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Carving pumpkin according to print template - video instructions & tips

Halloween time is slowly coming closer. Have you already carved a pumpkin to put it outside the door? If not, then I found a slightly different species for you today.

You don't always have to scratch the pumpkin completely. The video shows that slightly scratching the skin can lead to wonderful motifs. You only need a good template, but you can find a lot of them on the Internet.

A cutting knife set is used in the video. You can get this in well-stocked craft stores, but also for just under 7 euros at Amazon.

I personally find these motif carvings much nicer than the pumpkins on the face. But that is a matter of personal preference.

" My advice:
Never throw away the gourd from the pumpkin. From this you can cook a delicious soup, bake a cake or prepare chutney. Would be a shame about the meat. The recipes for this are available at lecker.de.