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Video: hanging up the nesting box - important information & tips

It won't be long before the birds look for a cozy place to nest again. The boxes could often not be more beautiful. So you get angular, round and even asymmetrical shapes. Most are colorful or shine in a very special design. For most of us garden owners, the perfect look is often critical to buying. But what many don't know? Exactly these nesting boxes are absolutely unsuitable for most birds.

I saw a very interesting contribution to this in the broadcast “Volle Kanne” from ZDF. Here the animal expert Valentina Kurscheid explains exactly why these nesting boxes are unsuitable and what are known as wood-concrete nesting boxes (like this one) are much more suitable. It's just not all about appearance. In addition to the important information about the nesting boxes, Ms. Kurscheid also gives tips on correct feeding in the winter months.

Highly Recommended!!!