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Plant kiwifruit in a bucket - how to do it right

In the past, hardly anyone dared to plant kiwifruit. Today, however, this is no longer a problem, as many varieties are hardy. Now they thrive even in the bucket.

Kiwifruit also thrives in a bucket. Kiwifruit can not only be kept in the garden as a tree. You can also plant the exotic fruits in a container. With the right care, they will thrive just as well as in a place in the garden.

And you will also be able to harvest plenty of fruit. To do this, you need to know from the outset that there must usually be at least two plants, because kiwifruit need a male and a female plant to fertilize each other. Simply place the male plant a few meters away from the female kiwi plants - it can then pollinate four to six feminine plants.

Why plant in a bucket?

Planting kiwi fruit in a bucket has a big advantage. You can put the plants in a warmer location on very cold days. After all, some varieties are at risk of frost. Alternatively, you can apply a fleece, fir twigs or wood wool protection against the cold in winter. Simply attach it around your foot and the kiwi is adequately protected against frosty nights.

Planting kiwifruit in a bucket is not difficult

The best time of year to plant kiwifruit, whether in a bucket or in the garden, is May. We recommend that you choose early kiwi plants because, unlike the use of seeds, you can expect a kiwi harvest much faster.

And this is how it is done:

1 Take a bucket that holds at least 30 liters, because a large pot ensures better growth and thus a richer harvest. It is also important that there are holes in the bottom of the bucket, because these ensure that excess water can drain off.

2For a good drainage, first put some coarse gravel (filling height approx. 5 cm) or similar in the bucket. Then insert a fleece before adding a mixture of peat and garden soil (1: 1) to the pot. For easier irrigation, it is advisable not to fill it up to the edge. Then plant the kiwi plant.

3 Now only a suitable location is missing. This must be sunny, but also protected. Since the kiwi is a climbing plant, it needs a house wall or a climbing frame. If you have no space outside the bucket, you can also press three bamboo sticks about 1.80 meters long into the ground and then simply tie them together in the middle.