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Did honey mushrooms go to the Samara region and Samara in 2021: mushroom spots, harvest season

Honey mushrooms are a healthy and tasty product. They grow in many regions of Russia. In the Samara region, they are collected on forest edges, next to fallen trees, on sandy and black earth soil. Ripening dates change every year. The region is famous for the places where a lot of mushrooms appear every year.

Types of edible mushrooms in Samara and the region

Honey mushrooms are lamellar mushrooms that grow in forests, meadows and pastures. They are small in size, often appearing in large groups. Their hats are up to 8 cm in size, hemispherical or flat. Legs are thin, high, reaching 2-10 cm.

In the Samara region, the following types of honey agarics are collected:

  1. Spring. It is distinguished by a small cap measuring from 1 to 7 cm. Its convex shape becomes flat with age. The reddish brown color gradually fades to orange or yellow.
  2. Summer. These are medium-sized representatives of the group with cap sizes from 3 to 6 cm. Their shape is convex, the color is brown or yellowish. The pulp is thin, beige. The taste is soft and pleasant.
  3. Lugovoi. The variety is distinguished by a smooth spherical or convex cap. The leg of the representatives of the species is thin, high, cylindrical. The pulp is whitish, has a sweetish light taste. The smell is reminiscent of cloves.
  4. Autumn. Mushrooms with a convex cap, ranging in size from 3 to 15 cm, are brown to greenish in color. Their leg is long, solid, slightly widened at the base. The pulp is dense, whitish, has a pleasant taste and smell.
  5. Winter. This species appears in late autumn. Its cap is large, up to 10 cm in size. The leg is long, dense. The pulp is thin, with a pleasant taste.

Advice! It is possible to distinguish mushrooms from false doubles by the characteristic mushroom smell and the presence of a "skirt" on the leg.

Where honey mushrooms grow in the Samara region

Honey mushrooms prefer damp places and light partial shade. It is not necessary to follow them into the thicket of the forest. The fungus appears on the outskirts of villages, next to forest roads and paths, along the banks of rivers and streams. In the Samara region, these requirements are met by different districts.

Forests where honey mushrooms grow in Samara and the Samara region

For "quiet hunting" they go to mixed and deciduous forests. The mycelium develops on fallen trees and stumps. Rotting wood becomes a source of nutrition for it. Usually a large accumulation of mushrooms is observed next to birch, oak, beech, aspen.

Today it is possible to collect honey mushrooms in the Samara region in the forests. One of the most popular places is the Spiridonovsky Forest, near the village of Malaya Malyshevka. Morels and oyster mushrooms are also found in the area. Due to the high humidity in the area, there are many mosquitoes, so be sure to take protective equipment with them. You can get to Spiridonovsky Forest by bus that goes to the village of Bogatoe.

It is more convenient to get to the forest by a private car, train or bus. Experienced mushroom pickers are familiar with the forests where mushrooms grow:

  • birch plantings in the village of Shiryaevo;
  • clearings and glades near the village of Piskaly;
  • pine forest in Bor district;
  • Buzuluk pine forest, where different types of mushrooms are found.

Mushroom places where you can collect honey agarics in the Samara region

There are many mushroom places on the territory of the Samara region. These are small areas near settlements where there is abundant fruiting of honey agarics. They are located next to forests, sanatoriums, streams and rivers. Many places are well known to mushroom pickers.

In the Samara region, honey mushrooms are collected in the following places:

  1. Mekhzavod settlement. One of the easiest and most affordable places. You can get to it by city buses or train.
  2. Sanatorium Volzhsky cliff. It is located in the Shigonsky district, where you can get there by taxi or private car. Entry to the territory of the institution is allowed only to those who have vouchers. You can leave the car nearby and go after the mushrooms.
  3. Administrative settlement. In the Samara region, autumn mushrooms and other mushrooms grow very close in a small grove.
  4. The village of Kurumoch. You can get to the village by train.
  5. Koshkinsky district. There is a bus to this area on the route Samara - Nurlat. It is recommended to get off at the bus stop in the village of Novaya Zhizn.
  6. The village of Starai Binaradka. It is more convenient to get to the mushroom spots by bus.
  7. The village of Zaborovka. Located in the Syzran region.

When can you collect honey mushrooms in the Samara region in 2021

Traditionally, the harvest season begins at the end of May. Fruiting bodies appear in groups, at intervals of several weeks. The season lasts until November and the first frost.

When can you collect spring mushrooms in the Samara region

The first spring mushrooms are harvested at the end of May. They grow in small groups on rotting tree debris and litter. Fruiting peaks in June and July.

When will summer mushrooms go in Samara and the region

In Samara, summer mushrooms appeared in June. However, the harvest season lasts until October. The largest harvests are observed in July and August.

When can you collect autumn mushrooms in the Samara region in 2021

Autumn varieties are harvested from the second half of summer. The season lasts until the end of autumn. It is better to collect honey mushrooms in Samara at the end of August, when their bulk ripens. The rest of the time, fruiting is not so abundant.

The season for collecting winter mushrooms in Samara and the region in 2021

Winter varieties can be seen in late autumn. Reports that mushrooms have gone to the Samara region appear at the end of October and November. Fruit bodies can be harvested before the first snow. In a warm winter, fruiting lasts throughout the winter.

Collection rules

A basket is required to collect honey agarics. It is not recommended to use plastic bags: in them the mushroom mass quickly heats up and crumples. The legs are carefully cut with a knife at the root. It is not recommended to tear them, since the mycelium is so easily damaged. After collection, the product is not stored for a long time, but processed within 12 hours.

Important! Mushrooms are harvested away from highways and industrial enterprises, since fruiting bodies are capable of accumulating harmful pollution.

How to find out if mushrooms have gone to the Samara region

Active growth of fungi occurs in warmth and high humidity. If spring and summer are dry, then the likelihood of their occurrence is low.

For the growth of honey agarics, certain conditions are necessary:

  • temperature in summer +23 ° С, in spring and autumn - +12 ° С;
  • humidity - from 50 to 65%;
  • good aeration of the soil;
  • lack of frost, drought, strong temperature fluctuations.

The fact that autumn mushrooms have appeared in the Samara region can be judged by the precipitation map. After the rain, the fruit bodies grow by 1 - 2 cm during the day. Therefore, it is best to go after them after warm rains. In a drought, places near water bodies and rivers are checked. In such areas, moisture stays in the soil longer, which is beneficial for the growth of fungi.


The mushroom picking season begins in the second half of summer and lasts until autumn. First, they check the mushroom spots. Special attention is paid to forest edges, clearings, forest glades. The mushroom season opens in warm weather, after rain.

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