Squeezing pomegranate - this is how you get the delicious juice

The juice of the pomegranate has a positive effect on your wellbeing. We show three methods of squeezing a pomegranate.

Even if the pomegranate has its high season in German stores, preferably in late autumn, it is very popular all year round. Whether in a fruit salad, to refine game dishes or as a cream - the pomegranate is versatile. In addition to the various dishes, you can also make juice from the pomegranate. The red juice can work wonders, especially during the cold period or when there are bladder problems.

In the trade, the juice is not necessarily cheap, which is why you can make it yourself at home. Of course, you have more work here, but you know exactly what's in it and don't have to worry about any additives.

Make pomegranate juice yourself - it's that easy

Squeezing the pomegranate can cause an uncanny mess in the kitchen. The best way to start is to protect yourself and your kitchen from the splashes. These are difficult to remove.

Method 1: Use a citrus press

Use a sharp knife to separate the delicious fruit in half. Then squeeze each half on a citrus press in a circular motion. The kernels get caught in the collecting bowl and you only have your juice in the bowl. Then just pour the juice into a glass and you're done.

" Tip: To remove the juice from the fruit without leaving any residue, you have to apply some pressure.

Method 2: juice without red splashes

The juice can also be easily made without splashes by kneading the fruit properly on the table beforehand. Here, the kernels detach from the skin and the subsequent juicing becomes child's play. If the bowl doesn't feel soft enough yet, you can help a little. Press the shell well with your fingers so that the last seeds are detached from the skin. Then you have to prick the pomegranate with a fork or toothpick and collect the juice flowing from it in a bowl or a glass. Now and then squeeze the fruit a little so that all the juice flows out. In this way you will definitely save yourself all the splashes of clothes, wallpaper and kitchen furnishings.

Squeezing pomegranate - video instructions:

Method 3: Use the juicer

There is also a juicer in many households. You can of course also use this to make a juice from your pomegranate. First you have to separate the seeds from the bowl and then simply put them in the juicer (cheap here at Amazon) and press power. The good thing about these devices is that juice and pulp are collected in two different containers.

If the pulp doesn't bother you, you can also use a simple blender or blender. Here you get less juice, but rather a smoothie, but it is also very delicious.