Video: Make a lantern out of fabric for the balcony and garden yourself - DIY instructions

Whether for a special garden party or just for that - lanterns are often hanged on trees, bushes and house facades in summer to create a cozy atmosphere. The 08/15 paper lanterns are not for everyone. They are available in many different colors and sometimes with patterns, but somehow they lack that certain something, I think. So what does that mean? Of course - do it yourself, of course.

Patricia Morgenthaler shows how easy it is on her YouTube channel Deko Inspirationen - Homemade by Mrs. Shabby Chic. Step by step she shows us how to make wonderful lanterns out of fabric. A little pimped up with borders or rickracks, they are not only a lighting element, but also a real eye-catcher in the garden or on the balcony. What I find particularly good is the fact that she presents two options - one with a sewing machine and one without.

»Watch the video for sewing machine owners here