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Store eggplants correctly - this way the vegetables stay fresh for a long time

If you don't want freshly bought eggplants to spoil immediately, you have to consider a few things when you buy them. Afterwards, correct storage is of course also important.

Store eggplants in a cool but not cold place

Properly prepared, eggplants are among the delicious summer vegetables that make a barbecue or a party with antipasti and Mediterranean dishes really perfect. But of course the purple-colored vegetables also taste really delicious in the cold season. However, in all seasons the best chef cannot conjure up anything good from bad ingredients. So if you are not careful when shopping and storing, you can immediately dispose of your eggplants. So that it doesn't get that far, just take the following tips to heart.

How to store eggplants correctly

Tip 1 - pay attention to quality when shopping:

As with all fruits and vegetables, when buying eggplants you have to pay attention to the outside. A good, ripe aubergine is characterized by a firm, matt, shiny shell, which yields little to no pressure. Too soft eggplants with spots on the skin are about to rot and should not end up in the shopping basket.

Also, don't necessarily buy the largest eggplants. Better use the smaller ones because they are often much more intense and aromatic than large ones.

Tip 2 - store cool but not cold:

Eggplants are heat-loving and feel more comfortable at room temperature or slightly cooler than in the refrigerator. In an emergency, they should be stored here for a maximum of one day. A place in a cool cellar is better.

Tip 3 - store eggplants separately:

In addition, eggplants do not like neighbors because they are sensitive to the gas ethylene, e.g. Flush out apples and tomatoes as they ripen. Eggplants spoil faster when exposed to this gas. Therefore, it is important that you store the eggplants separately from other vegetables and fruits. So they have a good week. In contrast, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčaubergines are best processed within 2 to 3 days. For example, with eggplant lasagna, eggplant pesto or eggplant chips.