grow a new rubber tree, it is not worth using seeds. However, if you want several plants in one go, sowing the rubber tree is ideal. You can effortlessly pull several rubber trees for each room without having to wait for the long roots of the cuttings. As soon as the seedling forms leaves, the greening of your home begins with plants that are easy to care for and very robust.

Sowing takes place in flower pots

You can get the seeds for rubber trees in the garden center. These are ordinary seeds that you put into the soil and from which small Ficus Elasticae grow after a while. Basically, sowing is relatively easy. You need:

  • small plastic flower pots
  • Sowing soil with few nutrients
  • clear plastic film

You can use plastic bowls or special seed pots as flower pots. If you still have special trays with lids (also called young plant trays) from your balcony or garden plants, they are perfect for sowing.

How to pull rubber trees from seeds

1 Put a little nutrient-poor soil in the bowls. Since the rubber tree does not need a lot of nutrients and has to be repotted into the right plant pot after a short time, you do not have to worry about special soil.

2Throw the seeds into the earth and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Now you have to pour the pots. However, make sure that there is no waterlogging.

3To ensure a good growth climate, you should now stretch a transparent film over the pots. Make sure that air still comes to earth, otherwise mold will form. If you can use small table greenhouses or the young plant shells mentioned above, you do not need this film.

4 Within a few days you will see the rubber tree germinate. Then wait until the first leaves have formed. Now the pupil is strong enough that you can plant it in your own flower pot.