Cutting splendid candle - tips on time & tools

When to cut the splendid candle at best, the spirits differ. In autumn or better in spring? We tell you how to do it right.

Magnificent candles are beautiful plants, but with a little care - especially at the beginning of autumn and winter. After all, these plants are not really hardy. The good news: magnificent candles can be wintered comparatively easily.

In this context, it is important not only to use a sufficiently large pot or bucket, but also to decide on the right location. However, it is also often forgotten that a pruning is necessary to ensure that the splendid candles will be in full bloom again in the coming season. If you follow the tips below, you can look forward to wonderful splashes of color in your home garden the following year, between June and October.

Preparation for wintering

Many hobby and professional gardeners hibernate their magnificent candles outside and decide in this connection for a particularly wind and weather-protected place.

By doing the right thing when pruning, you ensure that the plant can increasingly form hibernation buds. It is important to note that the stalks are shortened to ten to 12 centimeters above the ground. This is how you ensure that the magnificent candles will grow even more extensively in the coming season and sprout better.

Optimal time for pruning

Even though many gardeners are still in favor of cutting back the magnificent candles before wintering, i.e. in autumn, there is also another opinion that says that this is the wrong time. The reason given here is that cutting back in autumn would give germs the perfect opportunity to spread out in the magnificent candles. Therefore a cut back in spring is recommended.

As one of the counter-arguments to this thesis, it is often stated that it is more cumbersome to cut back in spring (and between many other or the newly growing plants).

What is right?

Even if two parties are currently facing each other with regard to the right time for pruning, most gardeners still opt for pruning in autumn.
In this context, it is particularly important not to cut off the magnificent candles too early and, of course, as with cutting back roses and the like, to use sharp tools. This is the only way to ensure that the wounds caused by the pruning can heal largely without leaving any residue. By disinfecting the equipment, you also prevent germs from spreading.

Therefore, pruning the magnificent candles in autumn does not have to be "more dangerous" than the corresponding procedure in spring. With a little more caution and the awareness of being careful and without inflicting major wounds, pruning in autumn is usually also possible without any problems.

" Tip: If you want, collect the seeds of the magnificent candles by hand and re-sow them in a suitable place in your bed.