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Avocado Nutritional Facts - It's all in the super fruit

If you know the nutritional values ​​of avocado, you will never see the fruit as a fat bomb anymore. Here all vitamins and minerals in one table.

Many nutritional values ​​in just one avocado -

The avocado (Persea americana) has the reputation of being a real fat bomb and therefore a fattening agent. But if you take a closer look at the nutritional values, you will quickly notice that this is not true at all. The avocado fats are anything but unhealthy.

Since these are plenty of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids, they are even very valuable for our body. The avocado fats are e.g. easy to digest and have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. On top of that, they can even help the body lose fat. You don't think that? But it's true. The enzyme lipase is responsible for this. This enzyme takes care of the digestion of fats or more precisely, the breakdown of dietary fats.

Important vitamins in the avocado

Avocados do not only contain healthy fats. The fruit is also rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, their high water content supports the regulation of the body's fluid balance. As you can see, the avocado is anything but unhealthy. The nutritional table proves it.

Nutritional values ​​in the avocado - that's all there

With 160 kcal per 100 g you might really think that the avocado is a real fattening agent. But if you now know that these are all healthy fats and then also look at what else is in the avocado, it quickly becomes clear that it is healthy. So she can come to the table more often. It tastes particularly delicious, for example Avocado soup. I also like to use it as a bread topping instead of butter or margarine.

Nutritional informationPer 100 grams
calories160 kcal
fat13 g
carbohydrates2 g
protein1.5 g
potassium500 mg
calcium14 mg
magnesium25 mg
phosphorus45 mg
zinc625 µg
iron495 µg
Vitamin A0.02 mg
Vitamin B60.27 mg
Vitamin E.1.3 mg
vitamin C13 mg

When is an avocado ripe?

The avocado is often referred to as a vegetable, but correctly one has to say that it is a stone fruit. The best known varieties include Avocado Fuerte and the Avocado hate, Avocados are harvested before they are ripe, so it is advisable to leave the fruit to ripen for a while before eating.

A Avocado is ripe, when it gives in with the finger on the bowl and also smells pleasant.

Cut avocado - so you do it right