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Store zucchini - how it works

The zucchini harvest is very productive and cannot always be processed immediately. But where to put the rest of the vegetables? A tip: zucchini can be stored cool and dark for a few days.

Zucchini, with this fruit from the pumpkin family we combine summer, enjoyable barbecues as well as light and vegetarian cuisine.

The elongated green to yellow fruits give many pasta dishes, antipasti or grilled vegetables a special touch. They are also low in calories and healthy.

If you grow zucchini yourself in the garden, you will have known it for a long time: the harvest is often particularly productive. So where to with the many fruits?

Zucchini can be stored well for a few days. If you take the following advice to heart, you can easily store the pumpkin fruit and process it later.

It should be cool and dark

The growing zucchini thrive especially when warm. However, they are sensitive to the cold. This also applies to harvested zucchini fruits. Therefore, you should not store these unprocessed pumpkin vegetables in the refrigerator. It simply cannot stand temperatures below 8 ° C.

A cool, dark room, for example a cellar, is a suitable storage location. So the fruits stay fresh for up to 10 days. Check the fruit regularly for soft spots. These can indicate that a putrefaction is gradually horrifying.

You should also be careful not to keep zucchini next to tomatoes or apples. They develop ethylene when they mature and store. This is a gas that ripens the fruit faster and spoils it.