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Combine lavender - these are the best partners for the Mediterranean plant

Lavender is alone and also in combination with other plants a beautiful eye-catcher. But which plants go well with the needs of the Mediterranean plant? We tell you.

A lavender bed is something for the eye. But when combined with other plants or perennials, you create a true flower wonder that you can't see enough of.

Lavender is not exactly demanding, but there are simply plants that do not match the lavender. Not because of the look, but because the demands on soil and nutrients are simply too different.

So if you want to combine lavender with other plants, you should inquire well in advance so that the plants ultimately harmonize well with each other.

Roses & Lavender - a classic, but not sensible

For a long time, the rule was that if you plant lavender with roses, you keep aphids away. This has now turned out to be a mistake. So you shouldn't plant roses and lavender in close proximity. The lavender has no major deterrent to aphids and roses have a completely different nutrient requirement and different demands on the soil, so lavender is over-fertilized by the nutrient-rich, rather moist climate of the roses. After all, he prefers lean, dry soil.

Possible combinations for lavender

It is important for a partner plant for the lavender that it also prefers a sunny location and dry, barren soil. For example, Mediterranean herbs such as sage, oregano and tyme are ideal partners. So you can immediately put on a scented bed and enjoy flavors like the Mediterranean in summer.

Women's coats have also proven to be a good combination. Perennials like Delphinium and Phlox are also suitable. especially the phlox with its white flowers harmonises perfectly with the purple flowers of the lavender.

Plants such as artemisia, wool spelled and real sea cabbage also enter a harmonious combination with lavender. So there are a number of ways to stage lavender with suitable partners.