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Video: Make bird bath from large leaves and concrete yourself - video instructions & cement tips

Birds also need water to drink and to clean themselves in winter. As long as it is not freezing outside, the birds will always find a small place. But if the temperatures drop below zero, it will be difficult for them too. Now we humans are asked. If you have already set up a feeding place, you should add a small bird bath. You can easily make them yourself from a large sheet (e.g. rhubarb) and some concrete

I found a great video tutorial on this at Glitzer Else. It not only shows us how to make such a potions yourself, but gives you a little introduction to cement right at the beginning. A great help especially for newbies in this area, because there are really enough of them on the market.

Important instructions

If you set up a bird bath in winter, you should make sure that the water does not freeze. The water also has to be changed regularly, as excrement, for example, could spread diseases.

Do not pour too much water into the potions - maximum two centimeters high. If you want to be on the safe side, you can put a large stone in the bowl to create a safe place for the birds if the feather dress is too wet.