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Planting Christmas roses - tips on location and time

Christmas roses start to bloom when other plants are still hibernating. However, optimal planting conditions must be created for magnificent growth.

Christmas roses are particularly popular in many gardens. This is probably due to the fact that these plants can reach an age of up to 30 years. Of course, this only works if the plants have been planted correctly and have received the appropriate care. But what makes the ideal location for Christmas roses? What needs to be considered when planting the crops? We tell you.

Optimal planting conditions for the Christmas rose

❖ Location:

Penumbra and a loamy or humus-rich soil are preferred by these plants. These plants, on the other hand, are not capable of growing waterlogged. The fact that they do not mind penumbra even ensures that these plants are excellent winter bloomers. A location near a wood that sheds leaves is therefore ideal. After all, this crop provides the necessary shade in summer.

Since the wood loses its leaves in winter, care must be taken during the cold season that the sun can have a sufficient effect on the Christmas roses. The foliage that throws off the neighboring plant is also ideal because the humus content of the surrounding soil increases accordingly. This even ensures that the Christmas roses usually do not even have to be fertilized.

The suitable location for Christmas roses also provides that these plants can grow there undisturbed. In order for Christmas roses to live up to 30 years in the home garden, it is important to avoid root injuries. You should also know that Christmas roses are characterized by a rather flat root system. Regular digging near the plants is therefore not recommended. So that the roots can spread ideally and the plant thrives splendidly, it makes sense if the soil is loosened as deeply as possible before planting.

It is not only possible to plant Christmas roses outdoors directly in the ground. The Christmas roses will also find a cozy place in a bowl or in a bucket, provided that the location conditions just mentioned are also met there. Bringing Christmas roses into the house is possible, at least in theory, if the rooms are sufficiently cool (such as in the bedroom). However, these are not the optimal location conditions for the plants, so this step should be avoided.

❖ Planting time

Autumn is the ideal time to plant Christmas roses. With a little luck and good care, Christmas roses will flower for the first time in winter. It can make sense to plant a cluster of several Christmas roses in your own garden. The height of the plants is usually no more than 30 centimeters. This should mean that a distance of around 15 centimeters between the individual plants is completely sufficient in the long term.

If you missed the ideal planting time in autumn, you can plant Christmas roses in your home garden in spring as well. In groups of three to four plants, the Christmas roses, which are also known as Christmas roses, come into their own particularly well.

❖ Warning toxic

Christmas roses may still be so beautiful to look at. However, their attractive appearance cannot hide the fact that Christmas rust is a poisonous plant. It is by no means as harmless as this plant looks. After all, all components of the plant from the flowers to the leaves and sap of the plant are really toxic - and very.

When your skin comes into contact with the sap of the plant, skin irritation is the rule rather than the exception. The juice or other components of the plant should therefore never get into the eyes. Wearing gloves is therefore a must. The Christmas roses should only be touched as often as is absolutely necessary for planting.

Before the surface of the gloves can be touched with the bare hand, it should be cleaned thoroughly. In addition, it makes sense to wear long-sleeved legs and legs while planting the Christmas roses - even if summer temperatures are still prevalent in autumn.

Since the consumption of Christmas roses can even result in the death of the person concerned, planting this plant in gardens where there are also pets and children is not recommended. The following signs can indicate poisoning of Christmas roses following the consumption of the plant components, whereupon the emergency doctor must be contacted immediately:

  • diarrhea
  • Vomit
  • palpitations
  • dizziness
  • delirium

More planting tips

✢ Tip 1:

Before planting the so-called snow rose, a sufficiently large hole must be dug out so that the root ball can sink completely into the ground. The planting hole should be approximately twice the depth of the root ball. It is also important to loosen the soil sufficiently in the surrounding region of the planting hole.

2 Tip 2:

A digging fork is helpful. You can use it to stab the ground several times in a row, which is loosened at the same time. The introduction of a drainage layer can also be useful. This is particularly the case when the groundwater level is extremely high. A bit of mature compost can also be added to the planting hole. This is usually sufficient as fertilizer for the Christmas rose.

3 Tip 3:

Care should be taken when planting the Christmas rose. This is important so as not to destroy the fine roots and to come into contact with the poisonous plant as little as possible. After the plant has been planted in the ground, the root ball can be covered with a little soil from above. Only lightly step on the earth. Then the plant must be watered sufficiently.

4 Tip 4:

In principle, the Christmas rose is compatible with a wide variety of plants as neighbors. Plants that prefer acidic soil like conifers, and Christmas roses do not match due to their different requirements for the ideal soil conditions. During the Christmas season, Christmas roses are often sold in a pot, although they are much better served outdoors.

5 Tip 5:

A move from a Christmas rose, which originally lived in a pot as a houseplant, to the field, however, needs to be planned carefully. The move into the open should only take place after flowering. It is also important to gradually get the plant used to the much colder outside temperatures. To do this, the plant should first be placed outdoors in the pot for only a few hours. If the temperatures inside and outside are almost the same, this is ideal for planting Christmas roses.