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Watering and fertilizing azaleas - How to do it right

Garden and indoor azaleas are easy to care for. However, it is not entirely without care, you cannot do without regular watering and fertilizing.

Azaleas do not tolerate waterlogging Azaleas, regardless of which rhododendron genus they belong to, do not require sophisticated care. Most of the time you have to make sure that the root ball is not in the water and that the azalea does not have a calcareous location (here further important location criteria). The plants cannot tolerate waterlogging; Even with garden azaleas, the location must be chosen so that the root is not permanently in the water. A partially shaded or sunny place is ideal for garden azaleas. For the frost-sensitive indoor azalea, however, choose a shady or semi-shady place that is not directly on the heating.

How to water azaleas properly

It is best to water azaleas with rainwater:

Since the plant does not tolerate lime, there are of course some things to consider when watering. If your tap water is rather lime-heavy, it is advisable to also use rainwater for the houseplant. Alternatively, filtered tap water is suitable.

A little hint:

To balance the lime content in the soil, the addition of an acidic substrate is suitable. Rhododendron soil already responds well to the needs of the plant, alternatively you can use humus or peat.

Avoid waterlogging:

Drainage is a good way to prevent waterlogging. Place gravel or larger stones on the bottom of the flower pot or flower bucket and put soil into the pot. The irrigation water now collects in the bottom of the pot without the root coming into permanent contact with the moisture. With garden azaleas you can upgrade the swampy or wet soil by filling a roughly ten centimeter high layer of coarse gravel into the planting hole.

How to properly fertilize azaleas

Room Azaleas:

To provide the azalea with the best possible care, you can fertilize your plants from time to time. For the rhododendron species, the plus of nutrients is distributed outside the flowering period. Indoor azaleas bloom during the winter months. Therefore, add azalea fertilizer to the irrigation water between spring and autumn.

Garden Azaleas:

Garden azaleas need a different form of care. Instead of the fertilizer, it is advisable to put a layer of humus on the earth around the garden azaleas during spring. The plant now draws the nutrients directly from the soil and you upgrade the soil quality.

Important NOTE:
Pay attention to the lime sensitivity of the azalea and only use lime-free fertilizer.

Larger azaleas are covered with rhododendron fertilizer in June at the latest. On the other hand, you shouldn't fertilize Zwergarten at all.