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Freeze zucchini - enjoyment all year round

Zucchini can be enjoyed all year round. How? By simply freezing the delicious vegetables. That's fine. There are only a few things to consider.

Zucchini have their season between July and October. In time you can enjoy the delicious vegetables in all variations. How about a zucchini pesto, for example? It is easy to prepare and tastes delicious as a spread or with pasta.

If you love zucchini and don't want to do without it for the rest of the year, you can also freeze your fresh zucchini in summer, both raw and when prepared. Even if some cannot imagine it because of the high water content, it actually works. You just have to consider a few things.

Freeze zucchini without problems

➲ Zucchini already processed

Did you cook hard in the summer to process the zucchini? Super. You don't have to eat zucchini every day for weeks now. At some point it just doesn't taste good anymore. Ready-made dishes such as filled zucchini or zucchini soups can simply be placed in freezer tins or bags and frozen.

It is best to label the cans with the contents and the freezing date. So you know exactly when you must have used the food at the latest.

Zucchini dishes can be frozen for about 4 - 6 months.

➲ Freeze raw zucchini

Slicing and preparing zucchini every day is not necessary in summer. You can also freeze the vegetables raw. You should only use small fruits for this. Larger zucchini have the disadvantage that they contain a lot of water. After thawing, they are often very mushy. However, you can still process them, for example as soup.

❶ Before freezing, you have to cut the small zucchini into medium-sized pieces, salt them a little and then let them rest for a few minutes. So the zucchini are still a little drained. Then simply pour off the excess liquid.

❷ Simply put the zucchini cubes in a freezer bag and then put it in the freezer. Write down the date and content here as well. When uncooked, zucchini can be kept for a maximum of 12 months.